part 4 my Rocky path to success

After preparing for supper I dished for everyone expect for myself. Aunt:"Wena awudli? awufakanga poison apha ekudleni? (you are not eating ? are you trying to poison us?)" Uncle:"Ungenelwe yini kanti Ntokozo indlela yokukhuluma leyo? (What has gotten into you? )" Auntie:"I'm just kidding..Am sorry Snoxolo" I said nothing and went to the bedroom and dialled mom's number. her phone rang and she answered. Mom:"Baby girl" Me:"I want to come back I don't want to stay here anymore" Mom:"Hayi Snoxolo we talked about this." Me:"Hay azange sithethe ngalento (we never talk about this mom) I can't continue living like this" Mom:"Snoxolo don't be crazy you know your situation when you are here people think you have evil spirits remember when you wanted to commit suicide because of that? no stay there until you finish matric. " Me:"I don't have demons! you are not helping me you are suppose to be my mother dammit! We all have our demons in us" Mom:"Has it happened?" Me:"No but..." Mom:"Snoxolo you will stay there! End of the story!" she said that then hung up..I threw myself on Zama's bed and buried my head down on my knees my own mother also thought I was possessed by evil spirits. "So it's true? " I lifted my head and Zama was standing at the door. Me:"What truth? " she was eavesdropping because her mother asked her to. Zama:"That you are possessed by evil spirit .mmnh interesting.." I had to change the topic..think Sno! Me:"Zama are you sure that you are my uncle's daughter? I mean You don't even look like him" Zama:"Hhe? " Me:"You heard me!" Zama:"repeat what you said *walking towards me* " Me:"I said uncle is not your father maybe your mother didn't tell you but lemme just tell you you might as well go look for your father" she pushed me on bed and climbed ontop of me strangling the shit out of me Bitch was strong I pinched hershe then screamed her lungs out and let go of my neck I then pushed her and she fell down hitting her head on the mattress. I heard footsteps running towards the door I held my stomach and pretended like I was crying. "what is going on here? " asked the aunt who was fuming with anger . Zama:"She is hitting me!*crying *" Me:"Unamanga(Liar) !" Uncle:"Ntozoko let's just leave them like this" Aunt:"What? So she can kill my child ?never!" Uncle:"Snoxolo isn't capable of killing so please" Aunt:"Habe nguwena owangitshen ukuthi inama dimoni lengane(You the one who told me that she got demons)" at that moment I felt defeated Uncle roughly grabbed her arm and they walked out of the room..I took my phone and plugged my headset

played l Joyous celebration-Nothing is impossible then took my school bag and hour passed while studying zama was sleeping on her bed. Aunt barged in and I lifted my eyes to look at her and she came straight to me holding a belt she was hoping that I will jump and run but no I just closed my books and focus on her . Aunt:"Did your mother send you to destroy my marriage? Hhe? " I blinked few times not knowing how to respond to her. Aunt:"Zama Vala lomnyango(Zama close the door) " she wasted no time she hurried and close it. Even my mother never raised her hand on me and now I was going to be whipped for something I didn't even intend to do. Me:"My mother never said anything about destroying your marriageI don't know what you on about" I said looking down playing with my fingers. Aunt:"Liar!! Lalela if ucabanga ukuthi uzongigibela ekhanda (if you think you are going to walk on my head) think again nxx zokutrap sfebe " she clicked her tongue and went out. Zama:"Why she didn't whip your ass mom though" she went out too *sigh* . . . The following Morning I woke earlier than before I wanted to finish up before aunt wake up after showering I wrapped the towel around my body I opened the door and bumped into Uncle musa and my towel fell..His eyes popped out. Uncle:"shit! Sorry !" I quickly picked it up I pass him avoiding eyes contact thee uncle just saw my naked body. No offence but some people be calling them self 'uncle' but can not be trusted I've read about rape storiesmost of girls are being raped by 'uncle' something like that. No one can be trusted I closed the bedroom door and locked. I quickly lotioned my body and wore my uniform by the time Zama woke up I was ready to hit the road. Zama:"And then wena ugeze nini? (When did you bath?)" Me:"some of us are serious about schoolcia! " I walked out the room with my bag "Snonothatha! " zweli ran towards me aunt tried to stop him but he screamed that child was very fond of me.i picked him up and played with his cheeks He giggled and aunt gave me an evil eye. Without anyone noticing Uncle gave me R50 for pocket money and whispered to show it to Zama. Hehe I was rich!

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