Chapter 3


I have called Kgatlego last night and I was lucky enough to have called him before he could drive back home. He promised to stay and meet with me today during lunch time I was in no condition to negotiate the time and place with him as I am the one who is desperate to meet with him. I stared at my son whom I had decided to sleep with last night the bed never felt cold with him by my side. He made me feel like I was sharing the same bed with his father. I know it has only been a day without my husband but I miss him so much. I wish he could come back very soon.

I get up from bed and make my way to the bathroom to refresh myself. I opened the taps and controlled the water temperature then filled the bathtub with water while I brushed my teeth. Everything I do just reminds me of Rane. He would have been taking a bath with me right now after a steamy session that we would have had. I miss his touch.


I was now feeding Nyiko his food. My mom is going back home today and will be coming back in Friday for the suppose meeting. I wonder if Rane knows about this meeting. Friday is the day I wish could never come. My father is going to be so furious with me and Tlangi on the other side will feel like she has made it in life. 

"I'll be going later on Khongi you will not find me when you come back from the hospital."

My mom says and I totally understand. She has to go home and face the music with my father he has been calling her and asking where she is but she couldn't tell him that she is at my house coz that will only make him angry. I don't understand why my father doesn't want my mother anywhere near me what wrong have I done to this man. I never thought that my father could hate me to the extent that he doesn't want my mother anywhere near me and my child. My mom has told me that Tlangi is doing well in her studies and my father is very proud of her. It hurts to know that he is only proud of Tlangi and not me I am also doing well with my studies and he has never bothered himself to call and ask how I am doing.

I cleaned Nyiko up and accompanied Tsakani to the gate and entertain her while she waits for her transport. She is now using transport full time actually she cried to us to let her use transport fully. She enjoys traveling with her friends in the same transport. We waited for her transport until it came and drove her to school. I am surprised she hasn't asked anything about why her dad is not around but I will not be surprise if she is not asking because she now has Nyiko.

Either way I went back in to kiss my son goodbye before I leave for the hospital. I have not seen my mother in law anywhere in the house ever since I woke up could she still be sleeping or she  left for the hospital early. 

"Bye ma I am now going. You will leave Nyiko with maThandi."

I say to my mom before making my way to the door. I can't wait to get the hospital and threw myself into my husband's arms so he can pull me to my pillow. To my surprise the door gets open before I can pull it open. He appeared after his mother causing me to scream in excitement and threw myself at him he catched like he is supposed to. I feel like screaming to the whole neighborhood and let them know that the love of my life is back home. I will now sleep peacefully wrapped in his arms.

My mother in law clicks her tongue like I have done something when I get excited to see my husband. My mother came running I am sure she thought something might have happened to me. I am not even ashamed of the way I screamed. I feel like kissing the life out of him but I cannot in front of this old women especially in front of the one that hates me I still have some respect for elders in me.

"Oh my son in law you are back."

My mother says happy to see him back. I am glad he came back before my mom could leave.

"Yes ma."

My man gives my mom a smile. I saw my mother in law at the tip of my eyes rolls her eyes. What is it that have annoyed her that she would roll her eyes when her son smiles at his mother in law. We walked to the dining room and chat with my mom before she can leave. 

My mom left and I had to go upstairs to change Nyiko's nappy since he has messed himself. He can mess himself a thousand times and I will never stop loving him. I thought being a mother at my age was going to be impossible but look at me now being perfect. I know how to change his nappies and a lot of things to do for babies.


I stopped on my tracks because of what I have heard Rane's mother say to Rane. So she is going to feed her sons hatred for me. I do not understand why she pretended all this while to love me when she knew deep down that she hates me. How could she mislead me into believing that my mother in law loves and understands me.

"Rane tell me the truth whose the father of Khongi's child?"

How can she ask such a question when she is the one who said that Nyiko is Rane's child because he looks like him. What's making her doubt it now.

"Why are you trying to say mom Prince is my son."

"Stop lying Rane I know that he is not your son."

"Mom Prince is my son and you have seen how he looks like me."

Exactly she can't say things then changed them when she feels like it.

"Prince looking like you doesn't mean that he is your son. He might be looking like you because you had unprotected sex with his mother while she was pregnant he might have just caught your genes and nothing more. I know you are lying to me so I suggest you tell me the truth before I tell this to your father."

What kind of a mother is she how can she threaten her child. He must probably be feeling the same as I feel about my father right now one thing I learnt about our fathers is that they like to be controlling. They enjoy controlling everything that breaths it is a pity that they can control and order stationary things or else they would own this world.

Why is she saying all this to Rane is she trying to turn him against me. I now understand what most people mean by monster in law mine is a wolf wearing a sheep's coat so you cannot recognize it. I have always dreamed about having a mother in law who will understand and love me I thought I had found one in Kaylor but I was wrong. 

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