Chapter 4

I always admired her for the love she poured on Tsakani and Rane and loved she showed for me little did I know that she was only waiting for a time where I make a mistake so she can show me her real colours. I am glad she has shown me her true colours now rather than later so I can be able to know what to expect from her.

"Mom I am not gonna stand here and listen to you paint my wife as bad. She is the most innocent woman in this world."

"What innocent? Do you call a woman who want you to raise another man's child innocent?"

"She is innocent compared to you. You are the same as your husband I don't even know why have managed to stay here for such a long time. I think you have overstayed your visit it is time you leave my house."

He say to her. I am proud of him that he stood up to his mother but that doesn't mean he should tell her to leave the least he could do is to tell her kindly. I know she has overstepped the boundaries but she still need to be respected as the elder she is. 

"She has already fed you those what what... Rane wake up before she finishes with you."

I have never thought that white women can behave like bad women. Black women are full of gossips and hatred. I know that some white people may hate black people but it has to be different with her because she has married into a black family so she doesn't have to become all apartheid on us blacks. She is now one of use. I didn't even think for once that she believed in witchcraft I mean listen to what she is saying to her son. How can she say I fed her son when they were the ones who arranged our marriage.

Some people can never seize to amaze you it is true that you always have to keep room for disappointments in your life just like right now my mother in law has disappointed in such a way that I never believed that she would. I always admired how she treats blacks compared to how the other whites do. She knows how it is to be black because she has married a black man who only orders.

I walk down in order to stop her from saying all this nonsense until she drives my dear husband insane. I felt it in his voice that he was about to explode on his mother. One thing I am happy about is that he doesn't tolerate anyone talking ill about me he couldn't even let his own mother talk about me as she pleases. I walked walked down the stairs causing them to turn and look at me. I do not care about the stares his mother is giving me right now.

"Sorry to disturb but I would like to speak to my husband."

Just then my phone beeped. Who called be sending me messages at this time the person has no timing at all. I pull out my phone from my pocket and check the messages. It is Kgatlego who has sent me the message he was telling me to meet with him now and a location where I should meet him. I thought we agreed on meeting during lunch time but I guess he changed his mind and there's nothing I can hurts that I will have to leave now that my husband has just got back but I have no choice it's either I leave and get to the roots of my problems or stay here with my husband. 

"Sorry I have to go

I have promised to meet up with my friend."

I know this will hurt Rane but I have no choice I need all the information on to how there's a video of me being taped by him and Kgatlego seems to be the only person who can give me the answers right now. I thought I was over the rape thing but I can't jut let it go now it is now bigger than before. Rane nods his head in disappointment. I do not wan to leave him but I have to.

"Alright baby."

He says. I know how he sounds when he is happy sad and disappointed and right now he sound disappointed. I wish I could tell him the truth on where I am going but I can't because things will just get overwhelming for me. I have just found out that he is the person who raped me.


I  could  still  remember  it  clearly  his  smell  his  touch  his  rough  hands  but  the  most  important thing  I  couldn't  remember  was  his  face. I  begged  the  guy  to  stop hurting me I  was  not  a  virgin  I  knew  everything  about  sex  the least he could have done was to wait for me to  get wet  first  before  he can  penetrate  me  he  forced  himself on  me  I  cried but  it  was  meaningless  my  cries  were  replaced  with his hand covering my mouth so my screams couldn't be heard  as  he violently pounded  me.

It  happened a year ago  but  It clear  as  a  white  cat  on  burnt  grass.  I  was  at a  party  my sister's  friend  hosted. Getting raped was not something I ever wanted I  had  dreams  I  wanted  to  be  one  of  the  most  successful  young businesswomen in  our  country  before I can fall pregnant. Getting raped is one thing that made me see myself as low I felt like I was just a good for nothing girl.

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