part 6 my rocky path to success

Uncle musa came back with Zwilethu and I dished up for everyone Zama locked herself in the room so she wasn't eating with us.. Uncle:"Where is Zama? " Aunt:"She's not feeling well " Me:"She stole aunt's money and aunt gave her the hiding" I giggled and aunt gave me that eye 'Bitch better shut up' I immediately kept quite. Uncle:"Oh she stole your money you did well by disciplining her I always give her the pocket money I don't understand why she had to steal nxx " we ate in silence then I went to wash the dishes.. have you ever felt like someone was watching you? Yes that how I felt when I was busy washing the dishes I could feel someone's eyes piercing through my skin I turned around and uncle was leaning against the door. Me:"Oh Malume " he just smiled and walked away I quickly finished up what I was doing and went to the bedroom too bad the door was locked. I roughly knockedthe knock that made aunt to come out of her bedroom. Aunt:"Are you trying to break my door?" Me:"Zama isn't opening the door" Aunt:"Then go sleep in the lounge" Me:"Ini? (what?) soze (never )" I knocked at the door."Awuvule yini (open the door ) and stop acting like a brat" I shouted. Aunt:"Zama baby . Am sorry open the door" I burst in laughter . aunt was apologising for what? hee other kids are special shame. Aunt:"Just shut up! " the key turned and the door swung open Zama's eyes were puffy I stepped inside then quickly shut the door on aunt's face and locked.. I fixed where I was going to sleep then went through my things looking for my phone but it was nowhere to be found. I turned to Zama and she was sleeping facing the wall. Me:"Ohkay so Zama get the hiding and my phone disappeared" I said out loud so she can hear me. Me:"so tonight no Facebook for me ? mmh nice" there was no response from her I shook her lightly. Me:"Sis Zama can I have my phone back please" she sat up straight and stared at me hate was written all over her face she wanted to kill me I saw right through her eyes. Me:"You wanted to trap me but you were not clever enough it's all your fault" she said nothing still staring at me Me:"What? don't look at me like that? If I didn't find that money inside my bag I was the one who was going to be whipped and she was going to kill me she didn't do no damage to you..I'm sorry that you couldn't be smart about this." Zama:"I hate you with passion sengathi ungafa(i wish death upon you)" Me:"And the stunt you tried to pull at school will never work Zama. I don't understand why you hate me this much but whatever it is I hope you are going to get over it I just met you I was never in your life!i rather deal with my demons then to deal with your jealousy..Deal whatever is killing you and stop taking your frustration out of me. .Now can I have my phone back? " Zama:"Ontop of the wardrobe" she then went back to sleep. Me:"Ain't you not studying ?" Zama:"Mind your business" Me:"Zama wake up so we can study together we are suppose to be tight we are suppose to help each otherwe both doing matric

You can't punish me for someone's sins we can't keep doing this. I came here because I needed to finish matric . I didn't come here to be abused I didn't come here to make enemies...its fine I won't beg to talk to me I won't beg you like me.. suit yourself" I studied alone for two hours and call it a night.. >> During Good Friday I went to visit my mother and get to see my friends especially Nikita she my everyday bish more like a sister to me someone who understand me better than anyone I had fun with my family and I had to go back to that hell homeMom advised me not to just give up. So there was this day when I was walking to the bus station to catch the bus that was going to departure in 10 minutes so I was focusing on phone and carrying the bag on the other hand. "Mind if I carry this bag for you? " I turned around and my eyes met the most handsome face it was my first time seen the guy he smiled revealing his dimple trust me I have that thing for guys with dimples. Me:"oh thank you I don't mind" he took my bag and we walked together. Guy:"where are my manners My name is Sihle" Me:"Snoxolo " he took my hand and kissed it I swear I instantly turned pink. Sihle:"Where you going my lady?" Me:"To kwaHlabisa" Sihle:"Do you mind if I can drop you there? " Wooo nigga was moving too fast. Me:"Of course I mind . I don't even know you." Sihle:"Trust me I wouldn't even hurt a fly" he looked at me with those big white eyes. Me:"They all say that. Serial killers always say that try something else" we arrived at the bus station and Flip I was late because the bus was already there and people were going inside and the bus was very crowded people squeezing each other..Sihle chuckled. Me:"eish lemme go squeeze myself too My bag please" Sihle:"Allow me to drive you there you can't go there you won't even breath.." I exhaled deeply He is just a stranger. Sihle:"Please I promise I don't bite" I nodded he took my hand and led the way to where he was parking..The nigga was driving a Nissan (qashQai ). .He looked so young to be driving that car. He opened the door for me and I hopped in. He went on the drivers side and hooped in too. Sihle:"Do you want anything to eat before we go?" I Shook my head the way I so nervous my palms were even sweating.. Sihle:"Calm down and lemme drive you...I'm just bored" Me:"um okay" Sihle:"I saw you with Nikita the other day" he said while driving. Me:"Mmh" Sihle:"And I'm longing to know more about you forgive me! I'm the kind guy who get straight to the point" Sihle was cool and bubble we had fun on the way singing together I asked him to play Joyous celebration and nigga got an angelic voice. BUT LITTLE DID I KNOW???

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