Final chapter

Season 2

Final long insert

Quinton drove to a nearby hotel
His mind was always on Letty that he wouldn't even let temptations get to him

He can't afford to lose her again

Naledi was in "her room" laying on the bed
She couldn't believe that Letty would call Krey to come back in such a short period of time
And to make the matter worse is that she told Krey about the rape thing and she saw how that made Krey angry

She took her phone and called her ex telling him to make things fast since she would like things to happen this coming friday it was still monday

As she was about to sleep she heard some noise outside the door
She felt safe because she had locked the door she saw the keys turning meaning the person is unlocking the door with the keys inside
She thought of how this is possible

The keys fell from the door and she feared for her life. She took the jug of water beside her bed on the table
she stood behind the door
She was ready to hit the person who would come in with the jug

The door opened and no one came in coz they knew that she might hide behind the door
They closed the door again and she ran to the ensuit bathroom and locked herself there and took the keys out and lean on the door so when the person tries to open it shouldn't succeed

The person heard the bathroom door close so they opened the door again and got inside

"Baby come out its me" the person said

"No that can't be Quinton he said that he won't be coming back. This must be Krey trying to trick me because his voice sounds like Quinton's voice" Naledi said to herself

"Who are you" Naledi shouted coz she wanted to know who really it is
"Its me baby your baby daddy" he said with his drunkard voice


Naledi's POV

This really must be him i mean what time would Krey have gone out and came back DRUNK in less than an hour
I opened the door and yes it was really my Quinton. I'll make sure this man wives me.. Even if it means he should make me his second wife I just wouldn't mind because I know Letty would not stay for it so she'll leave the marriage all by herself without anyone arguing with her and Krey I don't know how I will deal with that brat

He is one scary young man. I thought I've seen all heartless man but its clear that I thought wrong
At least Letty has asked him to stay in the hotel for a few days which gives me time to get my plan in action without being nervous of being caught by Krey

"Baby why are you so drunk" I said as I was about to sit right next to him
I sat beside him and hugged his waist. He smelled like a bar. I'm sure that the owner of the bar he purchase alcohol from is now more richer. I know this man doesn't drink cheap stuff so I'm sure he bought all those expensive alcohol

He was looking straight in my eyes with a cold look he even had me doubting that its him. This might be Krey in a mask of his father's face. I don't know why this child shout fight his mother's wars he should be focusing on getting a girlfriend and even wife her and leave his parent's affairs alone

"Baby what's wrong" I asked because the cold hard look he gave me showed me that he won't tell me why he is so drunk. Quinton has really changed the Quinton I fell for used to treat me like a queen but not all the time. Yes he might not have been spending most of his time with me but he made sure I have him for many nights than Letty. I know every corner his shaft so Letty should just shut up and place her big fat ass down. Lady I used to ride her husband when she couldn't because of the pregnancy

You all must be wondering where Quinton spent most of his times because he was forever not home well he would get himself busy at the office sometimes not even come in but also not home.

Anyway Quinton starred at me with range in his eyes there's no need to fool myself and say that's love when I just red all over his eyes. It is said that Red is Dangerous so there's no need for sugarcoating what's the present. I was even crossing my finger that he shouldn't hurt me. I've never seen Quinton this angry he used to control his anger with and and made sure he never hurts me not even when his wife came to know about our affair which is practically my fault but hey it was bound to happen either way he still didn't hurt me yes he might have shouted at me but hurting never took place

"Why are you still here" he said
When I opened the door and saw that it was him I got happy that he chose to come back to me instead of that so called wife of his
I thought he came here to fix things with me
"Baby I... I.." I couldn't even finish what I was saying coz this man I claim to love had his hands on my neck he was strangling my soul out of my body

I screamed hoping that someone would hear me and come and help me but who am I fooling I mean they would enjoy the scene right now even take a video
"I told you to FUCKEN leave me alone but no this very big head of yours doesn't listen" Quinton said. He was reeking of alcohol. I'm sure he didn't mean to do this it's the alcohol making him do it

"Qu...quin...ton" I was struggling to talk
"Why can't you go and look the father of this things and leave out of your tricking plans. I'm not someone you can easily trick you know" he said and just the door flied open and Letty came in

