part 1 my rocky path to success

I zipped my suitcase and sat on bed waiting for my mother to shout my name I've always been that good girl who respect her elders I always obey my mother's rules but trouble seems to follow me everywhere I go I was moving to KwaHlabisa since my mother thought I was being bewitched yes my whole family even thought I had demons because i would just scream and cry out of blue at first they thought maybe I had idlozi(ancestor). But when we went to the traditional healer and he didn't confirm anything he just gave me something to drink pastors tried to pray for me but dololo help I ended telling mom not to waste her money fixing things that can not be Fixed I should just accept whatever that was going on with meI accepted my fate. Oh another thing i heard that my grandfather was a witch rumours were " he had the baboon that he used as his bicycle at night" those were the rumours i heard i even asked my mother about it but she shut me outthen I decided my mind my own business Mother did manage to get me a school KwaHlabisa and I was going to stay with her brother and his wife... "Are you ready to go?" I nodded as tears formed in my eyes I was mamas girl my mother was my everything leaving my friends behind was the hardest part but we gotta leave let go of some people inorder to make something for ourselves. Mom:"It's gonna be alright nana you will visit during Easters

go make me proud" we hugged and she escorted me to the bus station the bus was leaving in 30 minutes and the walk to the bus station was 10 minutes away from home. . . Two hours later the bus parked where I was going to got off I unplugged my headsets and stood up with others I dragged my suitcase that was on my lap all along I hopped out of the bus and looked around I spotted my uncle's wife standing across the dusty road she waved at me and I cat walked to her. Her:"Oh pakith usukhulile! (Look at you all grown)" she hugged me then kissed my cheek. Me:"Sawubona malumekazi(hello kazi)" I said looking down. Her:"ungasabi nana (don't be shy girl) your mother did inform us about your situation" she held my hand while I dragged my suitcase she had two kids A girl that was almost at my age and the five year old boy. We arrived at their house the house was good looking though the yard was spotless . Her:"Sengibuyile (Am back )and here is our guest" they were all gathered at the dining and all their eyes were on me. Me:"Molweni " I said smiling revealing my white teeth they smiled back expect for the girlshe just rolled her big eyes . Malume:"mshana wami (my niece) " he hugged me followed by the little boy. Her:"Zama nguSnoxolo lo ( this is snoxolo) " Zama:"OhkY hi" he shook my hand. Me:"Hi" Her:"You girls are going to share the room" Zama:"What? " Her:"Yin? Nenza u Grade 12 nobabini ( what? You are both doing matric)" Zama:"Whatever" she stood up I guess she was going to "our room" I didn't waste no time I followed behind her big ass

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