part 3 the chosen one

The following morning the sun was beaming wonderfully Birds were singing the breeze was refreshing..I woke up and stretched my arms I get up from bed and do my morning hygiene process and wore my Black Torn skin Jean Silky shirt Pumps and combed my natural hair that was long

Pumps and combed my natural hair that was long Healthy and lovely..I walked downstairs to have breakfast Ouma was already up. Me:"Morning My love" I said kissing her cheek Ouma:" ready for school? " Me:"Well I was born ready" She smiled Her:"now eat you are going to be late" I ate my food and she drove me to school Her:"Enjoy your day sweet!!" Me:"Thanks bye" I hopped out of the car and made my to the main entrance.. I had only four classes to I was walking out of my second classes. I saw Lina walking towards me with three girls wearing short skirts that reveals everything From what I had concluded they were not good for Lina. I passed them and Lina pretended like she didn't see me the thoughts of following them crossed my mind I slowly turned around and walked behind them. They entered the toilets and I stood near the door.. Girl1:"Now change that ugly dress and wore this" I couldn't see clearly what was she giving her Lina:"Umm this is too short for me" Girl2:" you have to! Wear that skirt or else you will get burnt" She commanded Girl3:"Girl you have to..We got style stick with us." Lina:"I'm sorry I can't" Girl2:"You not going anywhere!" I had no idea what was going on with those girls but I wasn't going to let them bad influence Lina. Me:"You don't have to Lina" I said walking in. Girl1:" And who are you to tell her that" I ignored her and walked towards the trembling Lina.. Me:"Lets don't have to wear like a slut to impress them" As we were about to exit the blonde girl stood infront of us and gave us the evil smile Girl1:"Not so fast dear. She has to obey our orders" Me:"Why if I may ask? " Girl1:"it's non of your leave us In peace " Me:"that not gonna happen. Lets go Lina" I said drugging her ass out of the toilet..We walked fast and never looked back Lina:"You didn't have to!you are now their enemies" Me:"Don't worry about long you safe" Lina:"Why do you care..?" Me:"Because Umm I like you" Lina:"I've never had friends" she said feeling defeated Me:"You have me now..I've never had friends we both need each other" she smile and hugged me.. Later that day Ouma fetched me and we drove home. It felt good saving Lina from the the devils ♡ ♡ IN THE MEANWHILE The Queen was getting weaker and weaker every day but she still had hope that she will find the Princess she believed that the princess was still alive. She decided to summoned the powerful witch at the palace. The witch immediately came Queen:"I'm running out time..I need to find the princess please do whatever it takes to find her" she breath heavily Witch:"I will do that my Queen please come closer and seat here" she took her bones that goes with a skull and the black python that she placed around her neck. Witch:"Lets begin...Hold my hands" The Queen didn't hesitate Witch:"I call upon my elders the gods of esparanza!The gods of esparanza!!show us where is the princess..shows us!" She chanted louder and louder then suddenly the rumbling thunder begin and right on cue the rain began to fall haphazardly from the sky there came a brilliant flash that flickered and died. It was not a bolt streaking to earth but more like an almighty camera flash that blanketed everything at once. The world became cellar-dark and the bucklingclouds became dark within seconds then the witch let go of the Queens hands. The QUEEN was terrified she sat still without moving while the witch was trembling in the floor. After seems to be forever she get up and held the Queens hands tightly and said "she's alive! She will destroy you!Prepare for the war!" Queen:"No no I have to get to her before she gets to me" Witch:"I will cast a spell to find where she is" She did all her witch things while saying "Bring her to us!! Bring her to us" The Queen weakly smiled

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