Chapter 5

Season 2


Quinton received a call from his brother Khulani telling him that he has managed to find where Naledi is but he wants to kill him.. Quinton doesn't want Naledi to be killed he want Naledi to live a painful life while seeing that her plan to separate him and Letty will fail dismally so he quickly got inside the house thinking that his wife might be the one who had switched on the lights
He got inside with a smile on his face just to be met with an angry Kray sitting on the sofa with a glass of whiskey in his hand

"Son" -Quinton
"Father" -Kray
"Why are you here" - Quinton
"Im here to see my mother and brother.. Where is Troy?" -Quinton
"At your aunt's house" -Khulani
"Okay so how far are you in finding the bitch who almost killed my mother" -Quinton

Quinton just ignored him and went to his study to start his research on where Naledi might be
He called his IT guy and gave him all the information he'll need to locate her after 30 minutes of waiting to hear from his IT guy that he received a location from him
He saved the location and decided to go to the address tomorrow early in the morning before the sunrise

Early that morning Quinton woke up and took a quick shower then wore all black trouser shirt jersey and shoes
He drove to the address he was given and to his surprise he found Khulani's car parked outside and this could only mean one thing
He just prayed that Khulani has not anything yet so he got off the car and went inside the house just to find Khulani sitting with some yellow bone chick trying to flirt with him

The moment Nakedi layed her eyes on Quinton they grew big.. Fear was now written all over her face
"Bro" -Quinton said to Khulani and Khulani raised his head to look at Quinton and just chuckle

"You finally managed find her yourself" -Khulani said with a smirk on his face.. He liked how Quinton knows very well that what he says is what he will definitely do

"Don't worry we still have time on our hands before we can get the job done so you may have your bitch and fuck her since that's what you want her alive for" -Khulani said teasing Quinton

"Fuck you man you hear me" -Quinton
"Calm down boys" -Palesa said with her hand now trying to run down Khulani's shirt which was hugging all the firm six pack and breasts a body to die for

"Let her touch you and I'll take a picture and send it your wife we both know she doesn't play around" -Quinton said with a smirk

"Hmmm or maybe i should just call my wife and tell her whom im with the we'll both be in trouble" -Khulani said shoving off Quinton's smile on his face

"Man don't be like this" -Quinton
"Alright then I'll give you a chance to do what you came here to do" -Khulani

"Who is that hot mama next to you?" -Quinton
"I'm Palesa and off limits" -Palesa said trying to make sure that Quinton sees that she is into Khulani

"Hmm i see but you are not to my brother here bro is it the first time you see her or you both know each other"-Quinton
"I dont know her" -Khulani
"Hawu don't you remember me from the hospital" -Palesa
"What hospital?" -Khulani
"The one which you were with your pregnant wife at" -Palesa
"And she knows you have a wife still goes for you haai i see she has a dead wish" -Quinton
"Mxm anyway im the lady whom you were sitting next to at the waiting room until your wife came amd started feeling pain which i think she was pretending then you carried her out"-Palesa
"Oh" -Khulani
"Yes.. I never thought i would see you again.. Let's exchange numbers so we can get to know each other better maybe go out for lunch or dinner later today" - Palesa said while typing her number on Khulani's phone saved it as 'BABY' and buzzed herself so she can also have his number

Khulani was just staring at what Palesa was doing he didn't have any energy to fight with her so he just promised himself that he will put her back into her place

"Mxm.. So Naledi Naledi Naledi" -Quinton said walking towards the scared Naledi
"How many times did i call your name?" -Quinton
"Thr...thr..three times" -Naledi
"So you thought i wouldn't find you after trying to kill my wife" -Quinton
"No" -Naledi
"Was it not enough fo you that you've had a piece of me? Huh?" -Quinton
"I was just defending myself Q.. Your crazy wife is the one who wanted to kill me" Naledi
"And I'll finish the job for her" -Quinton
"Baby you dont mean that" -Naledi
"And she called you baby" -Khulani said
"It wasn't enough that my wife was hurt by this stupid affair of ours" -Naledi
"Hey wena Q stop acting like a saint was nice when you busy fucking her just so you know it takes two to tangle so don't blame it all on her you are also to be blamed" -Palesa
"Mxm i don't have time to be dealing with people who go for married man his wife will deal with you accordingly" -Quinton said turning his attention back to Naledi

"Im sorry baby i didn't mean to hurt her" -Naledi said
"You better pray my wife doesn't divorce me or else Naledi or else hmm" -Quinton
"Baby let her divorce you so we can be together we'll even adopt her child and I'll raise him as mine" -Naledi
"You hear her bro? Me let my.wife divorce me for a bitch you must be joking anyway im tired of talking" -Quinton said taking out his phine and sent Kray a location of where he is and 'come to this address quickly'

After 30 minutes Kray was now at the house

"Uncle K" -Kray
"Boy boy bro why didn't you tell me that Kray is back" -Khulani
"Mxm this one annoys me" -Quinton
"Why did you call me here father" -Kray
"Here is the bitch who hurt your mother" -Quinton said pointing at Naledi who was just stung at tge handsome Kray

He never imagined Kray to be like this like his father but the beauty was on another level

"I want you to take her and rough her up and please make sure that you dont rough her to death i want her to live and curse the day she layed her hand on your mother whenever she sees her" -Quinton said with his jaws clenched
"Hmm i like.. I'll get my man on it i would hate to lay my hands on such beauty just as you are scared to touch coz you might be the death of her" -Kray said
"Since everything here is done lets leave bro my son we'll deal with her.. I don't want my wife to wake up and not find me next to her"-Khulani said getting up

"Dont forget to call me lover boy" -Palesa shouted as Khulanj and Quinton exited the door

