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Scarlett's Pure and Evil heart season 2

Chapter 2

Season 2



As i was still sitting on this sofa which i don't feel comfortable on.. Busy waiting for those two to come out and deal with me

As i was busy looking around this room i came across Q's trouser which had a belt and an idea came to me fast
I took out the belt from the trouser and held it im going to deal with this bitch today
Who does she think she is to insult me over my husband's phone.. Nx! She has some rotten nerves

They came out and found me standing right in the middle of the room holding a belt

The facial expression was something else
They never thougt I'll be their worst nightmare
They just froze there with their eyes popped out
I took a step forward and they were still frozen especially that bitch even swallowing hard
So she thought she'll just eat my man up answer his phone especially a call from me his wife abd expects me to sit and relax
Nx nx nx she thought wrong

I stood right in front if this bitch whom i don't even know her name
I held the belt tight and started beating the whore inside her.. She was busy crying out to Q to help him

"Q look what your crazy wife is doing" she said while crying
I kept in whipping her.. Ill teach her a lesson she will never forget

"Are you just going to stand there"

"Letty what the fuck are you doing"

"Are you perhaps blind?"

I said as i continued flogging his bitch
He came behind me and held my hands stopping me

"Why are you holding me? Mmmh?" I was now shouting not minding what this bitch's neighbors will say

"Stop it man!"

"Oh so you will shout at me just because of her" i said
"Yes he will isn't he love me more than you" she said
"You have the nerve neh.. He loves you my foot nx! Wena leave me now"

"Why should he leave you? He is protecting me his beloved one" she had the confidence which im surely about to smash

"Hey wena Q did you hold me when you were busy fucking her rotten pussy? Mmmh"

*No answer*

"I thought as much? So leave me"

"Baby please get this crazy bitch out of my house"

"Was he the one that brought me in?"

Out of the blue i bit Q's hands and he let go of me
I jumped onto that bitch and started throwing punches where i could
She fought back but i wasnt backing out any time soon
I pushed her and she fell on her flat ass
I got on top of her.. She wont be able to fight back now.. Imagine a pregnant woman on top of you especially a girl
So yeah i grabbed a handfull of her hair and pulled it
"Aaahhh leave me you are hurting me"
"That's the whole idea why im doing this to hurt you"

Q came and picked me up while i was busy kicking this BITCH

"Leave me.... Leave me.. Let me deal with this bitch of yours"

The bitch got up and i must say im proud of myself xem
All praises upon me✊✊✊✊ guys you should praise me
What i did on her xem😏😏😏😏 im proud xem
I rearranged her ugly face.. This will need more than make up to cover it up

And not to forget the belt marks xem.. Im sure will play far away from my man

"Nx! You can't even keep that thing between your legs from rotten things.. We should set up an appointment with the doctor to cut it out since you have nothing good to do with it"

"Letty you are still talking your husband"

"I'm letty in front of this bitch... Mmm ok stay here and nurse your ugly whore"

I said as i walked out of the room leaving them together

I went to the kitchen.. Took a bucket.. Opened the fridge and found a 25 bottle of cold water and some small bottles of water
I took them and poured them inside the bucket.. Opened the deep freezer and found a pack of ice cubes
Also took it and put it inside the bucket then poured cold water from the tap until the bucket was almost full

I heard them arguing mxm
Let them argue i don't even want to know what its about.. I took the bucket with me and went to the room.. I found then standing where i left them but near each other exactly what i want

"How did she know i was here"
"I dont know okay she's your wife ask her"
"Bitch she's your wife ask her"
"Bitch i dont wanna play with you.. Tell me the truth" he was now holding her upper arm
"You are hurting me Q"

Nx! I got closer and poured the water on them
You should've seen how they reacted to the cold water with ice cubes

"Nx! Im out of here and wena dont even think about coming back to my house you can stay with this bitch of yours"

I said then left

I went home .. I called Akhila when i arrived and told her that i won't be able to fetch Troy and she said its fine i can come pick him up later tomorrow..she'll take him to creche since he has some his clothes there
I git inside the house and locked it but took the keys from lock.. I know Q will come back even though i told him not to


I never thought Letty will find out about my little affair.. I hurt her i hurt my wife.. She is right i should just cut this damn thing off NX!!!
I was in the shower showering the cold off me
I must say she has done a number on me.. And Naledi she's swollen all over the face with a blue eye on the right eye and a cut on the lip..
After the shower i went back to the room and lotion then put on my clothes

"Where are you going this late?" Naledi asked
"Home to my wife the love of my life" i said as i was busy putting on my watch around my wrist
"Are you for real? You are going back to that crazy woman.. She almlst killed for GOD'S sake Q!"
"Which normal woman wouldn't get angry after finding out her husband is cheating on her?"
"I thought you loved me Q"
"Thats where you are wrong theres only one woman who i love in this world and it is Letty.. I will never leave her for any bitch"
"So im a bitch now? Huh?"
"What did you think you were? Only bitches go for married man!! Nx"
I took my car keys and walked out of her room.. My anger was now getting out of control
Naledi ran and stood in front of me
"I will not let you go.. You are mine Q!" She said while holding my hand
"Leave me" i said looking straight into her eyes
"No i wont.. You cant let me fall for you then breakup with me" she said
"Im not breaking up with you i...." She put her finger on my mouth indicating that i should stop talking
"Then leave her and be with me"
"Just let me finish what i was saying woman!"
"Im not breaking up with you.. There was never a relationship between you and me so there's nothing to break"
"Please dont say that"
I pulled her hand roughly and walkes out
Got in my car and drove home
I know she said i shouldn't come home but i have to apologize

