My stepbrother : Mine


Cold air came through the window to the living room as I was sitted nervously waiting looking through it and struggled to see the outside.

They should arrive any minute now. David's polo vivo would be pulling into the driveway. He had gone to the airport to fetch his son Tau  whom we have been waiting eagerly for 3 years to meet him

He would be living with us for a month since he only came for a visit

Glady my mother and David my stepfather have been married for 3 years now. I never thought that I would accept him as my father after all the rumors about stepfather's taking advantage if their stepdaughters but hey we get along well but I wouldn't say we are close like the father and daughter relationship

I don't know much about why he had gotten divorced with his ex wife but all I know is that it has got something with Tau given so much freedom to do whatever he wants

I had only seen my step brother from some of the pictures my step dad showed us

They were only pictures which were taken years back while he was still a teen. From the picture I could see that he had inherited his father's dark hair but has his mother's green eyes from being white

My step brother is colored since his mother is white and his father is black so you can just imagine how his mother wasn't strict with him like my mother is with me

She wasn't strict with him that it resulted in her having the apartheid code to my step dad when he tried discipline Tau I guess that's the real reason they divorced

David told us of what a good boy Tau used to be until he entered into a rebellious stage that included getting tattoos when he was fifteen getting into trouble for underage drinking  and smoking. David blames Ruby for being soft on him and denying him all the things to straighten him and for being too forcused on her art work that she ended up saying the ratios he got was just art

Butterflies swarmed in my stomach as the thought of wanting a sibling crossed my mind. I've always wanted a sibling but unfortunately my father left us before he could give me one but luckily God heard my prayers and decided to give me a California-bred stepbrother a sibling

He might be older than me but he is still a sibling right?

I laughed at how stupid I was fantasizing that this was going to be a fairytale relationship overnight with Tau like Donny and Marie. Don't look at me like that by relationship I meant the brother and sister relationship so please don't jump into conclusions

This morning I heard an old coldplay song I never even thought existed from my neighbor called 'brothers and sisters'

Could this be a coincidence? Has she eavesdropping on our conversations during dinner time? I mean how can she even choose this exact same day to play that song hahaha let me shut my mouth 

I convinced myself that maybe just maybe God is giving me my wishes but not in the exact same way I wanted them but who knows better than to not appreciate what's given to you so I had nothing to be scared about even though I'm nervous

My mother has been nervous more than me the whole morning running up and down to get Tau's room ready. She had turned the office into a bedroom since we didn't have enough rooms. We live in a house which has a kitchen sitting room living room

living room bathroom my bedroom main bedroom Tau's room which was once an office. At least it wasn't a very small office because a bed really fitted well and left some space to roam around on.

Mom was worried about Tau not liking her. I mean he will become her son so they have to get along for the sake of David.

We had placed a small table and temporary wardrobe. My mother and I went to sheet street yesterday and bought some bedding and other things needed for the room. It was weird picking up stuff for someone we don't really know I mean we don't know his likes and dislikes and it doesn't help that he is spoiled brat but that doesn't worry me because my mother will do her motherly duties to him since his mother couldn't. I know my mother very well she might be nervous right now but one wrong spoiled move then he will be placed in his place. We decided on navy bedding

I started thinking of what i would say to him.

Will he hate me or not? I just can't handle my thoughts right bow as nervousness is really taking over me. I don't even know how I would introduce myself as to him. I never even knew that being this nervous is even legal 

My step dad has reassured us that Tau would like us. I know that he is only saying this just so we don't get this nervous but that just didn't help at all

Having a sibling should be an exciting thing but when you are to meet the sibling at a late stage then you become nervous wreck

All I am thinking about is to impress him so he can be a big brother to me 

All the girls from school should know that I have a big brother so they can stop teasing me of how I am scared of boys just because I don't have a brother little do they know that I'm not scared of boys at all just that when I turn down the boys at school they go around spreading those kinda rumors to all people so that's how I became a laughing stock to all girls

Once I have Tau by my side even though its just for a month I'll show 'em haters that their boyfriends are even hitting up on me but just don't want to admit that I turned them down

Did you get that I turned them down as in DOWN I mean as in thumbs down

Yoh enough about that I'm Nompumelelo Mkhonto the daughter of Glady Mkhonto and Simon Mkhonto

I lost my father at the age 11. It was the saddest thing that has ever happened in my life. I never thought that I would also lose my dad at such a young age but it is what it is right?

My mother was a mess she couldn't cope with losing my dad I even thought that she would never allow another man in her life because only dad owned her heart but I guess I was wrong

She started seeing David Mhlongo when I was 14  years and they eventually got married because they loved each other a lot. David is the second man to make my mother this happy. Only dad used to make her glow but now I can see that he is also capable of doing so

My friend Lisakhanya known as Lisa always told me that when a woman glows it only means one thing which is that she is being given the fruit

Yeah you know the fruit

Anyways I'm just glad my mother waited that long before having another man in her life. Her in laws were against her remarrying but as you know true love always has its ways if winning so they had no choice than to let her go

I've come to learn that they love money a lot and that's what David gave them

I hear the gate opening and I get me vous again. I just can't want to meet my stepbrother

Hold my hand to calm down my nerves as we meet my stepbrother 


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