Chapter 8

My Stepbrother : Mine 

Insert 8

I have been avoiding eye contact with Tau. I can't even look him in the eye knowing very well what my secret is

We ate breakfast as a family and this time Tau was just quiet not giving my mother the bad behavior but I could see the anger David carried within him whenever he would look at Tau

I wonder what happened between them. I mean how can a father hate his own son. His own heir for heaven's sake

The world is full of wonders I tell you.

Anyways I haven't gotten back to Troy about the movie thing and my phone has been off since yesterday.

After all the cleaning and making sure that I've done all my duties. I switched on my phone and called Vic telling her to come over

You should have heard all the screaming she did over the phone almost breaking my ear buds. Remember she's always wanted to come to my house only to meet with Tau and I've now given her the chance to.

The way she was so excited I felt jealousy overtaking me. Thinking of the way she will be all over him makes me feel like I can just change my mind and tell her to not come anymore but that will just make it look so obvious and start questioning me about why I don't want her anywhere near Tau

Where will I even begin telling her that I like my brother in a way that I should not. No I can't risk her knowing it so I just went along with the flow acting all happy for her to finally meet the boy she has been dying to meet even before I came to meet him.

I've been doing a good thing avoiding Tau the whole day until Vic arrived.

"So tell me. Where is he? I haven't seen him all day"

Vic asks and I don't even know what to answer her. What I probably tell her when I'm trying by all means not to be in the same room as Tau

We were sitting in the lounge having some refreshing drinks. The rents went out to God knows where

"Come on Vic. That's not what I could you here for. Anyways Troy has asked me out to the movies tonight"

I say but she doesn't answer. Her eyes are fixed on what's happening in my background so I turn to see what she could possibly be seeing that makes her lose the concentration she had on me

And great just great Tau was just standing behind us going through his phone. He looked like he was texting someone. Yeah I saw that from the reflection of his eyes

A minute later I received a text on my phone so I check it and its from Tau

It read as follows

"What a friend you have" 

I don't know what to make up of this message I don't even understand if he meant it in a good way or bad way

Could he possibly like Vic. Oh my God that can't happen. What will happen to me if he were to like her. NO

Mxm I ignored his text as he turned to go to the kitchen leaving Vic mesmerized like the way I was the very first day I saw him in the flesh 

"So as I was saying Vic. Troy asked me out to the movies"

I made sure to say it loud so Tau can hear me

"So? Go out with him. The guy likes you so stop playing hard to get"

She say. I wanted to tell her about how I feel like Troy is up to something I mean about the bet I think he has going on

"You know what"

She asks


I ask her seeing that she has this smile on her fave which makes me think she is up to no good

"How about I join you with your bro. I mean how bout a double date"

Yeah you see. I told you she was up to no good. A double date this girl is something else shame

How can she think about a double date when Tau hasn't even asked her out

"Hell no. Vic I ain't going out on a double date with Tau"

I tell her

"Come on skat. Do your friend a favor. Cabr you see that this is my only chance to get your brother"

Just the Tau appeared in the room again. I know he has being eavesdropping on our conversation. Yeah that I know I've realized he enjoy eavesdropping when he hears his name being mentioned

"Why don't we just ask him"

"No Vic. This is my special moment"

I say trying to get Tay jealous but he didn't even show any sign of jealousness

"Hey Tau. How about you join us for the movies tonight. You'll be my date"

I can't believe this girl just did what I couldn't do. Vic is such a forward girl. She is a go getter. She goes for everything she wants

She has been too patient to see Tau and now that she has met him she just asked him out straight forward without sugarcoating it

I've realized he enjoy eavesdropping when he hears his name being mentioned

"Why don't we just ask him"

"No Vic. This is my special moment"

I say trying to get Tay jealous but he didn't even show any sign of jealousness

"Hey Tau. How about you join us for the movies tonight. You'll be my date"

I can't believe this girl just did what I couldn't do. Vic is such a forward girl. She is a go getter. She goes for everything she wants

She has been too patient to see Tau and now that she has met him she just asked him out straight forward without sugarcoating it not even greeting him or wait for me to introduce them to each other

I was waiting to hear what Tau's response will be. I bet he will be cold forwards her just like he is to me. If he doesn't become cold then I'll know that he likes her and my heart will be shuttered 

I was even starring deep in eyes begging with God to let him decline this date.

"Sure why not"

He say with a smirk looking right in my face

Yeah that's it. He likes her

I can't believe this

"So what time"

"Yeah Mpumi what time"

She asks me and I don't feel like talking to her but I can't do that right. I must not show her how hurt I am that Tau agreed to go to the movies with her as her date

"I don't know. I first have to confirm with Troy if he will agree to this double date"

"Of course he will"

Nah I don't think he will. How can he agree to go out on a double date with.a person he probably thinks is fucking me in my own parent's house

I took my phone and confirmed with him if we are still on for the movies and he said yes. It took me a long time to finally spit out what Vic wanted me to and he agreed to the double date without even taking a sec to even think about it

He was my last hope to break what Vic thinks she will have with Tau but he disappointed me. I can't blame him since he doesn't know the situation I am in.

