Chapter 9

Season 2


Letty went out to get some fresh air she still couldn't believe that after all they have went theough Quinton is still in touch with Naledi

And even worse got her pregnant.. She went back inside coz she needed answers from her husband.. Tears weren't even coming out

She got the room and found Quinton holding Trey
She took from her husband and hold... The little one managed to put a smile on her face
"Baby no matter what happens to me and your dad just know that i will never leave you" Letty said
Quinton just pretended to not have heard that
He sat there hoping Letty would talk to him but nah she even pretended that he was not even the room

He tried talking to her asking her questions but she would just give him straight answers until he decided to go home just to give her space.. He promised to fetch her tomorrow when they get discharged amd she just gave him "ok" as an answer
Something he wasn't expecting.. He expected her to tell him not to come fetch but his expectations didn't happen

He went home and took his phone to call Naledi since he didn't understand most of the things she said to his wife and he wants her to explain what she meant by not giving birth out of wedlock

"Hey there daddy" Naledi said
"What do you want Naledi" Quinton said
"You are the one who called me so..." Naledi said
"Dont fuck with me Naledi " Quinton said
"Already too late you should've said that ealier before fycking me amd bless me with this wonderful twin in my womb" she said and Quinton just chuckled
"Listen here amd listen carefully go and find the real father of those things you are carrying do you think im a fool" Quinton said and Naledi just had to think of something since it won't be easy for Quinton to just believe her just like that

"How can you say that you know that you are the only man i habe been fucking with for this past months" Naledi said
"I see you haven't learn your lesson now look the punishment i made my son give you seems to not have been enough for you" Quinton said

"I still don't understand why i was the only one to get violated like that as if i fucked myself and you are still enjoying life like you did nothing wrong" Naledi said and Quinton just kept quiet as a sign for her to continue blabbering the nonsense she is talking

"For God's sake Q you are the one who fucked with me so you also deserve to be punished don't act all innocent" Naledi said

"You know what happened to you wasn't a punishment for fucking with me it was a punishment for putting my child's life at risk.. You thought you would get away with it? Huh?" Quinton said

"Mxm it was a punishment for putting my child's life at risk.. You thought you would get away with it? Huh?" Quinton said

"Mxm I'm also pregnant for you so you have to marry me i cant let my children be born out of wedlock" Naledi said

Quinton couldn't believe thw nerve of this woman.. He remembers that whenever he had sex with Naledi he always used a condom and he would check every time whether it has bursted or not

So there's no way she can be pregnant with his child.. It is very clear to him that she is just trying to trap him and it won't work xem


1 week later Letty was back home with baby Trey

They were all downstairs.. Trey in his baby cot.. Letty decided that she won't say anything to Quinton about the conversation she had with Naledi on the phone at the hospital

Everything was going well Krey will be coming back the following day since he has completed his studies and only waiting for his results

The door bell rang and Letty stood up to get it
She opened the door and the person who she wasn't expecting at all was standing there with her bags by her side

"What do you want here" Letty asked
"I'll be living here from now on" Naledi said pushing Letty to the other side to make space for her to enter

She pulled her bags in with her.. Quinton was just as surprised to see Naledi in his house and worst of all she had a baby bump

"What are you doing here" Quinton said to her and he was also surprised to how Naledi knew of his house.. Coz the last time he remembers he has never brought her to his house especially the one Letty lives in
He could see how irritated Letty was by her presence and the fact that she claims to be pregnant with his children is just making her more angry

"Where else should i go rather than here don't forget you are the baby daddy" Naledi said
"Let me give you too some space while i go prepare a room for you" Letty said with a grin on her face.. Quinton couldn't believe that Letty would say such things but its his fault she doesn't trust him anymore

"What baby no she is not staying here those kids she is carrying are not mine" Quinton said
"You should've thought of that before fucking with her" Letty said and Quinton could see how pissed off she is
"But bab..." Quinton couldn't finish what he was saying coz Letty just cut his sentence short
"Talk with your mistress while i prepare a room for her that's final" Letty said with a grin on her face looking at Quinton

That made him scared coz Letty has never been this way and it is never easy for Letty to just accept things so fast especially after the arguement she had with Naledi the other day

He thought of how Letty is planning something.. His wife is changing into something he doesn't know

Letty went up to the spare room and prepared it for their guests she even went back downstairs to take the bsgs to the room

"What do you think you are doing here" Quinton said to Naledi as soon and Letty took the bags upstairs

"Like i told you you are my baby daddy so.." -Naledi
"Don't make me sick be both know thats not my child" -Quinton
"They are twins and they are yours baby" - Naledi
"Don't fuck with me Naledi you hear me don't fuck with me" Quinton said grabbing Naledi by her arm roughly

"Don't you dare Q" Letty said while coming down the stairs
She walked towards them and let go of Naledi's arm from Q's hold

"We don't want to hurt the baby now do we" Mbali said and Naledi just smiled
"Akhila would be bringing Troy within 30 minutes i told her to bring the rest of her family to join us for dinner so please go and get ready baby" Letty said
"And oh Krey is coming back tomorrow to meet his step mother I'm sure he'll love her" Lettu said and Naledi just swallowed hard

To tell you the truth ever since the rape thing Naledi is now scared of Krey
Just by looking at his eyes she saw how heartless he is

"Is he also gonna stay here" She asked coz she knows life with Krey inside the same room will be hard.. Plus her plans will just fail dismally because of the love Krey has for his mother

Torturing Letty with Krey around it's just like digging your own grave

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