"What the fuck Q. Leave her alone" Letty said but Quinton didn't eve listen to her because he was still busy chocking me

Letty came and tried to get him off me but get this alcohol was eager on killing me
Quinton pushed Letty and she fell on the floor if I wasn't being chocked I would be laughing at her right now. She thinks she knows how to handle everything

"Quinton I repeat Quinton if you continue strangling that bitch I will leave your sorry ass" Letty said while she was still on the floor on her ass

Quinton quickly took his hands off me so the bitch manages to get his attention by just threatening to leave him this is not fair
He went to her and picked her up bridal style

"Put me down Quinton" Letty said
"No baby" Quinton said with the anger all gone
You wouldn't even tell that he was the same man who came here looking like he swallowed the whole tree of lemons. He now has a face filled with love

I've noticed that he has never looked at me the same way as he does with Letty. This days I've noticed that he only has a disgusted face when he looks at me

Anyway he did put her down since she had a angry look I don't if its because he was strangling me or its because he pushed her

"Baby I'm sorry" Quinton said
"No Quinton this woman you are strangling is carrying your children and you are here trying to kill her. Couldn't you at least think for the babies" Letty said

This woman sometimes confuses me. I don't even know whether she really believes that I'm carrying her husband's children or she doesn't believe it

"They are not my children" Quinton said with an angry look
I so wish he strangles her like he did with me

"Its already bad enough that you came home reeking like a bar. Where do you plan on sleeping" Letty asked
"Our room of course" Quinton said
"There's no way you'll be entering our room with that smell Trey is sleeping in there" Letty said pulling him out of my room

So she wants Quinton to sleep in a separate room which is a good thing for me. I'll make him remember all the good times he had
He will have no choice but to leave Letty and come to me

I peeked through the door to see which room would be be sleeping in and saw him entering Krey's room

"Shit this is mission impossible" I said to myself
There is no way I would be able to get him out of there

I went back to my room and called Jay
"Yes" that's what he managed to say I guess he us still sleeping I mean look at the time
"Get your man here tomorrow's morning" I said and he just promised to do so

So Letty doesn't want to fight her own battles that's why she called Krey to come back

I'm definitely sure that she is the one who called him back

I woke up in the morning and took a bath
Finally I'll make letty feel what I felt when I got raped by those heartless man
I want her to regret taking Quinton back she should have divorced him the moment she found out about our affair but she chose to send that rat of hers to deal with me but it's fine I'll deal with her

I want them to rape her to an extant that they ruin her womb she must never be able to bear children for Quinton I'll do the carrying babies part

Anyway after the shower Jay sent the location of where him and his man are. I already have a hitman ready to kill Jay after they have done my work

I took my hand bag and went to the office where they are

Jay: oh mama you are still sexy
Me: thank you Jay now let's get to business

I took out Letty'd picture and showed it to them
"Here is the woman I want you to assault" I said to them and Jay took the picture

"Such a beautiful lady why would you want to do such a terrible thing to her what sin has she done against you" Jay asked making me jealous
That's why I hate Letty every man thinks she is beautiful now look even my ex boyfriend is falling for her by just looking at her picture

I don't trust him on this job he might change his mind and work against me once he sees her

"You want her Jay" I asked and he looked at me
I could already see the love he has for her in his eyes. I looked deep in his eyes and saw the man I fell for

I remembered how much we loved each other until I moved here
He was the only man who has ever loved me know he rest were just playing me

Now look at me fighting for a man who will probably forever to really love me but hey u never give up. I'm sure once I manage to get rid of Letty he will forget her and eat out of palms

"You left me for another man so I suppose it won't hurt you if I get a taste of her" Jay said and that just torn my heart into pieces

See what I told you. Letty now has Jay eating onto her palm without even knowing
It will be easy for her to persuade him against me

"Jay we had an agreement" I said
"I changed my mind I want her" Jay said and I just felt like crying
He is doing this just to get back at me. He wants me to feel the pain I caused him when I dumped him

