part 4 the chosen one

The witch looked beastly her hair was lifeless she had an anguine eyes of a snake she had a vulturious nose

her voice was gravely Her eyes were flashing with cruelty. She had a skin like a snakeskin leather.. Witch:"Everything is done..can I be excused?" Queen:"it's fine you can I just hope this will work sooner" Witch:"Don't worry stick with me it will work" she stood up and gather all her things and made her way to her shack.. ♡ ♡ BACK TO NATALIE As I was walking to school Clouds changed and became darker. the wind blustery through my skin..without any warnings I heard sizzling sounds when I turned around. What I saw made me froze like an ice. A Big python with blue eyes came towards me while i stumbled back.. i turned around after few seconds and ran for my life. The snake was behind me and catched me using it tail to pull me back I was screaming and kicking but it couldn't budge..I was getting closer and closer to it mouth.. "NATALIE!!NATALIE!" someone roughly shook me. I quickly opened my eyes and jumped from bed looking terrified. The dream felt so real like..Ouma embraced her arms around me.. Her:"It gonna be okay my love..breath" Me:"It felt so real..The snake." Her:"Shhhhh you safe here" I cried on her arms and fall asleep I woke up and remembered that I had a terrible dream. I washed my face and wore my baggy sweats and cotton tshirts and went for a jog I needed a distraction..Ouma was still sleeping. I went out without disturbing her.. As I jogged down the street a voice came from nowhere Voice:"You are the Queen of the Golden house" I ignored and Continue with my thing Voice:"it's who you are! Be strong the storm is still coming" I stopped and looked at the person who was talking. It was an old man walking using the stick to balance but yet I was running and he close to me but he was carrying a stick.. Me:"Excuse me are you talking to me?" Him:"Yes Prepare yourself everything is about to be revealed" Me:"What are you talking about?" I don't wanna lie I was confused but I wanted to know more Him:"that dream you had meant something and that is WAR!!" Wait how did he know about that dream Me:"Wait how do you know about that and who are you?" Him:"I know alot about you more than you know yourself " he chuckled Me:"Old man bye!" I plugged my headsets to my ears and do what I was doing Him:"Remember you not who you think you are people's lives depend on are their hope" I stopped but when I looked around he was nowhere to be found. A guy came towards my direction Him:"Are you okay? Why you talking to yourself " Me:"Me? Talking to myself?" I scanned around the old was really gone Me:"ummh No I was singing. As you can see my headsets" he smirked Him:"if you say so.." he walked away..damn that was close maybe he thought I was crazy or Maybe I was..but I saw that old man *Sigh* I jogged back at home and found Ouma making breakfast Me:"Morning love" Her:"You went for a jog you must be stressed what wrong nana" Me:"Haa nothing much..well" I wanted to tell her about the old man but I didn't want to worry her Her:"Well?" Me:"Nothing love lemme go and freshen up" I ran upstairs After my morning hygiene. I lotioned and wore tracksuites since it was bit Blustery outside As I was busy fixing my hair I noticed that my hair was light golden blonde at the split ends and Quite long than before. Me:"Ouma! !!!!" I said dashing downstairs Her:"What the matter?" Me:"My hair..." I showed her and her eyes popped out Her:"No no no! It can't be you just 18 years" she said down and shed a tear while I was lost I had no idea what was she talking about Me:"What do you mean about that? " Her:"Umm no need to worry yourself my dear..even your mothers hair used to change." Me:"Speaking about my mother where is she? And why her hair would change now and then" Her:"One day you will know don't push it" Me:"please tell me" I begged Her:"Not now Natalie let it go! Now get ready for school" she said with no smile on her face I ate my breakfast with tears threating my eyes..few minutes later she drove me to school.

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