Chapter 11

Season 2


Letty's POV

Akhila arrived late with Nathi and the kids
Unfortunately since Quinton wasn't on Nathi was getting very bored so he decided to go and get some fresh air

So he went out to God knows where

"So sister in-law tell me how far are you with the pregnancy" Akhila said

Akhila hates Naledi for what i dont know and Naledi also seems to hate her
Its like they know each other but i wont say anything because i already have my own problems on hand

"4 months" Naledi gave Akhila a straight answer without even smiling or try smiling

I don't know if Akhila is just acting all bitchy like she used to with me

"Alright guys lets eat since my husbands just decided that they wont join us for dinner.. It will be only us ladies" i said and Naledi just clicked her tongue

I must really say that they know each other
I was expecting Naledi to be trying so hard to get liked by Akhila her newly sister in-law but hey things just turned out the other way around

I gave my little boys their food so they went to eat im cinema room
Baby Trey was sleeping ing hia nursery room

"So Naledi sp far how do you like it here" i asked her

"Why are you even concerned about how she likes it here.. Letty how cam you even allow her to stay here in your own house!" Akhila shouted

Now that's the Akhila i know.. Thw Akhila i know doesn't hide her feelings.. She is a straight forward person and i admire that
Just imagine someone pretending to like you just like Thembeka is doing to Mbali

I think it's better someone tells yoy that they hate you than to pretend

"Ganthe wena keng ka wena" (whats wrong with you) Naledi said

She thought Akhila doesn't understand Sotho just like his brother.. Bad for her coz ever since Akhila changed we've been such good friends

Teaching each other some languages.. I taught her Sotho while she taught me so French which she learnt from one of her sisters

Akhila stood up and did the unexpected
Shw slapped Naledi right across her face

"O batla go tseba gore keng ka nna you are the problem here you firstly tried to seduce my man and or you thought i wouldn't know" (you want to know whats wrong with me) Akhila said and Naledi had her eyes open

I dont know if she was shocked at the fact that Akhila can understand and talk Sotho or the fact that she knows about the little stunt she tried to pull on her husband

"It is enough that you tried to have my man you now decided to trap my brother.. Oh God wena ngwanyana leboga ba dimo bagago because i want Letty to deal with you by herself" (you girl thank your Gods )

"Mxm this one is not even a threat to me.. I'll just make her disappear within a blink of an eye" Naledi said and Akhila just jumped on her strangling her

"This girl is so disrespectful she needs a good hiding and she will stop withthis nonsense of hers" Akhila said

I had to come in and stop them because i don't Akhila causing Naledi to miscarry her babies

"Akhila stop it we dont want her to lose her babies" I said
"I cant be in the same room as her better make a plan to remove thia rat from you house fast or you'll regret your decision later..

She said then went up to call her son down so they can leave but she found asleep in the cinema room so she just picked Troy first and tucked him in his bed then took her son and leave the house

"You thought bringing her here will make me change my mind about staying here" she said then let out a loud laughter

Mxm this girl just gets on my nerves but hey i got my plan in place I'll let her think that she's ahead of me then strike.. She won't know what has hit her

"Home sweet home" a voice shouted from outside

"My dear husband is back.. You thought he hates me no girl you got all wrong he only wanted to confuse you" she said and i just smiled at her

I know how to differentiate between Quinton's voice and Krey's voice and right now i can tell that my son is back even though i was only expecting him tomorrow

Many people dont know how to differentiate between Quinton and Krey's voices

The door opened and there came in my handsome son.. Naledi was just surprised and scared at the same time

I am now interested in knowing what Krey dis to her but i dont believe that he sent people to rape her my boy is not that cruel or must have been his father

I don't know how Quinton became this cruel.. This days i even suspect that he has joined some gang group
I once overhead him talking over the phone talking about smuggling gold and when i asked him he just got angry telling me about how bad i think of him

Saying my pregnancy was taking a toll on me and i guess thats when he decided to start cheating

"Come give mommy a hug" i said opening my arms for Krey to come and hug me
He came and hug me and i gave Naledi a huge smile behind Krey's back
The face she had was just priceless i even wish to take a picture of that face of hers

