Author: Mikateko

Rape is love

Chapter 4

Insert 4


"Im Rane by the way" he said and i could just feel my cheeks hitting up

I never thought that i would come across him and even though the thought of coming across him had hit me ince or twice but i didnt think he will actually talk to me

Ive seen the way he was looking at me at the party. He looked at me with his eyes full of love like right now

That lool is the same look that made me fall for him just by laying my eyes on him

He is the kind of man I've always wanted in my life but what can I say now coz my chances with him are already ruined

I think he hasn't heard that I was raped I mean no man would fall for a girl who  once got raped yes they might fall for you but they will always hold it against you just to blackmail you whenever you threaten to leave them

He might have have heard about a girl who got raped but I'm sure he doesn't know that it is me and he doesn't have to know right?

What you don't know doesn't hurt you

"Hi Rane I'm Mikhongelo"

"A beautiful name for a beautiful lady indeed" 

He said taking my hand into his kissing it

Such a gentleman

He talked to me making some jokes and sometimes talking like he was about to ask me on a date but just couldn't and turn back into his funny self again.

He walked us home. Yeah he accompanied us back to the house and only left until he was sure that I got inside the house.

He had asked for my number and I didn't give him I just didn't want to seem like I'm very easy to get but I'm sure he has seen how crazy over hills I am about him.

I went to the dining room with Tsakani and found the family sitting there like they were waiting for me

Tsakani was hiding behind me so they couldn't see her

My mom stood up and came to hug me. She had always been busy with her job but I'm just glad that she would come and check on me whenever she was around unlike my dad

He is too busy with his job that he didn't even have time to spare his daughter who got raped his daughter who was going on a rough path

All he cares about is money. To him making money is more important than anything in this world

"Oh baby come here I'm glad that you have finally decided to go out and get some fresh air"

"That's all thanks to aunty"

She came and hug me and that's when she saw scared girl behind me

"Who is this Khongie and why is she wearing your old clothes?" 

Everyone had their eyes on the shy Tsakani who was now standing besides me

"Ma this is Tsakani I found her on the street so I took her with me coz she is homeless"


Yeah that's my dad for you guys. You'll hear all the comments he has about Tsakani. It will all be about money

"Khongie how can you bring a street kid into my house" 

"Mom please ask dad to calm down so I can explain"

Something I've noticed about mom is that she stands up for everything my father has to say. I don't know if he had threatened to divorce her if she doesn't 

"Explain young lady"

And oh

how can you bring a street kid into my house" 

"Mom please ask dad to calm down so I can explain"

Something I've noticed about mom is that she stands up for everything my father has to say. I don't know if he had threatened to divorce her if she doesn't 

"Explain young lady"

And oh she's also a money lover

"Jeez mom. Okay Tsakani has a home now and that's here"

My dad just laughed jeez this guy is sometimes dramatic I tell you

He started charging forwards me I just pray that he doesn't hit me even though I trust him with my life but when it comes to money he can do the unthinkable

"What did you just say"

He asked standing right in front of me

"Bava Tsakani a nga na munhu wa ku n'wi hlayisa kamba I nwana lo tsongo a swi kahle ku a tshama hala gondzweni a ri ndzexe" (dad Tsakani has no one to take care of her she is a small child and it is not good for her to stay on the streets)

"Khongie leswo a swi lavi hina. How has she survived for the past years?" (That doesn't concern us)

"But dad"

"No buts young lady. I'm busy working very hard for my children not to suffer and here you are bringing a burden into my house"

Yeah I was expecting that from him. He never see anything good in life other than money

"Mom talk to dad"

"No Khongie your father is right. You can't just go out there and take in every kid you feel like they need care into our house"

"So what do you suggest I do with her"

"Take her back to where you got her" my dad said walking upstairs to his room

I can't believe him. How can he expect me to go and throw Tsakani out there in this dangerous world

For God's sake Tsakani is a girl and I don't want her to go through what I've went through. She might get raped out there and worst part is she is still very young

"Its fine you don't want her then I'll take her back"

"Very good. Don't ever do that again" my mom says going to join her evil husband 

Tlangi was also looking at me with a disappointed look. What have I done wrong in bringing an innocent child to a safe house

Tell me how wrong is that

Aunty and Tlangi got up and went both their separate ways

They want Tsakani out of this house then that's what they'll get with a bonus

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we still await on the continuation of this book...please do not disappoint us. You should have added more chapters by now

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