part 2 my Rocky path to success

Zama's bedroom was a mess clothes were scattered around her bed wasn't even made pairs of shoes everywhere. Me:"Are we going to share bed? " Zama:"No there's a mattress* pointing at the corner* mom will give you duvets" I placed my suitcase right next to her bed then took off my phone to dial mom's number unfortunately it went straight to voicemail.. "Are you girls good? " I turned around and uncle musa was leaning against the door. Zama:"so far so good dad" Uncle:"Okay Snoxolo khululeka mshana kukini lapha (feel free niece this is your home too)" Me:"Ngiyabonga Malume (thank you)" he then walked away I was praying and hoping that I will be normal again sometimes i would faint at school and doctors said there was nothing wrong with me it all started when I was 14 I remember that day like it was yesterday I was at church with my mother the service was very touching I was singing and worshiping God but an unexpected scene happened I found myself rolling down on the floor crying and screaming the pastor prayed for me and said the evil spirit has been casted out of my soul but how ?because I always attended church At home prayer was our daily food we used to pray every morning every night. I was confused and disappointed in God why he allowed such thing happens to me while he knows very well that I believed in him. Or maybe I wasn't that strong enough not to let demons gets to me? from that day I vowed to myself that I will never attend his church I hated that pastor because he said I had evil in me and that was the last time I set my foot at his church. "Snoxolo! !!" Zama's voice brought me back to reality. Zama:"Kanti ubuye ungezwa ngathi uzoba inkinga ( and you are deaf too seems like u are going to be trouble)" Me:"Ubuthini? ( what were you saying? )" Zama:"Lunch is ready" she then went out the room and I quickly changed my Jean into a simple orange dressthen went to join them. UncleMusa:"Come sit next to your uncle" I wanted to roll my eyes at him but then I didn't want to come as disrespecting child I faked a smile and sat next to him. Aunt:"Your mother called she's glad that you are home safe" Me:"Thank you Kazi" Aunt:"Are you ready for school?"I shrugged my shoulders Me:"I guess so" Uncle:"Your grade 11 results are not so Impressing

she's glad that you are home safe" Me:"Thank you Kazi" Aunt:"Are you ready for school?"I shrugged my shoulders Me:"I guess so" Uncle:"Your grade 11 results are not so Impressing I hope you are going to work hard this year" well I wasn't good when comes to booksnot that I was falling dismally but I've never given myself time to study. Me:"i will study hard this year" Aunt:"Great! " We ate while talking about random things they seem to be a good family and looks like I was going to enjoy my stay after eating I offered to wash the dishes with the help of Zama of course. . . Later that day After praying we said goodnight to the parents then went to the bedroom. Zama:"borrow me your phone" I ignored her and fixed where I was going to sleep. Zama:"Sno u deaf? Ngithe nginike phone yakho ( I said give me your phone)" I went inside my covers. Me:"switch off the lights when you done " Zama:"Mxm cabanga kuthi zokuncenga (you think I will beg you)" I smiled then the lights were off. I wanted to call my best friend but I had no airtime I send her a please call me. Zama:"Uthe angicime manje wena sukhanyisile lefoni yakho iyangiphazamisa(you said I must switch off the lights but now your phone is on and disturbing me from my beauty sleep)" I put the duvet over my head so that my phone can not disturb 'beauty sleep' I switch on mobikelog on Facebook but nothing was interesting I log off then eventually fell asleep. . . "Triiiiiiiiii" that was my annoying alarm it was exactly 5 o'clock in the morning I switched off the alarm and get up although I was still sleepy but I had to wake up it was my first day in new school I had to be early. I folded the covers and lightly shook Zama. Zama:"Mnh " Me:"wake up we need get ready for school" Zama:"who are you ? My mother ? Mcm leave me alone wena" she said in a sleepy voice. Me:"Ikuphi I bathroom? ( where is the bathroom ?)" Zama:"Apha endunu(here in my ass )" she pushed the covers aside and get up from bed she went out of the room and I followed behind her at the passage we bumped into aunty Aunty:"Oh senivukile( you already up)" she was carrying two skirts and two shirts. Aunty:"Here are your uniforms the porridge will be ready in 30 minute" she handed me my uniform. Me:"Thank you aunty" I went back and placed it on my Zama's bed. Thirty minutes later we were done. Zama:"Mamela apha eskolweni angikwazi nawe awungazi( listen here at school I don't know you and you don't know me)" I rolled my eyes then took my bag. Aunt:"Zama you are going to show Sno her class and don't leave her behind.." she just nodded and focused on her bowl. We ate the porridge then uncle gave us pocket money and we walked to school I was walking behind Zama and her other two friends I had no worries because I had my phone with me. Girl1:"who is she?" She whispered fatty thought I couldn't hear her since I plugged in my headsets. Zama:"Just a relative" I giggled and they all turn to me I pretended like I was typing. Girl2:"She's beautiful shame" Zama:"Mxm!" Girl1:"asithembe akayena unondindwa (I hope she's not a bitch)" Zama:"She is!" BothGirls:"What?" Zama:"I'm kidding guys duuu " We arrived at school and luckily I was sharing classes with Zama. Zama:"Just because we sharing classes doesn't mean I know you" Me:"I heard you loud and clear it's not like I want to be your friend Geezsave that speech for someone who cares" I left her standing with her mouth hanging my response took her by suprise.

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