"So what do we have here mamasita" Krey said to Naledi

You wont believe what i was seeing
I rubbed my eyes several times because i thought they were deceiving me

Nalesi had tears flowing down her cheecks.. I now believe that Krey must have done something to her but its fine toturing her right

I'll let Krey sleep her dlr tonight so she can sleep with one eye open

"Hawu you are crying" Krey said and Naledi just wiped her tears
"Krey can't you see that she is scared of you.. Get away from her" i said and Krey just came back to where i was standing
"I guess you are niw pregnant with my little siblings " Krey said and Naledi just nodded

"Come and see Trey you are crying" Krey said and Naledi just wiped her tears
"Krey can't you see that she is scared of you.. Get away from her" i said and Krey just came back to where i was standing
"I guess you are niw pregnant with my little siblings " Krey said and Naledi just nodded

"Come and see Trey he's been dying to meet his big brother" i said

I took his bag up to his room.. When i got out of the room i bumped into Naledi

"Sorry" i said
"So this was your plan neh you saw how much im scared of your son then you called him to come back here in fact in this house" she said
"Woman this is my house which means its also his. You dont have the right to dictate who can stay and who cannot" i said
"So you want him to fight for you huh? Why cant you take this battle woman to woman and leave this men alone" she said
"Mxm bitch you never told Quinton to fuck me and bless me with an over protective son so don't come and act as if you donated some sperms.. Krey is my son and he will stay here for as long as he wants if you have a problem with it juat pack your rags and leave my house" i said to her
"You are just a coward" she said
"I'll show you what a coward is" i said then left her on the spot she was standing at

I went to the sitting room and joined Krey and Trey. They were watching tv
Naledi also came down and joined us

"Krey are you into gangs this days" i asked on purpose
I saw Naledi getting her full attention on us i guess she just wants to know how dangerous my son is

"Ma how can you ask a question like that. You know your son is holy" Krey said
"But that's not what i heard from people" i said
"What did you hear and from who" Krey said and i could see by his hard face that world war III is about start
"You see your aunt here says that you sent some people to rape her" i said and my son wasnt even shocked nor surprised meaning that its true
He turned and looked straight into Naledi's eyes and she just became shy or embarrassed if i may say

"I have only been here for like 5 minutes and she's already spreading lies so this is what she has come to this house to do try breaking our family up?" Krey said with a firm voice and Naledi quickly swallowed hard


Quinton's POV

After Letty allowed that crazy woman to stay in that house i just couldn't stay for any minute long.. I came to a bar and started drinking

if i go home and still find her there I'll just make her life a living hell
I received a call from Krey saying he is at the airport so i should come pick him up

I just couldn't go to the airport then back home nah.. I sent my boys to go pick him up and i guess he sensed that his father is not well

He asked the driver to bring him where i am. He came to me and asked about how i am and i just couldn't tell him what his has allowed in my house
I had no other choice because he would find out on his own when he gets home so i told him and also told him not to do anything to Naledi since i want to deal with her on my own

As i was drinking i could feel that i was getting drunk by the minute
A girl came and tried flirting with me and i just got disgusted
I have promised myself that i will never cheat on my wife NEVER
I don't want to lose her again my life without her is just empty

The girl was wearing a shot dress which was just under her huge ass but that doesn't even turn me at all my wife has a huge ass than her

No girl can be more gorgeous than my wife not even when im high AF
To all men i advise you to respect your wives this women are beautiful creatures of God they are our lives and strength sp cheating on the just ruin the trust they have on us y'all start to be like 'women are behind every men's downfall' when you yourself caused it

The Dj started playing Eyadin by Manqonqo and i dont know who told this girl that twerking would make me want her

I just took my car keys and left her there.. I couldn't even walk straight because i was very drunk
When i opened my car door i felt hands on my waist
When i turnes the girl just smashed her lips on mine
She did her thing and all i could think about was just Letty i pushed her off me and she hit the car next to mine with her back

"Don't you ever dare lay your filthy hands on me bitch! Nx" i even clicked my tongue
The bitch was just smiling
"I like them like this" she said and that just got me more angry
I went to her and held her by her neck
I was blocking her oxygen pipe
"The next time you try this with me again i will show you a ghost" i said


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