Chapter 2

Insert 2


I woke up in a room filled with medicine essence
I slowly opened one eye followed by the other
Mr party was sitting right on my hand and i moved it a little causing him to wake up

"Oh hey you are finally awake" he said
I looked at the clock placed on the top wall.. Gosh it was now 19:00 and my sister doesn't know where i am
My parents are probably home

All the events that took place at the party started flowing back and a smile formed on my mouth until i remembered the cause of why im at the hospital. Tears started flowing again

Wait a minute im at a hospital fuck why didn't i think of this at the begging

"Which hospital am i in" i asked Glen the person who hosted the party
I don't even remember the guy who brought me to the hospital but all i know is that i wasnt brought here by Glen

"Netcare hospital" he said and more tears started streaming down my cheecks again
"What's wrong" Glen said
My mom works here and i dont wabt her to know about her daughty being asexually assaulted
That will be just an embarrassment to her especially because we left without information anyone about our whereabouts

The door swung open and my mom got in wearing her doctor's coat.. I'm her patient
I started crying and my mother just came and gave me a warm hug
She asked Glen to give us some privacy so he went out saying he'll come see me tomorrow if I'm not discharged by then

"Mama im sorry" i said while crying
I could see the hurt in her eyes.. Im the cause of all this if i had just stayed at home i would have gotten raped

"Shhh dont cry my baby everything will be fine" i said
"It's all my fault. We shouldn't have went to the party behind your back" i said
"As much as im angry right now i cant blame you. You are hurt my baby" she said


A month later I've been seeing a therapist because i can't function very well after ghe incident
Im not sure if I've done well during my exams

I'm just waiting for the results within a month's time which is January
I always lock myself in my room i just feel like being alone every time because when im about with people they just feel sorry for and i hate that

My dad was angry after hearing that we went to a party late at nigjt without information them let alone ask for permission

I was sleeping when i heard a door knock
I know who knocks like this in my room
Theres no other person than my aunt
I wonder who called her here.

I got up and opened the door i was still in my pajamas. I'm not in any mood for anyone

"He wena nhwenyana u waha yetlele hi nkarhi lowu" (hey you girl you are still sleeping at this time" she said and I just looked at her

Didn't whoever called her here tell her that i dont wanna talk nor be with anyone especially her

"Hooo se awu vulavuli wehe" ( so you cant talk) she said and i just continued keeping quiet hoping that she will give up and walk away
She got inside my room and pulled me to the bed

She made me sit on it then sat next to me

"Nwananga na swi tiva leswaku u humelele hi mhaka yo biha mara a swi vuli leswaku u fanele u tshama u ti pfalele lani" ( my child i know thar what happened to you was bad but that does not mean you should always lock yourself in here) she said

"Im not locking myself in here aunt i just need time to be alone" i said and she just stared at me
"Ever since i came here you have not come out of that room" she said yes she knows how to speak English she just doesn't like it
"You just here mara aunty" i said
I really wasn't interested in talking to her but by know what a hard rock she is there is nothing i can do
She is not like Tlangi whom i can tell where to go off
Nor my father or mother whom i just find an excuse to blame them for everything

" i cane here yesterday morning and you nwver came out of that room and today is the same story again.. I want to see hou out of that room go out and get some fresh air" she said and I just looked at her

She's mad when she thinks I'll go out

"Hey wena you are not a housewife you are not even married yet. Go out there and have fun hat happened to you doesn't mean its the end of your life. Dont let whomever did this to you to think they've won" she said
"But aunt its already late" i said trying to make not make me go out the streetd

I don't feel like walking out of the gate. I just dont feel safe

It was around 16:00 and you know how the sunsets around 19:00 during December

She prepared a bath for me and forced me to take a long ass shower that will relaxes me she even added all those massaging salts
I took a long deserved shower even scrubbing my nana very hard coz i just felt dirty down there

I just hope the MA they gave me at the hospital worked i cant afford to have a child from rape
What will i tell him/her when they ask about their father

At least i dont have any STDs and STIs

While i was still in the bath a good memory from the party kicked in
There handsome man who had managed to steal my heart
Love at first sight it's what its called

I wanted to dance for him loke the other girls were but he was with that useless ex of mine called Kgatlego
I have finally found a crush
Im crushing on someone but im sure he won't go for a girl who has been violated like a do

He is a man of standards that you can see from his looks

back at the party

Hello everyone im Rane Nhlungwane.. I was studying abroad then came back home when i was done with my exams
My friend was hosting a party so he invited me

The party was just lit.. There was a girl who was just dancing freely.. I like the girl a lot i was even planning on making her my girlfriend

I was sitting with the gents but my eyes were only on her wasn't even hearing what the guys were talking about coz my concentration was just on that gir
Her ass moving sideways with her hips

Fuck she just made me hard.. Kgatlego would disturb me every now and then
I even noticed that the girl was staring and smiling at me while i was busy btalking to Kgatlego who seemed angry saying i should stop looking at other men's assets but he couldn't tell me who's the man he is talking about

I then ignored him and just continued looking at my girl who was dropping it on the floor
Kgatlego went up and went to the bar and came back as i was about to go introduce myself to the girl
He have me a glass of whisky and he also had his
I drank it while enjoying the music and dances

I turned to look at the girl but she was nowhere in sight
I don't know what was happening with me coz i was starting to feel somehow
I started laughing as i was seeing people naked all over the room

The men were shocked to see like that so Kgatlego offered to take me to one of the rooms in the house so i can rest
I don't know why they all thought something is wrong with me coz i was feeling fabulous even dancing but just couldn't ignore when everyone was naked

Kgatlego pulled upstairs and i just started screaming as the house was now upside down and Kgatlego was nowhere besides me but a big snake was

I ran up to the rooms and locked myself in one of the rooms since the snake chasing
It banged the door and i didnt even open it
It turned around and saw the bed on the room
I got frightened because this is just pure witchcraft

I don't know what happened next i woke up the next day in a room i dont recognize
The was a girl next to me and i also had blood all over my dick
I don't remember anything from what happened
I shook the girl and she woke and told me of how much fun she had with me. I guess thw blood belongs to her
She got up and walked to the bathroom

She was even walking properly for a girl who got fucked until she had some blood coming out
Nah i dont think i slept with her but whose blood is this
The sheets do not even have blood except for my dick

When she came back she told me about how she used to be fucked like this
And she said she was riding me that's why there's no blood on the sheets


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Nomvula 2018-12-08 17:03:15

OMG they spike your drink and I think its that good for nothing of an ex Kgatlego

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I suspect this guy but I think he didn't do it intentionally because I think his drink was spiked

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I suspect Kgatlego. He is the one who raped her