Author: Mikateko

Scarlett's Pure and Evil heart season 2

Chapter 7

Season 2



Last night was one hella of a night.. I did not even sleep a wink.. I must say i really enjoyed it
I never knew that my wife was calling me for this.. I'm such a fool for cheating on her

I wonder where she learnt all the techniques to make me that hard all night long.. She was even active riding me like a crazy cow girl

I just hope she'll stop this divorce nonsense.. I'll even make her myself stop it
I went up to the bedroom with breakfast prepared by me nothing big but healthy for her and Trey
Brown flakes with rasberries and strawberries and warm milk not to forget her freshly squeezed orange juice.. I know she enjoys eating this thats what she craves most of the time so this kind of fruits are the ones making the fridge look full.. The orange bags God i don't even know how many they are and not to forget about those countless flakes in the cupboards

I got inside the room and placed the tray on the side of the bed and looked at how peaceful she was sleeping with a soft snore escaping her mouth.. Gosh my wife is so gorgeous i even doubt my sanity.. Which normal person would cheat on this beauty right here pouted lips long eye lashes natural shaped eyebrows natural skin coloure.. Man i need to get checked i don't believe that I'm right upstairs

She flattered her eyes open and smile formed on her lips the minute she laid her eyes on me i couldn't help but to also smile

"Morning baby" i said while pecking her sweet soft lips turning it into a hot steaming kiss
I don't mind about the morning breath
This is my wife right here yes you heard me right she is my wife
She will shove the divorce papers inside the toilet by force i tell you.. They'd rather block the toilet than have my signature on them

"Morning" she said with a smile.. I really messed up i tell you.. They'd rather block the toilet than have my signature on them

"Morning" she said with a smile.. I really messed up she no longee calls me by sweet names

"How did you sleep with the little one" i asked with the smile not leaving my face not even for a second.. I just cant help but to admire her oily skin
Gosh she is even lighter.. My wife always glow whenever she is pregnant

There's a saying that says when a woman is pregnant with a male child she will not glow she will just get ugly as a sign that she is carrying a boy but my wife is different

She will glow so much you would even doubt that she is carrying a boy everytime she is pregnant
The best part of it is that the glowness never wears off not even when she has given birth

"Breakfast in bed i like" she said getting off the bed with her naked self and her not so huge bump
She went to the bathroom shaking her ass making me grow hard
I followed her

She first peed and flushed the toilet.. Rinsed her hands and brushed her teeth with me standing at the door and staring at her huge ass moving left right and centre

I couldn't help but to get closer to her don't blame she is the cause for all this
I ran my hand down to her cookie and damn she was already wet.. I know my wife very well xem.. She easily gets wet by just seeing me especially after when i have given it to her very good that she will want more

"All wet for you" she said in between her brushing
Her voice just drives me crazy no matter how it sounds

I pushed off my boxers i wasn't wearing any shirt nor trousers.. I even woke early and trim my mustache
Even i myself could tell that i woukd drive my wife crazy yeah i know how my looks drive her

I burnt her a little on the basin and entered her.. No time for foreplays since the river is already flowing

"Hmmmm" she moaned
I started moving in and out slowly nit wanting to hurt her
"Oh baby give it to me" she said
I know that when she says this she onky means that i should go faster

I started increasing my pace but carefully i cant take risks on the baby
I could feel her walls hugging junior..
The warmness shit

"SHIT baby you are so warm" i groaned

She digged her nails into my thighs while i held her waist just to balance her

We had a quicky then took a quick innocent shower


"Ma'am your blood results are out" the doctor said walking into her ward
"I have good news for you" he added
"No bad ones?" She asked
"Yes" he said
"That's great spill them up" she said
"Your body has recovered and i'll be discharging you today" the doctor said
"Those are really good news" she said
"And there are some more" he said
"Which are" she asked
"You are 3 and half weeks pregnant" he said
"WHAT" she screamed
"Yes you'll come to my office and sign the discharge forms and oh you'll have to come for monthly check ups until your bones have rejoined" he said before going out of her ward

"So im pregnant.. Oh God i pray that it belongs the heart of my life" she said before going to take a bath
She doesnt have clothes to wear.. She took the hospital phone and tried to call her friend but the call just rang unanswered but luckily the hospital had some lost and found clothes

She took a look at them and luckily there was a dress which was her size at least it was something that covered her whole body because she had no undies on
There were some size 5 flip flops and her size is 6 so she just wore them since they dont even seem small

The worst is she had no money with her so she went to the waiting room and sat there thinking of a plan to get home


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Faith 2018-12-29 08:06:00

Oh my the twist Maleficent is pregnant...nd she'll definitely say it's Q's but wait..narrator says they always used protection

lushan 2018-11-19 21:34:39

Impossible it cnt be Q's baby... C was raped so its their baby now c gnna obviously say its Q's the nerve of that evil bitch yoh.

Nomvula Ngubane 2018-11-11 21:08:31

I just hope that's, that women is not Naledi, if its her I just hope the pregnancy does not belong to Quentin

Keisha 2018-11-11 12:44:06

Oh oh! Quinton jnr on the line

Keneilwe 2018-11-10 19:01:02

OH HOW I LOVE THIS DIARY I doubt it's Q's child, maybe it's one of the guys who raped her

Refilwe 2018-11-10 17:24:09

Is that Quinton's nyatsi??it cannot be Q's child

I realy like your writing admin 2018-11-10 06:40:54

I doubt it Q child...I could one of those guys who raped her no Q

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Please don't tell me that this lady is Naledi

Tshidi Maps 2018-11-09 18:53:11

Thanx ,ooh my she is pregnant

Phamza 2018-11-09 18:48:19

I doubt it's Q's child because he said they always use protection

Thobile Shabangu 2018-11-09 18:40:20

tnx for the insert yoh Q if Letty hear that she's pregnant it will kill her straight

Thobile Shabangu 2018-11-09 18:39:58

yoh Q if Letty hear that she's pregnant it will kill her straight