part 8 my rocky path to success

I sat in the corner and sobbed louder death was even better than to live he took away my pride and joy I trusted him mom trusted him how on earth I was going to live with thishow was I going to face the world. I felt completely torn apart. I wanted to crawl out of my skin. I felt dirty ashamed embarrassed and alone. Uncle:"just stop crying okay?! Am sorry that things have to be like this" I sobbed louder and he called someone to come in. My Pussy was burning he raped me and didn't even use the protection he gave me all his diseases Lord I was doing well why I can't live the normal life pain seems to follow me everywhere I gobut this takes the cup. The door flung open and a guy walked in. Uncle:"Make sure that she was her body and drop her in my house" the guy nodded. Uncle:"If you open your mouth about this to anyone you will meet your ancestors and i don't bluff dearyou are going to move on like nothing happened understood? " I just stared at the ceiling tears rolling down my cheeks. He then went out. Guy:"Sukuma sis ugeze (get up and bath )" I didn't moveI just cried. He came to me and picked me up and stepped with me inside the shower he opened the tap and went out I slowly sat down and cried for a while I was exhausted more tired than I’d ever been. Sapped of energy spread thin like translucent wax paper. tired like I’d never smile again like I’d never be able to move again. I was done with life. and the guy never bothered to disturbed me..I took off my uniform and stepped out I found a Jean and jersey placed ontop of bed I wore the clothes and sat down. .The door flung open again. "Asambe (let's go)" he went out and followed behind him. We drove in silence just listening to the radio the time was around 11pm. Guy:"I'm sorry for what happened to you" I took my school bag and looked for my phone I found it and there were tons of missed calls from Sihle

how was I going to face him? Will I be the same again? I plugged the headsets in my ears. Guy:"Bra Musa have eyes and ears everywhere if you really value you life you will live with this? " Me:"Have ever been raped?" I asked as my voice tremble a bit . Guy:"No but..." Me:"Then you don't understand anything he deserve to rot in jail" Guy:"They tried and failed so forget it he is dangerous " I kept quite and focuse on my music I couldn't held back the tears...After seems to be two hours we arrived at my so called home I hopped out of the car walked towards the house I stood outside debating with myself whether to go in or run away. "Are you not going to come in? " I jumped and moved far from the door Uncle:"Relax I won't hurt you just get in" he then went inside I slowly followed behind him. He sat on the lounge and I quickly passed him. Uncle:"Not so fast! " I ignored and hurried to the bedroom luckily zama didn't lock the door I stepped in and lock. I sat at the door way buried my head to my knees and silently cried..Zama woke up and she was shocked to see me she came to me and kneel down in front of me then embraced her arms around me. Zama:"Am so sorryI should have protected you.." she cried with me.. Me:"I will report him...He needs to pay" she then let go of me and sat next to me. Zama:"I tried countless times but mom always stopped me he's been doing it for years sometimes he will let his friends do whatever they want with me I feel dirty even now it still pains me you should have seen his face when your mother told him about you I never hated you I wanted to protect you I wanted you to go back where you come from so you can not be his victim..He is dangerous Sno*crying* do you know how many abortions I did because of him? Three abortions. He killed my soul I live with pain every single day people have no idea on what happens behind the closed doors he is no security guardhe is a criminal Sno you might as well learn to live with it but pray that he doesn't want more" she stood up and went inside her covers Zama:"Come sleep with me"

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