Chapter 6

Season 2

∆ SIX ∆

"Fuck!! Who did that to her" Letty asked Kray

Quinton was the first person who came to mind.. She knows very well that Quinton would do anything just so she doesn't leave his ass

"You know her is she a famiky member" Kray asked knowung very well what happened to Naledi
"No she is not but hey.... Never mind" Letty said walking out the building
She wanted to talk to Q about this but she knows that she will not find him at the house she kicked him out

Kray and Letty got inside the car and drove home silently coz Letty was taking a nap in the car

They arrived and Quinton had packed all his clothes and left but he left a his shirt for Letty coz he knows she can't sleep at night without wearing it

"Do you want anything to eat mommy" Kray asked his pregnant mother
"Pizza will do" Letty said
"Here i was planning to cook for but hey you saved me the time" Kray said chuckling and Letty just threw a cushion at him

"Where is your father" Letty asked coz she really missed him.. It was hard for her at the hospital to nkt allow him to come see her wuth her even blocking his number
She is trying so hard byt she can't take being cheated on so she has to do this
Her hands were even itching and the only medicine to it was taking her phone and call him

The baby wants to see her father that's what she was telling herself.. Yes she doesn't want to get intimate with Quinton but hey it is itchy down there
She was tempted to call him but what will she say to him

"I've ordered the pizza and already paid online.. Is there anything else you need" Kray asked
"No my boy" Letty said
"Ok I'll be right back" Kray said
"Don't make me a granny until this one is 5 years old" she said pointing at her tummy
"It wouldn't be a bad thing if baby Trey has a friend to play with around the house" Kray said laughing
"You will join your father boy" Letty said chuckling

Kray went out the door leaving his mother to debate with herself whether to pick up the phone and call Quunton or not
She went upstairs and found Q's shirt with a note on top of it

She took it and read it

'Im sorry babe i really am.. I know there is no excuse to what i did. I regret what i did i promise to change and fix things between us.. Please don't divorce me my queen yes I'll give you space but please don't divorce me because if you do i swear I'll kill you and myself... My life is nothing without you and i know you know that
Love your husband'

"Should i forgive him or what"
No lies she missed seeing her handsome husband
She took his shirt and sniffed it .. It still had the scent of her husband
"Oh Gosh why can't i just get over him"

She decided to call Akhila and asked her if she could bring Troy over and Akhila agreed

2 weeks later

"Man it's not good to lock yourself up.. You even have a gross beard i don't think Letty would be happy to see you like this" Thabo said
"She wants to see me like this if sje didn't want to she wouldn't have filed for a divorce she wouldn't have served me with divorce papers" Quinton said
"Man you can still change her mind" Thabo said
"How man when she doesn't even want to take calls from me she doesn't even want to see me" Quinton said
"Man how do you expect her to see you like this.. You look a dead walking animal.. It's a pitty Khulani is not here otherwise you would've stopped this nonsense of yours" Thabo said

Just then he received a call from should've seen how his heart was dancing.. It's been since he has been itching to hear this angelic voice of his wife

"Baby" Q
"Come and take your shirt" she said before hanging up

No 'how are you' nyana.. She said it in a rude manner he could hear the hatred through her voice

"What have i done God.. Please forgive me" Q said
"What did she say" Thabo asked
"She wants me to come and take her favorite shirt.. The shirt she cant go to bed without it.. She hates me man i can even imagine how she will throw the shirt right on my face when i arrive there" Quinton said
"Make sure you look good.. Make her see what she will miss when she divorces you" Thabo said
"No man you don't know her.. Once she makes up her mind no one would be able to crack through it" Quinton said
"Then at least take a bath you cant go there smelling like a rat" Thabo said

Quinton went to take quick shower.. All wanted was just to see his wife he doesn't have the courage to sign the divorce papers and the due date will soon be reached

He then drove to Letty's house and knocked with his fingers crossed that she doesn't throw the shirt right on his face.. He even managed to put on a brave face he doesn't want her to see how hurting he is

