Chapter 3

Season 2



My phone rang and it was Nathi calling i just hope Akhila is fine or maybe Letty went to visit her

So i answered my phone

"Hey is Akhila fine" i asked

"You should be asking about your wife not Akhila" he said

I said it that Letty might have went to Akhila's house

"Where is Letty" i asked

"At the hospital" he said and hang up

How can Letty be in hospital she is still has 5 more months to go before she gives birth i just hope the babies are fine

I wanted to call Nathi back but instead i received a message from him

I clicked open and it was yhe location of the hospital which Letty is apparently at

I quickly took my car keys and phone.. I hurried to the car and started the car then drove to the hospital
I arrived and got out and went inside

I ran to the reception but Nathi caught my attention so i turned to him.

"Bafo what happened to my wife?" I asked
"I found her at the mall bleeding" he said
"WHAT!!" I shouted

All the patients and nurses turned to look at me

"Apparently she was fighting with some chick " he said

She was bleeding nah i can't lose my babies.. I have to know this chick who did this to my wife
All hell will break loose once i lay my hands on her.. If she thinks she'll get away with this then she has another thing coming her way

No one i repeat NO ONE! wife and gets away with it

The nurse came with the doctor towards us since Nathi was the one who brought her here

Nurse: Mr Alison
Me: that's me.. Is my wife fine doctor? The kids

I started getting worried when i saw the look on the doctor's face
He looked exhausted

"She is stabled" he said

"The baby" i asked

"Same.. She has been hit on the abdomen which affected the baby luckily she didn't lose the baby even though the chances of the babies being safe were slim" he said

"The next 24 hours will be critical so we are admitting her" he said handing me admission forms

I knew what i had to do with them so i read and signed them

"Can i see her please" i asked

I have to see y wife she has to tell me who did this to her

"Yes but only for 10 minutes she needs to rest"

Nathi said he'll come back tomorrow with Akhila coz he now wants to give me and Letty privacy
He even told me not to worry about Troy coz Akhila will look after him

I went inside the ward and found Letty laying there on the bed with tears streaming down her cheeks
That broke my heart

"Baby" i said
"Don't baby me" she said in a harsh voice
"How are you feeling" i asked
"Mxm like you care" she said hurting my feelings
"Who did this to you" i asked
"You did" she said confusing me
"How did i" i asked
"Please leave Quinton" she said with her voice now cracking
"Baby please" i pleaded with her
"Just leave Quinton please" she said
"Baby please dont let me out share with me who did this to you" i said


The machines started beeping and she shaking vigorously with foam coming out of her mouth

"Nurse! Doctor"

They came running in

"Please leave wait outside" the doctor said

I went out and let them do their job

I sat on the bench with my head on my palms
What did Letty mean when she said I'm the reason why she's here
Seeing her shaking like that torn my heart apart.. What is happening to my wife

After 30 minutes or so the doctor came out drained

I ran to him i have to know what is wrong with my wife
Why she had foam coming out of her mouth

"Doctor how is she" i asked

"She had a fit" he said

"What caused it" i asked

"It was cause by her stress level being high not to mention her blood pressure" he said

"But we have managed to stabilize her and sedate her" he said

"She is now stable" i asked


"Please be honest with me doc.. Will she be fine?" I asked

"I don't want to lie the chances of her or the baby surviving are just 2.99%"

"What do you mean" i asked

"Its either she'll lose the baby or lose her life if the baby survives.. It would be a miracle of they both survive" he said

"Can i see her" i couldn't handle what he just told me so seeing her would just make me forget about it

She has to survive with the baby too.. She is my life i cannot live without her
Troy still needs.. Kray also needs her i know he is nkw grown up but he still needs his mom

" unfortunately you can't come back tomorrow" he said before leaving

I went home and received a call from Kray

"Son" i said picking up the phone

"Father how are you" he asked

"Im fine what about you" i said trying so hard to be strong

"Father you know that i know you and out so please just tell me what's bothering you.. Is mom and Troy fine?" He asked

"Eish son your mother is admitted at the hospital" i said

"Whats wrong with her" he asked

"She fought with some cheek at the mall and the state shes in its very hard accept" i said

"What state is she in?" He asked

" the doctor said if she makes it out alive then the baby will die and if the baby survives she will die it will only take a miracle for them to both survive'

"So father where were you when this all happened?" He asked

"Your mother was angry at me son so she left not saying where she was going and she didnt even take her phone with her"

"And you didnt even bother following her or have her car tracked"

"Damn i forgot about the car tracker i only tried tracking her phone only to find it in our room"

"Father just pray nothing happen to happen to my mother and baby brother or else be prepared to join them" he said with a voice which was written anger all over it

He then hang up.. Kray Kray

He has changed a lot since he went overseas..
He is now a gangster i only found out about it the day my crew was about to meet the most dangerous crew underground thee "crewsader spears"
The crew knows how to do their job clean without any link left behind

Me and my crew went (im the leader) to meet the crewsader spears only to find out that my son Kray is the leader.. The dangerous leader..
I don't know how he ended up being heartless but only underground
I never taught him anything about this life

I only started this kind of life when i met my best friend Khulani Manzini
The cold hearted Khulani who is now married to Thembeka my ex

Yeah i told him everything that happened between me and Thembeka and he didn't have a problem with it since he loves her so he decided to wife her

My phone rang amd it was a call from an unknown number

"Get straight to the point" i said

Mxm this cowards who call with unknown numbers annoys me

"Baby it's me Naledi" she said

"What do you want Naledi" i asked her annoyed

"I want you.. You are mine Q.. I will do anything to be with you I love you" she said

It then clicked to me that she is the one behind Letty being in hospital

"You bitch! So you wanted to kill my wife" i said

"Im no bitch baby it was self defense your crazy wife was the one who wanted to kill me" she said

"Call my wife crazy again and i will haunt and make your life miserable Naledi try me" i said with rage taking over me

"Hawu baby so you agree with what she did to me" she said

"Mxm" i hang up the call

I woke up in the morning and went to do my hygiene process

After that i went to the hospital to see my wife but the guards wouldn't let me in apparently my wife doesn't want to see me

So i took my phone and called her but she didn't pick
I tried 5 for mote time and still the same so i decided to send her an sms

Baby please answer my calls the guards don't want to let me in
... Q

What do you want Quinton?

Baby please let me im so we can talk

One of the guards received a call and then let me in after the call

"Baby why are you shutting me out" i asked

"Mxm Quinton please leave me alone.. I've already contacted my lawyer so also do the same" she said

"Babe what lawyers now" i asked

"I want a divorce Quinton i wamt to free you so that you can be able to fuck any bitch you want without hurting me in the process" she said with tears streaming down her cheeks

"You don't mean that baby" i said while rubbing the teard off her face

I should stop stressing her

"I mean every single word Quinton.. I dont want to lose my baby because of that useless dick of yours.. I dont have the energy energy to fight with your bitch again i almost lost my son because of her.. Please leave if have anything for me pass it through my lawyer"

She said then called the guards to escort me out

So Naledi is the one behind My wife and son's health
She is the one whom my wife was fighting with

I can't loose my wife because of that bitch why cant she understand that whay happened between us was just a fling

I'll male her regret the day she met me the way i am regretting now
I'll haunt her down if she thinks she'll hurt my wife and get away with it the she has another thing coming her way

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