part 5 my rocky path to success

I walked to school by myself listening to music as always. I was the first at the gate the security guard opened for me and I walked inside the school premises. It was quite and peacefully I made my way to the class and sat on the bench next to the door I went through my bag and came across with the R100 Me:"Last time I checked I had no money" I thought to myself. Me:"Oh shit It's a trap! " I took the money and shoved inside my sock then took off my mathematics book and went through it. students started coming one by one and the school yard was immediately full I closed my book and put it back inside my bag. The Bell rang and we all reported to our classes The first period was mathematics. I sat on my desk that was near the door. Zama sat on her desk and gave me an evil eye. Mrs Nkosi walked in and learners immediately kept quite She greeted. Mrs Nkosi:"Today before we start the lesson I want us to pray I heard that some of our students are possessed by evil spirits " this one written Zama all over it..Mrs Nkosi pointed me to lead the songhehehe you should have seen Zama's face she was beyond over the moon what was left for her was to jump up and down like a toddler given sweets me on the other side I was sweating my heart was racing. I exhaled deeply and swallowed the hard lump on my throat. Me:"Bekungeke kwenzeke konke lokhu okwenzeka empilweni yami ukube wena awunqaba baba nempilo yami(x2). Impel awuvumanga unyawo lwami lusheshelele. ngicel ukukubonga baba ukungihlenga ngize kube la ngiphunyukile ogibeni ebengiboshelwe lona sihlulekile isikhali ebengibekelwe sona. Wena uyewangihlengawena wangivikela..." I sang by myself as they were amazed by my voice. The song I sang made me very emotionally as I recall everything that has happened in my life..After singing Mrs Nkosi started praying I felt myself getting dizzy Have you ever feel like screaming and let it all out?Yes that how I felt . I wanted to scream my lungs out but no I had to fight it I had to. I was never letting Zama win.. Me:"Please Lord Not today. Please " I mumbled to myself as I held the chair to balance. Mrs Nkosi:"Amen..." Me:"Thank you Lord" I sat on the chair then buried my head to the desk while looking at Zama right under my arm. Mrs Nkosi:"so today I decided to suprise all of you with the test angithi niyafunda so we are writing a test right now

right here "fellow class mates started making noise not agreeing on what she was saying. Mrs Nkosi:"Incwadi phambili(bags on the front now!) oh and if you feel like you don't want to write go outside" we went to put our bags and she gave us the papers . Sometimes when things are going really well you have that faith and hope in youit was the flashback feeling in a good way. Like I was watching a rerun because I've studied this defense and know what comes next. Now that is a good feeling when your mind is working fast because you've studied and you realize I've seen this before ! that how I felt when my eyes landed on the question paper the very same thing I was studying the previous night. I shifted my eyes to Zama and mtasekhaya aka sweaty kanje I smiled to myself and proceed writing after 30 minutes or so I raised my hand and Mrs Nkosi took her paper. The rest of the day at school was indeed amazing it was different from other days .I even bought my friends kotas and drinks they were so happy shame.. I walked back home feeling proud about myself. >>>Home I arrived at home took off my uniform then took the R100 and hide it under Zama's pillow then i went to wash my uniform outside I was home alone. Zama came back after two hours and I was half way through my pots..she came to the kitchen while I was stirring the pap..she went straight to the fridge I kept quite and minded my business. Zama:"You know the way I was suffering here but thank you for coming to rescue me. You are the best I see it hasn't happen. *staring at me* but soon it will..Mark my word." she left me standing and confused as ever. I ran after her. Me:"What are you talking about? " Zama:"The pots are not cooking themselves. leave me alone" she sat on the couch and switch on the TV.. Aunt:"Nanka lamasela! (you thieves )"said aunt as she barged in fuming with anger.. Aunt:"Who stole my money? ? " I shrugged my shoulders . Zama:"It's Sno! I saw her buy Kotas at school!" Me:"Aibo ! I'm no thief you the one who stole it ". Aunt:"I want to search both of you bags and hell will break loose " she went to our bedroom and came back with our bags she searched mine and find nothing then went to Zama's and still nothing. I looked at zama and she also glanced at me. Aunt:"Yey nina zidwedwe iphi imali yami ( You cheap whores! where is my money)" Zama:"I swear mom It's her" Me:"Zama please stop Lying ! I saw you putting something under your pillow maybe it was your money aunt go check " she angrily went back and came back with it. zama quickly stood up. Zama:"No I didn't take this money" Aunt:"inezinyawo lemali? (does it walk?) " I ran to the bedroom and came back with the belt. Me:"Here! If it was me you were going to whip me" aunt glanced at me like she was debating with her mind whether to take it or not and took the belt after few seconds and beat the shit out of her. I winked at Zama as she silently cried.

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