part 5 the chosen one

In the middle of the period I yawned and bowed my head down in a split second I was out but then I woke up in another place where people were crying and the woman in black sitting in a Golden Throne wearing a I was standing not far from them feeling their pain the Queen pointed towards my direction and her Creatures ran towards me with their weapons I turned around and Ran for my life QUEEN:"GET HER!!!" she echoed but others were crying and begged me to help them.. as I ran faster and faster i tripped and fell then I screamed in agony... Me:"NO!!" I opened my eyes and I was sweating all eyes were on me Lecturer:"Natalie are you alright? " I stoop up and took my bag then ran outside..I ran for my life I didn't look back. I ran until I found the nearest forest The trees in the forest were bladder-brown. The air was stuff.The forest was old and antiquated.The trees were staring at me like silent sentries. as i stumble almost blindly through the deep black forest and the dark mist The mysterious noises that come from all directions

The mysterious noises that come from all directions surrounding me in curiosity. Suddenly something big and White flaps across my path startling me into shock and almost fear. looked at it and it was an Owl..I cried my lungs out but the more I cried the more I heard those peoples voice Inside my head. I closed my ears Me:"Leave me alone!!!!" I took my phone and dialled Oumas number 'Tururu Tururu' there was no signal damn. I shoved my phone inside the bag and sat down feeling defeated I was confused I had no idea what was happening to me. Why I was having weird dreams and they felt so real.. ♡ ♡ IN A MEANWHILE Ouma was trying to call Natalie because she was notified that Natalie ran out of the class and no one knew where she was..she hurried to her room and opened a Box where she kept her secretive things. She took the same necklace that she gave the woman the day Natalie was brought to her then she lingered it around her neck..within seconds it was sparkling with light.. she made her way downstairs and dialled Natalies number again. it went straight to voicemail Ouma:"Where is this child" she said while pacing up and down Ouma:"I'm not ready to tell her..she's too young for this I don't know if she can handle it" "Well she can it's about time" a voice Telepatically in her mind Ouma:"No she's still young!she has alot to learn" "We can't change it..The Queen already enducing her through dreams it a matter of time until she gets to her" Ouma:"What should I do right now because she's nowhere to be found" "She's in the forest. She don't seem to find the way out. She's stuck there. I have to go" Ouma was communicating with the woman that brought Natalie when she was still a child..The womans name was "Joyce" Ouma didn't waste no time she drove to the nearest Forest..she was driving in higher speed and almost bumped into someone . She apologised and moved on She arrived at the forest and it was already Dark she slowly made her way in and shouted her name. Ouma:"Natalie! !!!" Nothing only scary sounds she walked in the dark. mist and looked around and her eyes landed on the sleeping Natalie next to the big tree with the White owl next to her. She stared at the owl like she wanted to say something but she only nodded her head and the Owl flee away then she lightly shook Natalie Ouma:"Wake up lala..lets go home" she opened her eyes and Ouma helped her stood up. Natalie was still half asleep and half awake. .she felt the presence of Ouma and knew that she was safe. They got in the car and Ouma drove off with the sleeping Natalie

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