No he can't do this to me

"No Jay. You can't just your mind any time you want" I said
"You think I don't know that you are only fooling me. I know you have a hitman ready to kill me" Jay said

How did he know

"What no I would never do that" I said
Who must have told him because its only me and the hitman who knows about this

"Do you see fool written on my forehead" Jay said
"No Jay you know I would never do that to you" i said

"Naledi I know that you don't love me anymore so here is a deal I leave you and that man you want to have and in return I get this hot momma" Jay said

No he can't do this to me letty has to know how it feels like to get raped
She has to feel dirty like I did

"Jay you can't say that that woman organized men to rape me so its time to return the favor please don't do this to me" I said

"You expected her to give you a round of applause for having an affair with her husband and almost killing her baby" Jay said

Oh my gosh so he knows everything

"How did you know" I asked him

"I did my research on you the time you broke up with me. You thought I would just let you go just like that. I had my man to follow up on you. I know every detail about you and Every move you make and I also know that she is not the one who got you raped but her son did so stop accusing her" Jay said

Wow Letty has won once again. I can't believe that I always have to lose over her but but not this time I wont allow it

"Yes akere o rometxi ngwana ola wage gore a mo ndirele tsotso" (yes isn't she sent her sent son to do her dirty work) I said

"Believe what makes you sleep good at night but I'm telling you the truth " Jay said

I didn't even know what more to convince him to do this for me. What lies will I possibly tell him when he knows everything. My plan isn't just going to fall dismally just like that no I refuse

I tried convincing Jay to do this for me but he didn't want to hear any of it he just told me about how much he loved me and I broke his heart
He was even willing to take me back until his friend told him about the plan that I had for me unfortunately the person I hired is his friend

Jay wants nothing to do with me now according to him he would enjoy squeezing my soul out of my body but hey he still his a little love for me so he decided he won't do this job and either of his men will do it

They got ready because he said hr had already booked a bus for them to go back home

He left me stranded. I have no one else who can help with this. I really have to get this done

I went out of the hotel and went to the mall to get something to eat and saw Quinton and Krey having that father and son moment . oh how I wish to squash Krey but hey what can I do when everything I do just fails

I won't give up that easily.. I went to wimpy and had my breakfast
There were two men behind me talking about how they did their job well. I decided to eavesdrop since I thought they might be of use to me

"I never thought this job would be easy" man1 said
"You know very well that nothing is impossible with us we kill and act like nothing happened and people don't even suspect its us" man2 said
"We are really true men" man1 said
"Yes we are untouchable" man2 said

This are definitely the men u want for my job. Yes they might be two but they'll be able to do what I want and even perfectly

I got up and went to greet them they greeted back and I told them that I heard about what they were talking about and that I'm not blackmailing them I just have a job for them

I told them about what I want then to do for me and the amount of money I'm willing to pay them they then agreed to do the job for me and even today

My job for me now is to get Letty somewhere no one will know and I just can't go to her and say follow me. She knows I don't like her I should come up with a plan


Akhila had visited since her son was crying to come and see Troy this two had grown fond with each other now look they always want to be together

Anyway as i was busy talking to Akhila about random things I received a text from Quinton telling me to meet him at some location he sent at 20:00

This unlike Quinton to just send a message without even calling
He is not the kind that send messages something must be fishy. I took my phone and called Krey because I know that they are together

He answered the call on the third ring

"Mommy" he said guys I can't even begin to tell you how much I love Krey guys I can't even begin to tell you how much I love Krey my first born nchooo

"Yes baby where is your father" I said
"He is right here" Krey said
"Please give him the phone" I said
"No mommy why don't you call him on his phone it's right here" Krey I said
"Lesley Krey Alison give that phone to your father" I said
"Geez ok wait" he said

"Baby" my man said
How his voice always manages to get me wet. You guys don't wanna know how many times I heard to finger fuck myself after talking to him over the phone
Not to mention the times I would be mad at him but still wanted him inside me

"Why did you send me a location message" I said
"What location message" he said and that just proved what I was telling you guys

His phone has probably been tracked and the person is just waiting for a response

"Mxm I thought you had organized a romantic dinner for me" I said trying not to tell him because I know this is Naledi's doings

