Author: Mikateko

Scarlett's Pure and Evil heart season 2

Chapter 1

Season 2



"Come for me... Oh... Shit" he said
She reached her orgasm with him holding her tightly on her waist
He started moving in and out fast as he could with his grip tightening on her
"Oh... Shit.. Ohhhhmmmm fuuuck"
"Babe.. Oh slow down.. Shit"
He then came inside the rubber and she rested herself on the bed with her stomach while he rested himself on her back

"That was fun" he said flipping her over to face him
"Yes it was but it would've been more fun if there wasn't a wife involved" she said to him
"You know i will never leave my wife" he said annoyed by what she just said
"Then who am i to you huh? Your booty call when your wife's hormones gets too much for you" she said
"You came into this thing knowing very well that i have a wife so suck it up" he said heading to the bathroom


Hello everyone I'm Naledi Shongwe
Im from Mpumalanga Nelspruit
I came here 5 years ago struggling to find a job until i met Q at restaurant where i was just sitting wauting for the waiter to order with the last penny i have on me i didnt even know where i would sleep for the night
Q sat next to me with a man with him.. Q's appearance was the one that stole my heart.. I prayed to have him but my thoughts were crashed the moment i saw a ring on his finger
So he was married the girl must be lucky

My order came and i ate thinking of plans that coukd help me find a place to crash for the night then go job hunting the following day
After eating i paid up with a few R10 notes and some coins
The sound of the coins being counted on the table made Q and his friend i suppose to stare at me
I was ashamed xem but the was nothing i could do
So after paying up i went outside in the cold and stayed at the parking lot near this huge Range Rover black car
I couldn't even care of what the owner of the car would say when he find me with my suitcase sitting right near his/her car like i know them

Little did i know that it was Mr crush's car.. He came towards the car with his friend and said their goodbyes as each one headed to their car.. Q saw me and im sure he recognized me as the woman who paid up with coins

"Ummm hey what are you doing here in the cold" he asked
"Im waiting for someone to come pick me up" i was shy to tell him that i have nowhere to go
"Can't you go wait for the person inside.. Its cold out here" he said.. He sounded so concerned and that made it so cute
"Umm nah im fine here" i said
"Do you know the adress of the person you are waiting for i don't mind dropping you off" he said if only i did have someone coming to pick me up
"Actually sir im knew ti this city so i know one" i blurbbed out forgetting i said im waiting for someone mxm foolish me
"Then who is this someone coming to fetch you when you know no one" he said not believing that im waiting for someone at all
"Ummm aa.. Uu a friend" i said
"Hop in" he said opening the door and taking my suitcase without waiting for my response
I hopped in its not like i have any other plan
He started the engine and drove

"I'm Quinton Alison" this name I've heard of it
Oh he is the one who own a watch shop.. Damn they design the unique too watches which cost an arm and a leg
A watch which could make you rich by just selling one of them

"Im Naledi Shongwe" i said to him.. I cant believe im with the one famous business man
"So where are you from" he said looking at me through the review mirror
"Mpumalanga Nelspruit" i couldn't even hold a conversation with him.. Phela he is my crush and im all kinds of shy
"Alright" then the conversation was switched off just like that
He drove to a hotel and popped out he took my suitcase and ordered me to follow him
I followed him inside to Hotel M.. We went to the receptionist and they talked about a room and so on
He signed some forms and they gave him the keys

We went to the room which only had an ensuit bathroom

"You can stay here until you find a place for yourself" he said
"Thank you sir" if only i had a job i wouldn't been here
"So do you have any plan on how to find a place?" He asked
"I still have to look for a job so i can be able to afford a house" i said
"What qualifications do you have?"
"I have a degree in nursing"
"Umm my friend is looking for a receptionist so ill vouch for you" then he left without letting me respond

Thats where it all started.. I got the job at the Nkosi Law firm as a receptionist and i must say the salary is good and keeps me going
The fling started off when he came to the hotel he had booked me in and found me with a towel on so ill vouch for you" then he left without letting me respond

Thats where it all started.. I got the job at the Nkosi Law firm as a receptionist and i must say the salary is good and keeps me going
The fling started off when he came to the hotel he had booked me in and found me with a towel on i was from the shower
We kissed and a kiss turned to something big and since then we've been doing this

I now have my own 5 room apartment
with 2 bedrooms a kitchen lounge and a bathroom.. The main bedroom has an ensuit bathroom

I've only seen his wife once at the mall.. They were walking together with their 3 years old son who looks just like my man

His wife is on another level she is the definition of hot gorgeous beautiful cute and sexy
Jealousy got the toll on me ever since I've seen her I'm trying my all my best to look her level so Q can leave her and be with me
Im even stalking her on social media.. I must say her and my man make cute babies you should see their first born Kray you would swear he is his father's twin and the younger one Troy is also taking the same steps as them

How i wish i could also carry his seed and have cute babies with him.. I've tried to have raw sex with him but niggah wants no child from his booty calls
Yeah according to him im his booty call coz he only comes to me when his wife's hormones gets to his nerve
When he refuses to give it to me raw i would take a condom with holes I've creates by a needle but niggah is too smart he carries his own condoms he even pulls out to check if we are still safe..


I've been trying to call Q but he is not picking up his phone
He left me pregnant.. 4 months pregnant with a 3 year old naughty son and im here craving for chicken wings from KFC
Its now 20:00 and he should've been home an hour ago
I tried calling him again and my worst nightmare is what just happened

"Q's phone hello"
"Who the fuck are you to answer my man's phone" i asked this bitch
"Someone who is doing your job much better than you" she said
She had the nerve to insult me like this.. Mxm this bitch doesnt know me.. I'm no longer the old girl who would just let girls walk over her
I just chuckled
"Say that again" i commanded her
"I said im thee girl who keeps your man warm since you can't do it yourself" this girl is getting on my nerves
So just because im pregnant Q thinks he could just go and fuck bitches.. Mxm ill fuck them up
"Alright thank you mo'girl keep up the good work" i said then hang up
I went to the kitchen and boiled water with a pot i need it very hot
I called my IT guy
My company has an IT guy so yeah he picked up and i asked him to trace Q's number and he did it then sent me the location after 30 minutes and my water was now ready

I took the fluffy animal flask im sure you all know what i mean.. I mean the thing you to put hot water inside and sleep with
So yeah i poured the extremely hot water inside it took my baby and car keys
Went to my car a buckled Troy up and also got in i called Akhila and asked her to look after baby T for me and she agreed
I drove to Akhila's place and dropped Troy off he was very happy to be there because his cousin Lwazi is there Akhila's son who is 2 years older than him

I drove to the location where that cheating husband is it was an apartment which i didn't even know how i would get inside
I cant temper with the lock coz i dont know how so i did what came to mind phela being pregnant gives me lots of ideas
I took a brick and broke the window which was not too high
I only broke a piece so my hand can be able to enter and open the window
I opened the window i just hope they didnt hear the window break
I took my water flask in then also got in
I opened one of the bedroom slowly and the was no one i guess they are in the other room
I went to the other room and opened the door slowly not making any sound and bingo there they are
Sleeping with him behind her holding her waist
This just got me more furious.. This is what made him leave his pregnant wife and child for

I tip toed in and opened flast then poured the water on them
They thought i would never find them

They jumped up the bed because of the water burning their skin.. They both ran to the bathroom the bitch was even naked while my so called husband was in his boxers
I heard the water running in the shower
I sat on the couch that was in the room waiting fot their asses to get here when they are done nursing their skin


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