I informed Tau and Vic about the time so Vic went home to get ready and said she will come back later

Later that evening I got ready . I had put on a pair of jeans with a blue bodysuit then my nike air force 

I pulled on my jacket and I was ready to go. 

I went out to the kitchen to make my home made ice cream as I wait for Troy and Vic to arrive. 

The rents weren't around so yeah we had the to ourselves

I made the ice cream the started digging in when Tau came. He took one look at what I was eating them grabbed the spoon away from me so he can also have some

I was sitting on the counter and he was now standing in between my legs enjoying the ice cream

"Why don't you make more of this then store it in the fridge"

He says. I have come to realize that he enjoys my ice cream a lot 

"Why don't yoh make some on your own" 

I say and right then the door bell rang and Tau motioned me with the spoon to go get it

I clicked my tongue on the way to the door and he just chuckled his evil chuckle

I opened the door and both Vic and Troy were standing there looking all beautiful and handsome 

I motioned them to come in and they did.

"Can I offer you anything to drink or snack"

"Nah we will snack at our destination"

Troy says and we all get ready to go.  Me Vic and Troy were now in the car waiting for Tau who purposely asked me where the bathroom is in front of Troy. 

How can he ask me that when he lives here. Tau is something else xem. And he was even asking me while looking at Troy. I had to direct him to the bathroom he knows like the back of his hand now all because I didn't want to sound rude in front of Troy plus his eyes were fixed on me

He came out 10 minutes later then we drove off immediately

Troy drove us to town to the cinema. We all argued on which movie to watch and me and Vic wanted to watch romance

You all know how us girls enjoy watching this romance movies just so we can end up blaming our men for what they don't know of

The boys wanted to watch horror but ended up giving up since Tau didn't want to be on Troy's side so yeah Troy needed up being over voted he had no choice but to watch what we chose

On our way inside the room. Troy had his hand around my waist and I could see Tau looking at his hands with disgust 

We chose our chairs and I had to sit in between Tau and Troy while Vic was on the left side of Tau

The movie started and he was a romantic movie that would make you cry xem.

My phone beeped and it was a text from Tau. Yeah I've been stealing looks on him

"You know the way you look at me shows how desperate you want to rip of my clothes. Please control yourself and stop making a fool of yourself in front of your date"

That's a message Tau sent to me. So the way I look at him is so obvious that I want him? Damn no that can't be.

"Stop focusing your attention on me coz you are now seeing things that ain't even here"

I responded and just then Troy turned to look at me and I just gave him a smile.

My phone beeped again

"How can I not when your stares are so deep into me with hunger"

"Mxm. You only agreed to this date coz you want to keep tabs on me. You are not even into your date that's why you are texting me"

"I'll show you how much my date drives me crazy"

Okay I've realized that Tau isn't even enjoying himself with Vic.

The movie came to an end and we all agreed to go to the nearest hot dog shop

"I'll go and order" Troy says 

"No don't worry yourself about that. Lelo will go and order for us"

I can't believe Tau. Like really how can he do this

I got up and went to order giving out special orders. I had ordered a hot dog that has hot peri peri chilli sauce for Tau

They got my order ready and gave me. I served us all our hot dogs and Tau got his special one.

He took one bite and took in a long breathe. Then gave me a smirk

That's weird coz he started eating his hot dog like something delicious. He was suppose to burn and ask for water or milk he wasn't. He seemed to be enjoying it

I took a few bites of mine the asked to be excused. I got up and walked through to the toilets. I'm sure you all know how restaurant's toilets are so I went in and heard someone coming in behind me

The person flipped me and smashed his lips on me. He kissed me like his life depended on it. I was even moaning to show how much I'm enjoying the kiss

After what felt like 5 minutes of the kiss he broke the kiss. Yeah I knew it was Tau. His cologne gave it away 

I couldn't believe he has kissed me. Tau has kissed me

"So you think you are clever neh"

"What do you mean"

"You think I don't know about the sauce you added on my hot dog. The good for you coz you have just tasted your own medicine"


"Don't act dumb with me Lelo. And please I told you to stop looking at me with those eyes of hunger in front of your date. He probably think you are a loose girl"

He say before going out leaving me to start feeling the burn inside my mouth. Damn he just fed me the sauce. I will never forgive him for this 

Minutes later Vic came to the bathroom and found me rinsing my mouth with water and I had to come up with an excuse

Shoutings were heard outside the toilet so we had to go out and see what was going on.

Tau and Troy were having a fight. Tau was now on top of Troy giving him his best punch. The security had to come and pull them apart 

I called a cab that took us home

What could Tau and Troy be fighting for


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