"That wouldn't even be a surprise" he said and I just faked a chuckle
"Look baby I want you to do me a favor" I said
"What favor" he said
" can you please send Naledi message telling her to meet you at her old house and tell her you have a surprise for her" I said
"No are you crazy Letty" he said
"No baby please do this I just want to see how she will gloat about it you don't even have to go there" I said

It took me almost twenty minutes to make him agree to this

I then replied to the text "Quinton" sent me
"I'll be right there baby" sent
"Can't wait" she replied
This woman has hacked my husband's phone and expect to just fall for her tricks just like that

She thinks when Quinton always sent messages to her he will do the same with me no my husband only want to hear my voice the voice that massages his dick unknowingly

Anyways Quinton called me to tell me he has sent her the message

I called my IT guy to look up for who might have hacked my husband's phone and send the message with it
He call back after 30 minutes and say he couldn't get the names but he has found a camera in the room they are in so he sent a picture and there was Naledi with two ugly men

I knew it I knew this is all her doings. So this is her plan to get me raped she has got another thing coming if she doesn't know me
I know her man are probably waiting for me to come so they can have their way with me

I drove to Naledi's old place and decorated the house so she doesn't suspect anything

After that I asked the IT guy to hack Quinton's phone and give me Naledi's number then hack them

He hacked her phone and found messages of her and the guy talking about what time I'll come and that they should do the job without any mistakes

I told the IT guy to save the number she was chatting with. Around 19:00 I saw Naledi being dropped off by a taxi at her gate
I was in Akhila's car and 3 houses away from hers so she couldn't see me
I sent the IT guy a message to send to Naledi's men and after 20 minutes they arrived

Naledi's house lights were off because I don't want them to see her face it everything will be ruined. I even switched off the main switch

Naledi took almost 10 minutes before going in and the men might have thought that it is me so they followed in but only one man entered


I couldn't believe that Quinton would want to have dinner with me but I then believed it because he had chosen a place where Letty wouldn't even think he is here

The cab dropped me of. I was only wearing my lingerie and coat on top. Before I got inside I applied my lipstick and made sure that I was moja
I took my keys and opened the door. I could see rose petals on the floor and I guess he has switched off the lights for a purpose

I walked in slowly and a man came in and closed the door I guess this might be Quinton
I was only waiting for him to switch on the lights but he didn't he just walked towards me and grabbed me

"Mmmh you want it rough today" I said but hey Quinton did even respond
He took off my coat and threw it across the room . he just couldn't wait to have me I guess letty must have been starving him to death plus she isn't in any situation to give him soon because of the new born

He torn my lingerie apart into two pieces
He took off his trouser and wore a condom

"But baby should we have to condomise I mean you know I'm safe plus your babies needs your sperms to make them strong" I said but dear didn't listen at all he entered me without any warning

He thrusted and tears started coming out of eyes because he didn't even wait for me to get wet. So he called me here to hurt me like this I tried screaming but he had his hand covering my mouth preventing my screams from coming out I bit his hand he never removed them and the more I would fight him off me is the more he would just hurt me
He had his way with me hurting tearing my pussy apart and after he was done he opened the door and another man came in and did what he just did to me

After that they started talking

"Our job here is done" man 1 said and I recognized his voice
This is the voice of the men I hired. But what is he doing here he should be out there doing what he just did to me to Letty
Tears were streaming down uncontrollable they betrayed me just then the lights went on and it was really them
They were even shocked to see me

"Madam what are you doing here" man 1 said
"I should be asking you that" I said crying
"But you are the one who sent us a message to come here and now you are also here" man2 said
"Oh no so she knew about my plan and also planned hers out" i said

Letty is really smarter than i thought. My pussy was burning as hell luckily my babies were still fine or so i think. I asked them to take me to the hospital and they did
The doctor checked on me and saud the babies are fine but my pussy isn't

This is for the second time i got raped because of Letty. This was meant to be her not the other way around. I heard a torn skin so the doctor had to stitch me up and he did then i went home

Home to Letty's house. It was now around 22:30 and everyone must be sleeping but the lights were still on. I got inside and found Letty seated on the couch sipping on her orange juice watching tv.
One day i will spike that orange juice of hers and let her die

Why didn't i think of this first now look at the situation I'm in.

