part 2 the chosen one

"Natalie we are going to be late hurry please!!" That was Ouma yelling at me. You must be wondering where we were heading to well it was registration day at school(University) Me:"Few minutes!!" I yelled back while I was fixing my hair. I walked out and rushed downstairs while she started the engine. I took one apple and locked the door.. Her:"Yeey! !Hurry! We ten minutes late" lol Ouma loves overreacting I hopped in the car and she drove off Her:"You so slow Natalie..I told you to switched on your alarm but you didnt" I frowned and looked outside the window Me:"I'm sorry Ouma" well I've been staying with Ouma ever since I was a child. She loved me like her own But weirdly she never mentioned anything about my parents not that I wanted to know much about that just to know their names. But I was happy with her. We arrived at the collage and we got off the car We made our to the main entrance . Gosh it was full. The line was too long for my liking Ouma:"You see! Who's going to be here for the whole day. I have things to do.. how about you join the Que and call me when you done" Me:"but Ouma...." Ouma:"No but Natalie..and call me when you feel like you hungry" I frowned while folding my arms Ouma:"Hha stop being a baby..start making friends" Me:"Who said I want friends?" Ouma:"Well there's first time for everything" Me:"Okay Fine!!" I took all my belongings inside the car and let her go.. I joined the que while listening to music..someone tapped my shoulder and I turned around Me:"And then" I said pulling out headsets Her:"Hi" Me:"He-y" she smiled revealing her shining white teeth Her:"Umm Can you please borrow me your phone I want to call my mother.." Me:"And where is your phone?" Her:"It was stolen yesterday" she made puppy face Me:"O-kay" I handed her my phone and she called her mother Her:"thanks" She walked away Me:"Your name!!" I yelled and everyone looked at me Me:"What!!?" They all laughed

the girl came back Her:"Oh I'm Lina" Me:"Natalie" we handshake and chitchat. She was not the bad. As Ouma said it won't hurt having friends... After Few hours I was done with registration. We said goodbyes to each other. As I exited the main entrance busy trying to call Ouma I bumped into someone. No not someone infact they were four but I only bumped into one of them Voice:"Geez look where you going" Me:"oh I'm sorry I didn't see yall" Him:"That because you busy with that cheap phone" others burst in laughter Me:"Excuse me?" Him:"Excuse you!" Me:"Mxxm " I said while walking away and suddenly I felt something hitting my butt..did he just tap my butt? I stopped and slowly turned around and gave him the hardest punch..and he bleed instantly Me:"Next time..don't ever ever lay your dirty hands on me" I said pointing at him using my middle finger. Him:"Shit!" He spitted the blood and his friends laughed at him. An hour passed waiting for Ouma. I wanted to cry so badly because it was getting cold..I dialled her number again and it took me straight to voicemail IN A MEANWHILE Ouma was sleeping and had a vision. Everything in the palace was dark. People were begging for mercy. Not even a single tree that was green..others prefers dead than the pain they felt. The QUEEN wasn't getting younger. The only thing that was going to make her more powerful than before was to drink the Princess blood. Unfortunately the princess was no where to be found.22 years but still they failed to find her whereabouts... Ouma woke up and she checked the time. Her phone was filled with doze of missed calls from Natalie She quickly washed her face and hopped in the car and drove off. You must be wondering how old was Ouma...You will find out when time goes ♡ ♡ Ouma arrived after two hours I was shivering in cold. She hotted the car and waved her hand. I walked towards her car frustrated Me:"Thanks alot " I hopped in and banged the door Her:"I'm sorry..I lost track of time" she sincerely apologise Me:"Whatever" I rolled my eyes Her:"where do you want us to eat" Me:"Mcdonald please" she drove there and we got takeways and drove home

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