I drove home and tried my luck to unlock the door coz im sure she locked and left the keys here
To my luck the door opened.. I walked in and closed the door and lock it
I walked to our room and found her sleeping peacefully with tears traces on her cheeks
I hate myself for my making my queen cry.. For fuck's sake she is pregnant i don't even what to think what damages this has done to our unborn baby

I walked towards her and kissed her pouted lips.. I went to the bathroom and took another shower since i smell Naledi's lotion
After the long shower i got out and dried myself then went to the bathroom and lotion then wore my boxers only and joined my wife in the bed
I attempted to touch her but she just moved away from me
I dont blame her xem.. I should just appreciate that she is not even kicking me out of this house

I woke up and Letty was not by side
I went to the bathroom and she was also not there.. I brushed my teeth and took a quick shower
Im not going to work today.. I have to spend time with my wife
I lotion and wore my adidas trouser and vest then my puma push in
I walked downstairs and found her staring at the tv with some lokshin bioskop stories playing.. She had tissues by her side.. she was crying but stoppes when she felt my hands on her gown

"Babe" i said hugging her from behind
"Please lift those filthy hands off me" she said she even looked disgusted by the thought that im even touching her
"Im sorry baby"
"You can go shove that sorry inside your girlfriend's pussy" she sais getting up and walked to the kitchen
I followed her
"Baby im very sorry.. It wasn't my intentions to hurt you"
"Mmm i see.. Your intentions were for me to about this shit" she said taking out the 100% juice from the fridge
"No babe i don't mea..."
"You are now calling me babe just because your girlfriend is not here" she said pouring the juice into a glass
"She is not my girlfriend"
"Your fiancé perhaps?" She said taking a sip in her juice
She had red eyes and that broke my heart.. She was trying to be strong

"No baby please dont be like this"
"My lawyer will contact you soon with the divorce papers" she said drinking her now half juice
"Why are you shouting? Did you ever shout at your girlfriend or should i say fiancé? Mxm infact expect those papers before the end of this week" She said rolling her eyes
She really knows how to get to me

"Dont you dare fuck with me Letty"
"I won't even trying fucking you while i know that bitch's was all over your body.. Eeew😝" she said walking away
"Babe please" she didnt even turn back
She went upstairs and came back after 20 minutes all dressed up for a pregnant woman
She was even glowing with her assets now bigger than before
She had her hand bag with her

"Going somewhere?"
"I'm to look for a man who will touch me like you were touching her" she said now closing the door
I ran to the door and went to the garage only to find her now driving out

I went back to the house and tried calling her but her phone rang until it went straight to voicemail


Letty walked into the mall and went straight to Spur and ordered their special

After eating she went out to Ackermans
Only to bump into Naledi at the door
"The crazy woman herself" Naledi said
But Letty just ignored her and attempted to walk away but then Naledi grabbed her hand roughly
Naledi thought she had the energy to deal with Letty today because her mood was now 0%
Letty slapped Naledi hard across her face which made her see stars
She let go of Letty's hand
People were now watching
"Don't you ever lay your dirty hand on me ever again bitch" Letty said
"You slapped me you daughter of a bi.." She didnt even finish what she was saying coz letty threw another hot slap but on her cheek this time around
Naledi tried to slap her back but Letty had too much energy than her.. Letty pulled Naledi causing her to fall on the floor with her ass
"Mxm.. So you thought you'll just get my man that easily?"
"Oh please I've fucked your man for a year now" Naledi said trying to make Letty more angry and jealous and it worked xem coz Letty was now worked up
She droppwd her handbag on the floor and got on Naledi and punched her wherever her fists landed
The punches woken up yesterday's wounds
People came and pulled Letty off Naledi and Naledi saw that as a chance to hit Letty
She kicked Letty on her abdomen and that made Letty scream in pain
The pain got worse and she pstarted panicking coz that kick might have affected her baby
She screaned for the people to get her to the hospital

Luckily Nathi was just near when he heard a scream so he rushed to where the scream was coming fron since the voice sounded familiar to him.. He found Letty there crying out loyd to the people to take her to the hospital

"Why are you all just watching her? Why ain't you helping her?" Nathi asked
Letty turned and saw Nathi
"My baby Nkosi" she said crying but Naledi was nowherr to be found by now
Nathi picked letty up bridal style
Someone passed her bag to him
He ran with her to his car and drove like mad person rushing Letty to the hospital

While Q was busy trying to call Letty but the phone would just ring until voicemail
He then called his IT man to trace her number.. After 30 minutes he received a call from his IT guy
"The phone is in your house" he said
Q went to their room and tries calling her again and really her phone was in the house in their bedroom


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