"Krey hurry up man!" She shouted
So she now has another plan with her son

"Ma are you really that desperate to get rid of me" Krey said coming down with his bags
"You know its not like that baby" she said

Mind you i was still standing at the kitchen door looking at them

"Its like what mom" Krey asked
"Can't you see that you are scaring your second mom here. She is even scared to come home because you are here and you knkw how cruel the world is. It's not safe for her and the babies to walk late at night who knows she might fall into a trap that wasn't meant for her and get hurt" Letty said giving me a side smile

So i was right she knew my plan and twisted it damn i really have to spike that juice of hers
She has to die

I tried walking pass them but Krey stopped me
"What happened to you mamasita why are you walking like this" Krey asked and I just kept quiet
What will i say to him telk hin the truth that this was meant to be his mother walking like this

"Come on dont be scared talk to your son" Krey said
"Come on Krey get going already can't you see that you are scaring her" Letty said
"Wait ma you saud she mightbhave fallen into someone's trap that isn't meant for her what did you do to her" Krey said abd Letty just got up

"Boy you now have the balls to ask me that. What could i possibly do to this woman you want your father to kill me" Letty said
"Oh believe me i would kill him before he kills you" Krey mumbled
"What did you say" Letty said and i guess she didn't hear what he said

"Nothing mother nothing" Krey said

I heard him correctly. So Quinton would really kill letty for me

Anyway Krey left and Letty stood up and walked up the stairs and stopped half way then looked at me

"Don't even dare do what you are thinking otherwise you'll be the one ti drink the orange juice you would have prepared for me" she said then walked up to her room

So she can now read people's minds. I mean how did she even know that I want to spike her juice

Oh my gosh. I'm no longer safe here but I won't go anywhere without Quinton especially now that I know that he would kill letty for me.. I will tell him about what Letty did today and let him do the killing job

I went to bed with a burning pussy. At least that intimidating Krey has left. Someone will now sleep with her eyes all closed. You never know with that boy you have to sleep with one eye open when he is around that's how much I don't trust him


The next day I woke up in a happy mood . I made breakfast for my husband and served it to him in bed
I know its hard for him to sleep next to me and not even get any.
You all know that he has to wait 3 months before he can hit it I just thank God that he is now faithful and has not cheated

I sometimes feel like having him inside me but my baby comes first so yeah.
He had his breakfast and we shared a long passionate kiss which left me and him wanting for more

2 hours later

"Where's Krey" Quinton asked as we were busy watching a movie
He has decided to stay in today and spend some time with his family but unfortunately I told Krey not to come to this house until I have dealt with Naledi. She wanted a war and its a war I'll give her

I told him to move out because his presence scares Naledi ee csbt afford to have her lose your babies and who knows she might even give you girls" I said and he immediately took off my legs from his lap

"Nx say that again say that nonsense again and I won't hesitate to kill you" Quinton said and I just chuckled

I looked up the stairs and saw Naledi looking at us and I guess she is eavesdropping on our conversation

I went closer to Quinton and started kissing him and he didn't waste any time he kissed me back even touching my assets
My ass breasts curves were his cormfy place
He was about to take off my shirt when Naledi cleared her throat

"Umm just so you forgot that there are people inside the house" Naledi said and I could see the anger brewing inside Quinton

"Baby please don't get angry you know that your anger would turn into you hurting her and we don't want he to lo..." I didn't even finish what I was saying coz Q just smashed his lips onto mine and kissed the shit out of me and groaning in between the kiss
I was FUCKEN enjoying this moment right here. Thank God Troy cried to go home with Akhila yesterday so there's no need to worry about him walking in on us

He broke the kiss when he heard me moaning wanting more of him. I know he did this on purpose for saying what I said about Naledi and the babies

"Don't forget we still have an under 3 months baby" he said with a smirk and I could see Naledi getting angry by the second
Damn haai I give it all to her for standing here and watched the kiss
I bet he has never kissed her like he just did to me that why she's this angry

