part 6 the chosen one

The following morning I woke up and my head was heavy I had no idea when did I arrived but the only thing I remembered was Ouma calling my name countless times Before I could get up from bed Ouma knocked Me:"Come in" she get in holding a breakfast in bed Her:"Morning my love..breakfast is served in bed" Me:"Thank you Ouma you such a darling" I giggled Her:"How did you sleep? Any nightmares? " I shook my head while sipping my coffee Me:"No nightmares at all" Her:"Now eat your breakfast we need to talk " Me:"Talk?" She just chuckled and rolled her eyes Her:"Yes tell me have you meet your prince charming? " Me:"Prince charming ? No! Hahaha" Her :"Hahaha if you say so" She walked out and I ate my breakfast peaceful then did my morning hygiene process. I lotioned and wore simple clothes and made my downstairs. Me:"Ouma!" NO response. I walked into her room upstairs and lightly pushed the door then get in. She was still showering as I sat on her bed and something caught my eyes it was Box place on top of the wardrobe. I took it and when I was about open it. The shower stopped and I quickly put it back Me:"Oums I'm taking a walk I'll be back after an hour" Her:"Ok Lala you can go" Me:"Maybe I will meet my prince charming who knows "I winked at her and then made my downstairs ¤ ¤ As I cat walked down the street I noticed that all the houses around that street were stunning and breathtaking. I was impressed with all of them. It was a peaceful place. I continue walking and humming I saw a familiar face and when I look closer it was Linah busy watering the plants. I walked towards their gate Me:"Linah! !" She turned around and looked at me and then smile. Her:"Natalie" she ran towards me and unlocked the gate and gave me the warmest hug that was filled with emotions Her:"I was worried about you" Me:"as you can see I'm fine. Why you didn't tell me that you stay around here" Her:"Well you never asked" she giggled We catched up. Laughing and gossiping until her mother calls her and we bid farewell to each other.. ¤ ¤ I found the place that look like a park. The view was beautiful. The grass was green not even a single paper was around. It was clean. Only few couples that was there. I sat on the bench and enjoy the fresh breeze. When I looked not far from the bench. There was this guy leaning against his car..He was just ummmh I don't know but all I can say is That was Gods creation. He was dark cholocate. His eyes that shone brightly. His lips Gosh! I wanted to know more about him. Crazy I know!! I watched him move there was something of the warrior in him combined with a gentleness that made my heart reach out. He put the engine together like he's been doing it all his life then stopped. every movement competent and flowing. I bit my lip how should i start a conversation when i didn't know him? Then in that instant he turned and caught my eye

how should i start a conversation when i didn't know him? Then in that instant he turned and caught my eye before i could turn away with shyness a genuine grin spread across his face turning it from handsome into divine. In that moment i felt my body flush warm. In that moment I was lost in his eyes as he made his way towards me and my heart started racing. GOD!! Him:"Can I join you?" He smile revealing his dimples. Gosh I was taken! Me:"You welcome" I smiled back Him:"It's very inappropriate for a Beautiful lady like you sit alone" Me:"I love my own space" Him:"I'm Zack " Me:"Natalie" I extended my hand but he just looked at I was so embarrassed Him:"I prefer a hug than a handshake Talie " he smirked He get close to me and hugged me well I didn't hesitate..His scent Gosh I didn't want to let go but then before I could let go I saw that old that I met when I was jogging he was just standing not so far from us. Looking towards our direction. I quickly let go of the guy. Me:"ummh I'm sorry I have to go" I said while my eyes were fixed on that old man. Him:"What wrong"?he sincerely asked Me:"I'm sorry it was nice to know you Zack" I hurried to the old man that was attemping to walk away Him:"Your number please" he yelled

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