"So we are left with this hunk" -Palesa
"How about we have some little fun young man" Palesa said while touching Kray seductively and that got him mad
He pushed her so hard that she landed on the floor with her ass
"Bitch i warn you don't you ever lay a single finger on me and wena you'll curse the day you were born" -Kray
"Mxm so you now want to make her curse the day she was born just because she fucked with your father" -Palesa said getting up the floor

Kray called his team which lived nearby and they came within 20 minutes
They took the now crying and screaming Naledi
"Teach her a lesson that she'll play far away from married man and worse for being crazy side chick and hurt my mom but make sure you don't kill her" Kray said before he left the house and drove home

He got home and found his father holding Letty's picture in a frame
He was disappointed in himself for hurting his wife like this
"Father you cheated on her and you claim to love her" -Kray said
"I love her she is my life" -Quinton said
"Then why did you cheat on her" -Kray asked coz he knows how much his father loves Letty but he was still angry at him for doing this
He just wished to lay his hands on his father and strangle him but then.he was also scared that his father might turn to his killing mode if he does that
"I wont discuss this with you" -Quinton said before going to the bedroom which is filled with his wife's scent

He took his phone the one which Letty blocked him in and tried calling her hoping that she would've unblocked him but dololo same story he was still blocked
He just wanted to hear his wife's voice yes she might still be sleeping but then only a little of her voice would make him strong
So he took his other phone and called her

"Hello" she said in a sleepy voice
Quinton was just glad that she answered the phone
"Baby" -Quinton
"Quinton please stop calling me" -Letty said the minute she recognized his voice
"Kray is back" -Quinton said knowing very well that thats the only thing that will make her not hang up on him now
"When" -Letty
"Yesterday" -Quinton
"Tell him to come fetch me around 10am and wena please start packing your clothes and leave my house i don't want to see you there" -Letty said making Quinton happy to hear that his wife is about to be discharged which meant that she and the baby are okay
"Baby you are being discharged is our son okay are you fine" -Quinton said without any fulls tops
"Yes " -Letty said
"I'll come and fetch you" -Quinton
"Don't you even dare Quinton just pack all your things and vacate my house i don't even want to see a single hair or nail of yours" -Letty said
"But baby.."
"Try me Quinton try me.. Don't make me want to kill you.. You better be out of that house before 10 or else all hell will break loose" -Letty

Kray's man picked Naledi roughly and placed her inside the car
They drove to a house in the middle of nowhere
Mind you the time was now 02:00
They took her inside a dark room and ripped her clothes off her
Man1: what do you suggest we do
Man2: since boss doesn't want her dead how about we have fun with her
Man3: you are right it's a foursome
Naledi: please dont do this to me
Man2: SHUT UP!!
Naledi: please let me go i wont tell anyone about this I'll even leave this country just dont do anything to me
Man2: lady i said shut up
Naledi: oh God please.. Please let me go
Man3: mxm the way you talk a lot i think it's better she talks with my dick down her throat
He said taking off his trouser and boxers at the same time
He pushed his dick into her mouth with tears streaming down her face
He started moving in and out her mouth fucking himself with her mouth

Naledi bited his dick and spit off saliva which contained his pre-cum
Man3: oh shit you pay for that bitch

He grabbed her by her weave and threw across the room
He ran up to her and picked her up pushed her against the wall with his hands now strangling her
"So..sor..sorry" Naledi whispered but he didn't take her sorries in until the other men came and pulled him off her

Man1: you don't kill her unless you want boss to deal with you
Man3: you are lucky bitch

Naledi was just laying on the floor coughing with tears streaming down her face.. She never knew things will get to this

Man1: i think its best i have her first since im now hard
The other two men just chuckled and let him open the way for them
Man1 took out a rubber out of his pocket and teard the cover paper off with his teeth
He slid the rubber down his shaft

Man1: ready for the paly mama

They all wore their balaclavas to hide their face
They switched on the camera and started recording

Man1: come to papa
He said turning her around roughly then entered her without warning
He started thrusting very hard inside her dry pot
The poor girl's pot was jusy being teared apart with his huge shaft
She was crying and screaming on the top of lungs but the man did not have mercy on her

He did this until he was satisfied
Men2: my turn
He said sliding the rubber down his shaft
He picked Naledi and pushed her to the wall until her back was against the wall
He picked her one leg up and placed it on his shoulder then entered her with difficulties since his dick was very huge
He tried for like three times until he was inside her
He started thrusting in her now swollen pussy
He had no care whether shes hurting or not
Naledi: ahhh pleeeease hihihihi😭😭
Naledi's cry were so painful but the man didn't give a damn at all
He thrusted and thrusted until he came and threw her the third man who already had the rubber on his dick

Man3: you are going to regret biting me bitch
Naledi: pleaase
Naledi said in a weak voice
The man laid her on the floor and raised both her legs up his shoulders then entered her slowly until he was finally in
His thrusts were more painful than the other men's
He did it in circles tearing her up.. Her screams were on the top of the roof until he came

Man 1 entered her in her asshole while man3 entered her in the pussy
They fucked like nobody's business
You all know how long round two takes so you can just imagine how Naledi felt since she was just beig raped by men who are gifted down there
The fucked her until she was passed out

They all wore their clothes leaving Naledi's body naked
They dropped her at the side of the road around 08:00

A young man found Naledi's body which looked lifeless
He took her inside his car and drove her to the hospital
They arrived around 10:15.. The nurses came with the stretcher and placed her on it
They quickly rushed her to a ward nearby passing Letty who saw Naledi's body which was covered with a blue fleas which belong to the man who brought her to the hospital

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