part 10 my Rocky path to success

I took the pills and stared at them as the smile crept on my face. A loud bang brought be back to reality. "Sno open the door please" that was Zama's voice pleading I quickly hide the pills inside my school bag and went to open the door. Me:"Am okay Zame" I faked the smile as she glanced at me like she was searching for something. Zama:"Amsorry for what happened In the kitchen" Me:"Its okay it's not your fault" I went to sat on bed. Zama:"I heard that we are writing tomorrow Lets just study" Me:"um I will see in the exam I want to sleep" Zama:"No we are going to study right now then you can sleep" I shook my head I was in no state to studymy mind was occupied with tons of thoughts and books were the last thing on my mind. Zama:"Sno do you really want to throw your life away because of musa? We are going to pass our matric and go far from here. Now get rid of those thoughts and work with me" I nodded and we took our books and studied. Zama did knock some sense in me and I was never going to let Musa win Karma is a slut and never looses an address sooner or later karma was going to visit him.. Later on Zama went to cook while I took the nap. >>>>> The following day we were woken up by aunt yelling at someone . I sat up straight then lightly shook Zama the time was around 5am. "Uyinja Musa yezwa (you are a dog musa )" that was aunt. "Ngizokushaya unye yezwa (I will beat the shit out of you)" this people didn't sleep. They were fighting early in the morningwhich work as favour to us.. we both went out of the bedroom

which work as favour to us.. we both went out of the bedroom aunt saw us and said nothing she just clicked her tongue and went to her bedroom We passed Musa and went to the bathroom. We did our morning hygiene process and we were ready for school I was looking forward to see my man no actually I was looking forward to drink my problems away. Zama:"So we are drinking tonight?" She asked as we stepped outside the house I nodded in excitement I heard that alcohol can numb the pain the only thing that was left was the weed Imagine drinking your life away then come back and bash on themthat what I was planning to do I was going to tell the world everything. I was going to let the world know about the rottenevil uncle and no one was going to stand in my way...

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