part 3 my rocky path to success

A month later. I was doing well at school and I did managed to make new friends(Awethu and Sisanda) Life at home was not so enjoyable everyday when I came back from school I would clean the house and cook while Zama spent her entire time watching TV I understand that as teenagers we are bound to cook and wash the dishes but what were they doing to me was no fairthe house had two girls which was me and Zama and we were suppose to help each other but Snoxolo has to be the one doing chores all days from Monday to Sunday one would swear that I was their maid I even told my mother about the situation but she shut me out and told me I was being ungrateful those people provided roof over my head the least I can do is to meet them halfway and stop complaining I wanted mom to motivate me to hang on I wanted her on my side but she sided with them..what was more annoying was that they let Zama do whatever she likes they failed her as their child Zama would just disappear for the whole weekend and they still pretended like they see nothing Aunt's attitude towards me was changing each and everyday. I ignored that and thought maybe 'It's one of those days' Saturday ! Yep no school I was planning to spend my entirely day I side the bedroom sleeping but unfortunately aunty woke me up I hesitated first pretending like I was sleeping but she pulled the covers away and 'Commanded ' to make the soft Porridge for Zwilethu( Son) . I wanted to cry so badly but big girls don't cry I woke up and went to the kitchen then cooked the porridge If I remembered very well the time was around 6am after the 30 minutes cooking I went back to the bedroom hoping I will fell asleep again but no! I bumped into her carrying the blackman that has dirty clothes. Aunt:"Ina ngibuye ziwashiwe(here I want them clean when I come back) " I took the plastic and said nothing. Aunt:"Don't forget to feed Zwilethu when he's awake " I nodded then she was gone.. since I was no longer sleepyI decided to start cleaning the house

I decided to start cleaning the house I knew miss universe was going to wake up and eat then went back to sleep. After cleaning I went to wake Zwilethu I gave him few spoons and he was full I bath him and he went back to sleep trust me that child was lazy I have never seen such lazy child at the age of Five. Zama came to the loungerubbing her eyes I wanted to mock her so badly. Me:"Your mom said you must wash those clothes*pointing at the plastic" I was never going to wash someone's husband clothes never. Zama:"In? (what?)" she asked raising her eyebrow. Me:"Impahla (clothes ) there*pointing *" she went back to the room and came back with her old phone on her ear. Zama:"Mama you said I must wash those clothes?...What? nxx she lied okay bye. .." she hung up then marched to and and gave me one hottest slap I held my cheek! I was speechless she just slapped me I stood up. Me:"I want to beat the shit out of youbut I'm afraid of jail" I went outside to calm down the last time I whipped someone she landed in the hospital. . . Later on Aunty came back within few minutes Uncle came back too I couldn't read aunt's facial expression..I quickly went to the kitchen to start the pots. Aunt:"We Snoxolo ziphi impahla zami? (Snoxolo where are my clothes?)" I pretended like I didn't hear her uncle came to the kitchen while whistling and handed me a shopping bag. Me:"Yini Le? (What is this? )" Uncle:"You are family so I thought I should buy you a dress" suddenly my face lighten up. Me:"Thank you so much" I hugged him then someone cleared their throats I turned around and Aunty was starring at us folding her arms. Aunty;"Yini leyo? ( what is that?)" Uncle:"the dress I bought for her " Aunty:"Oh we are running out of food but wena you have money to buy dresses" Uncle:'Manj kungenaphi lokho? (where does that fit in?)" Aunty:"I was just saying" uncle clicked his tongue and passed her. Aunty:'Wena *pointing me* isa apha Le bag *yanking the bag from my hand* you won't get this I want my clothes clean" Me:"Why u bitter ? " Aunty:"I feed you now my husband is buying clothes for you! no husband of mine is gonna spend money on you you evil child " she then exited the kitchen she was showing her true colours she never loved meit was all an act.

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