Chapter 1

Insert 1


You all must be wondering why me and my twin are not having similar names like Luthando and Noluthando
Yazi my parents don't like doing things which other people do

the want unique things so yeah.. we were now done with everything and I was busy locking the back door before we go out when the door bell rang

"Tlangi please check who it is" I shouted to my sister who was waiting for me at the sitting room
she went to check who it was

"Khongi hurry up our lift is here" Tlangi shouted
I wonder who it is that's giving us a lift coz the last time i check her boyfriend Floyd was still at Johannesburg
He is the only one who gives us lifts when we don't want to use the car and driver we have

"Aag guys can't you just get a room" i said the minute i came to the room
They were busy shoving their tongues in each other's throats

Aag it's not like i dont date i also date but i make sure that i dont kiss in front of my sister like that unless im very wasted coz i wont even remember a thing

"Hawu its not our fault that you dont have a man" Tlangi said

I didn't want to argue with her coz she knows very well that im not gifted like her to find a man who really loves me

It's either they want to fuck and leave or they have placed a bet.. Aag i dont even know what kind of badluck is following me

"You'll find me in the car" i said
Right now im angry at Tlangi

I took the car keys and went out.. It was really getting late and im sure those two are about to have a quickie

I only thank God thay yhey dont live in the same house otherwise the house would only smell of sex all over the room furniture including the stove
Yeah thats how much my sister loves sex

Every moment we in the same room alone its all about sex this sex that she sometimes even remind me of the good sex I've always enjoyed with the person whom i thaught really loved me

The thing is i was once in a relationship with Kgatlego.. I really loved thia guy and i thought he also loved at least he acted like he does love me

We used to fuck like nobody's business. I must say i always enjoyed sex with i didn't even realize that i was only his booth call coz he would call just to check on me

I camw to know of his true colours when i one day went to his house to spend some time with him as boyfriend and girlfriend. You all know how it goes you talk laugh eat kiss then sex

We had sex then after he said he was going to check who was knocking at the door
He went out and something caught my eye.. There was a cloth covering something.. A red light was coming through the cloth then i thought to myself 'why not check whats in there'

And boom the man had a camera on.. Hw recorded everything that happened that day and it broke my heart but the best part is that i saw it on time ao imagine if i hadn't notice it on time.. I would've been the topic of every social media

I would have trended on YouTube.. I dont know why this boys always wants yo find a way to hurt a girl they are just using

I deleted the video and switched off the camera even took the batteries out so he can think that the batteries have died.. I placed the camera back where i found it and covered it like thw way i found it

I cleaned myseld uo and wore my clothes then waited for him to come back.. The minute he got in the room i made up an excuse of my mom calling me and wanting me back home..

I later that day received a message from some bitch telling me to leave hee man alone and she didn't have to tell me twice coz i was done with him

Anyway the couple came out 15 minutes later like i told you they were busy having a quickie

We drove to the party and it was already packed
The party started an 1 ago at 18:00 and we only got there at 19:00

Men were there.. Different kind of men ugly ugly handsome average hunks slenders and even sugar daddies with different sizes of dicks. You just had to choose the kind you want

I got lost in a crowd of some women and i joined them.. My dear sister was just by her man's side since girls already had eyes on him so she wants no mistake

Drinks came and we started having fun.. We were dancing like nobody's business even twerking for the men.. Whenever you saw a man you want you would just dance for him and you know how weak they are with big boobs curvea and booty like mine

I got pressed and had to rush to the toilet it was already late around 23:00
They had a toilet inside the house and outside but the one inside was packed.. The queue was just too long for me to wait in line

I went to the one outside and there was no one.. I had my phone flashlight on i now know why people dont want to use this one because everyone is inside the house in the lounge and it is very dark out here

I dont even know why i came here on my own.. I salute the power the being pressed xem.. I gor inside and did my business when i was about to come out i heard footsteps going towards the tree next to the toilet

I got out and the person was just standing under the tree smoking i couldn't see his face but his body charmed me.. He is a hunk

I was about to walk away when i felt a hand grabbing me
The man covered my mouth so i couldn't scream.. I wasn't that wasted so i could see clear but i just couldn't see his face.. He went with me under the tree and and torn my dress into half
I tried screaming but he still had his hand on my mouth so my screams couldn't escape or be heard by anyone

I tried biting his hand but man didn't give up.. He had his way with me i don't even remember when he was done satisfying himself with my poor self because i had already fell uncocious

I woke up because of the light striking my eyes.. When i raised my head i came across my torn dress then everything that happened and tears started flowing.. He had his way with my panties flipped to the side

No one even saw me because everyone was scared to come out .. I was found crying under the tree by some man who was coming to the toilet i guess thw one inside was also full
He picked me up and rushed me to his car since he saw the situation i was in

I was still crying hoping he wasnt planning on taking advantage of me.. All i remember is him driving the car in total speed to God knows where before i darkness took over me

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Sorry nana

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Sorry girl I hope you didn't get any kind of disease

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