She opened the door wearing her lace lingerie.. Her thick yellow thighs making him lick his bottom lip.. The cleavage just drove him insane.. He wasn't expecting to see this

'What is she trying to do who is she wearing thus for' thats whats ran through his mind

Letty pulled him inside with his shirt she threw the door close
She pulled him to follow her the main bedroom
They arrived and the room was filled with rose patels all over the bed.. The curtains closes causing the room to be dark.. Romantic music playing on the radio wine and food on the flees on the floor
A picnic it was

Quinton was just tongue tied by what he was seeing.. He wasnt expecting this from Letty

Letty pushe him on the bed and got on top of him.. She started kissing him on his delicious lips and he responded quickly since it's been long since he had it from his wife he just couldn't let this chance pass by him.. She kissed him hungrily

"Lets eat first then bathe you and have some desert" she said placing his hand on her ass and he squeezed it
"Come" she said getting off him leading him to the set of picnic on the floor

She dished up the food in one plate.. She planned on making them share the food
They ate with her feeding him here and there even stealing kissed from him.. He was really surprised at how she would want a divorce but still want sex from him
After eating he got up and helped her up as well..
"Trey is growing neh" he said because she was now huge
"You have no idea" she said while unbuttoning his shirt the eight pack was now fading away because he was no longer hitting the gym
"Babe you no longer sexy" she said pulling down his trouser
"Thats how being away from you sucked me" He said wanting her to realise that he is nothing without her
"No comment on that.. Wanna have desert in the shower Trey here is busy crying for it" she said shaking her eyebrows and biting her lip
"Lets not keep Trey waiting" Quinton said as he teard the new bkack lacy lingerie of his wife

His junior was just pointing at Letty and that turned her on.. She has been craving for this shit for long now.. She couldn't keep it inside her anymore.. She needed to get laid by her husband and nobody else.. Only junior belongs inside her honey pot with his juices

They both marched to the bathroom.. They got inside the shower and switched then tap switch the right and the blue tap to the left letting the water floor
Quinton controled the water temperature until it was at the temperature they need.. He pulled Letty inside and closed the glass door
He pinned her on the wall

"Im going to punish you for filing a divorce" Quinton said laying wet kisses on Letty's body with his hand on the bump
"Punish me daddy" She said
Thats how horny she was.. He ran his hand down to her punani

"Hmm nice and shaved" he said admiring what is his or what was his
His mouth went down her stomach and straight to he pussy he enveloped it sucking her flesh in to his mouth and nibbling as though he was quickly breaking her in to proceedings qith the water running through their bodies

"Quinty baby!!" She gasped

He gave her ass a clap and squeeze it.. It was now Letty's turn.. She opened her mouth wide and pushed it over junior looking up his body which was slowly getting out of shape but it still managed to turn her on.. She looked at him watching intently as he arrived at the back of her throat.. She gagged a little and drew leaving her thick spit stringing from his cock as she worked it along his shaft with her hand until he came inside her mouth
She swallowed and licked his cock

They showered rubbing each other's back with Quinton teasing Letty by entering the head of his cock.. They both dried themselves and went back to the bedroom.. Letty went to the table and took the party paper bag

"Lie on the bed" Letty commanded Quinton and he obeyed his wife since he saw her intentions
She took out some black handcuffs from the paperbag and handcuffed him on the bed legs wild opened as well as his hands and Quinton just smiled at how naughty his wife is getting
Before he knew it she had a plastic sjambok in her hand

She hit him with it on his stomach "this is for cheating on me" she said
Another one came his dick "this is shoving what's mine inside that bitch's hole"
Another one on his legs "this one is for leaving me horny throught the whole night while you were busy with your bitches"

"Oh yes baby punish me" he liked/enjoyed how things were happening

The last one was in his cheek "this one is for being foolish and listened to me when i threw you of the house where did you expect me to get fucked"

"But baby i thought you needed your own space" he said
"Even if i needed my own space does it mean that i shouldn't get fucked"

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