"Mxm" Naledi said before walking to the kitchen
"Where's breakfast" she shouted from the kitchen and Quinton just got up and walked to the kitchen and I just followed him

"You think this a hotel where people are desperate to make money and make food for you" Quinton said
"Don't mind him darling I'll make something for you to eat. He doesn't know how to treat pregnant women" I said and Quinton just smacked my ass before getting out of the kitchen

"I'm going to fetch Troy and I'm coming back with Krey. I want to spend the day with my boys" Quinton said before going out of the house


1 month later

I tried spiking Letty's juice but I ended up being the one drinking it and that cost me the I've of my baby
I don't even know how she managed to exchange the juices and make me drink the poisoned one luckily she took me to the hospital on time before I lost both of my children

I don't know why she took me to the hospital knowing very well that I wanted to kill her
I got discharged today and my baby was healthy
Yes I am going back to Quinton's house . emotional blackmail is what I'm going to do using the baby I've lost

When I arrived letty took care of me like a baby
Making food for me and all I don't understand why she is always happy even though she knows that I'm here to destroy her life
Anyway as she was busy with the cleaning there was a knock on the door so she went to get it

"Guess who has come to visit us" letty said
"Who else other than your son" I said
I know she has brought Krey back

"Surprise" she said and the person I never thought I would see again appeared from behind her
This is the same man I was dating while I had an affair with Quinton
I broke up with him when I thought what I had with Quinton is serious but then he asked me to come to his house one day and we eventually had sex so that's why I'm not sure whether this is Q's child or his but I'm hoping it is Quinton's child

"What is he doing here" I said
"To see his baby mama of course" Letty said

So she knows about him but how

"So you thought you would hide such a huge secret from me? Huh?" He asked
I wasn't planning to tell him that I'm pregnant because I'm not sure whether its his or not

Aarg yes I know its his child but I just want Quinton to raise him/her and I won't let Letty win this round again

"I didn't hide anything from you" I said
If Letty thinks bringing Desmond here will make me change my mind about Quinton then she really doesn't know me very well

"What did you do" Desmond said
"Sorry Desmond that u didn't tell you that I'm carrying another man's child I thought we had broken up" I said

"Let me give you some space to talk" Letty said then went upstairs

"Desmond this is not your child" I said
"How far are you" he asked
"Like really Desmond you think I don't know the father of my child this is really an insult " I said and just then Quinton got inside the house

"What's happening here. Naledi do you know that this is not your house so can't just invite anyone you want into my house" Quinton said

"I don't know this man" I said and Letty walked down pulling Suitcases
Wait a minute my suitcases

"Where are you taking my bags?" I asked
"Where they belong" she said and walked with then to the door and opened it

She threw the bags outside
I didn't believe that she would do this

"Desmond please take your bitch and leave with her" she said
So she has thrown the kind Letty out of the window

"Are you crazy?" I said.
"No honey. We've accommodated you and its enough. Your baby daddy has come to fetch you so please leave my husband out of your tricks" she said

Wow just wow

Quinton also said I should leave his house and threatened me that next time when I try any tricks on him he won't hesitate to burn me alive

I went with Desmond
If only I knew that my plan would backfire into me becoming Desmond's slave I wouldn't even have tried it

5 months later I gave birth to a baby girl and Desmond took her away from me even got full custody
I'm only allowed to see her during the weekend but at least the lawyer said I should stay with them for at least a year because I'm breastfeeding

Troy had grown to also look like his father and it only got Letty angry

Krey got a girlfriend whom the family loved everyone was happy

The end∆

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Kay 2019-01-09 22:38:32

Your story line is very good interesting book i must say but ay shame your English is very poor my child im not saying this in a bad way but if you could read your scripts before posting them maybe that would be better, honestly the way you narrated your story it was very poor and your way of placing your dialogue ay cha nghlulekile.. but on the positive side it would have been and interesting and exciting also intriguing story.. you have a great mind and the talent is there

Ntombi Nobanda Muzondo 2018-12-19 13:00:51

Enjoyed the 1 series, 2nd one not so much! You are a great writer. Thank you