part 10 the chosen one

Son:"Father you must kidding! I'm 26 years old how can I marry that child..she's 18 years" KingZ:"I wasn't forcing you into anything. You said you want to rule Golden Palace..The only way to do that is to marry her and that can work to our favours" Son:" There are ways to get rid of her" KingZ:"hehe that not how I raise you..your obsession of the Golden palace is changing can you think that? You want to kill the princess now? Just because of her Throne" he roared like a hungry lion Son:"ummh I'm sorry father I didn't mean to upset you..I'm sorry for crossing the line" KingZ:"yes you should be sorry my boy because you don't want to see me get lost" he pointed at the door and his son quickly walked out.. ¤ ¤ NATALIE I attended all my classes and made my to the cafeteria to get something to eat. I will be lying if I say I was paying attention to my lecturers. My mind was far from me. My life was taking a drastic turn. All I wanted was to have a normal life without any complications and Ouma scared me when she said soon she will be leaving me. My thoughts were disturbed by someone who tapped my shoulder. I turned around and it was Linah Me:"oh hey" Her:"I have been calling. What wrong you seem to be distracted" Me:"Umm I'm Fine don't worry" she sat next to me Her:"Wow Your look beautiful girlfriend" I giggled Me:"Thank you look good too..your short hair suit you" We both laughed but our little party were interrupted by the " Famous Girls" those who wanted to change Linas clothes( TamaraAngelke lly) Kelly:"mmmh I love your hair but I would appreciate it if you change your colour because you can't compete with me"he said while touching my hair..well her hair were blonde too Me:"Hahaha" I giggled Linah:"ummh Lets go Natalie" Me:"No we not going anywhere!" I stood up and poured my drink on Kelly's face Me:"Kelly listen to me very carefully I will crush like a don't want unleash the beast in me now take your mosquitos with you and get out of my sight and mark my word I will rearrange your ugly face and make it prettier" Her:"No! You little messed my outfit" Angel:"Let it go Kelly " She walked away while busy wiping herself and her friends followed behind her like headless chickens Lina:"Oh Girlfriend you just made my day look bright" she laughed Me:"oh My pleasure Girlfriend" we both chuckled ¤ ¤ IN THE MEANWHILE QUEEN Cataliya was getting stronger and stronger everyday. She feed herself with little girls blood those who are still pure. How can she be so heartless? You must be wondering how and why she turned into this monster. It all started when she was 16. She wanted to be loved. She wad tired of bullied. People used to love her step sister and She wanted power. Her mother bad influenced her when she planted the wrong seed on her mind when she said "Power is everything my child!never accept being defeated. Go for something that you want even if it means killing. Never ever let your enemies win!" The child took that advice wrongly. From that day she changed from the Sweet Cataliya to the beast! She was sitting on her throne drinking blood while the maids were doing her nails and fixing her hair while she sang Queen:" Shall I see tonight sister bathed in magic greet? Shall we meet on the hilltop where the two roads meet? We will form the circle hold our hands and chant Let the great one know what it is we want. Danger is great joy dark is bright as fire. Happy is our family lonely is the ward. Sister

lonely is the ward. Sister we are waiting on the rock and chain. Fly fast through the airwaves meet with pride and truth. Father we are waiting for you to appear. Do you feel the panic can you see the fear? Mother we are waiting for you to give consent. If there's to be a marriage we need contempt. Remember death is far away and life is sweet. She then gulped her glass down her throat Queen:"I'm ready!!!"

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