Chapter 7

My Stepbrother : Mine

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He turned and looked me straight in the eye like he is trying to read me then his hand traveled down to his pocket

He gave me one of my panties

"What the fuck!"

"The boy at your house said I should give you this" 

He said before starting the car drove to a destination I don't know 

Fuck Tau. How can he do this to me. I can just imagine what thoughts are running down Troy's mind

I took my phone and sent a text to Tau

''What the fuck is wrong with you" sent

(Present )

"I see you like what you got" received

"That was so selfish of you to do that I mean I have never done that with one of your Alisha's" sent

"Come back" received

"What" sent

"Yes tell that boy to turn the car and come back" received

I must say I am very tempted to tell Troy to turn the car and take me back to Tau but what will I say to him when Tau has already made a fool of me 

Now Troy must think that I'm fucking my brother and eventually forgot my panties in his room

It is great to know that he is jealous and doesn't want to see me with any other man but he could have just said so instead of doing this. If he had told me that it hurts him to see me with other men then he should say so and I would gladly do so if only he promise to be mine

"Are you ok"

I ask Troy trying to forget about all Tau has done today


He say and I could see that he isn't in a mood to talk to me but if he doesn't want to talk to me what kind of a date will we have. A date where things will be awkward and no talking haaai xem

We arrive at some restaurant and he gets out to open the door for me I see he is still the gentleman he was when he arrived at my house

I could see him lightning up his mood a smile a fake smile if I may say. Held out his hand for and I took it as we walk in the restaurant 

The waiter as ran to us and accompanied us to a table for two

"Can I get you anything to drink while you go through the menu?" The kind waitress asks

"I'll have orange juice" 

"I'll have what she's having" 

She noted it down then went out to get our drink while we flip through the menu looking for something watermouthing to eat

The was just awkward silence between me and Troy and I couldn't help but think that he is busy asking himself how my panties ended in Tau's bedroom

"So you are not an alcohol person"

I say trying to break the think silence between us. 

"I'm not a heavy drinker and I also don't drink when I'm out on dates"

He says. The word dates stung through my heart I mean it would've been much better if he was only doing it for me special. He has just proven to me that I'm just a bet its a good thing I also have my game going on to not fall for him

From his handsome self you could just see that he goes out on dates like 3 times a day. Yeah that's how every girl is dying for him even throwing themselves at him while knowing that he is a player

"Mmmh I see"

The waiter came with the drink and we placed our orders. Each one of us placed what they felt like eating so yeah he didn't choose what I chose

Through out the whole date we were just making small talks. Boring small talks. Since when did Trot become this person who doesn't know what to say to a girl

I had to be the one to keep the conversations going while he would just bit his tongue mxm

I was starting to get bored. Its a good thing I'm never coming on a date with him but that's only if what I had planned for Tau has worked

I excused myself to go to the lady's room. I wasn't pressed to do anything but I just wanted to get out from that awkward dinner

I took out my phone and texted Tau

"I'm not coming back and not now" sent

I responded to his message. I know I lied through the message when deep down I wanted this whole date to just end. I wanted to go home to stare at that arrogant ass stepbrother of mine but it was impossible

What could I probably say to Troy to make him take him home? I can't just go up to him and tell him to take me home without have a reason to why I want to end the dinner so soon 

My phone vibrated and I knew its just a message from that selfish stepbrother of mine. 

"I know you want to come back to me" received

"Please don't flatter yourself" sent 

I waited for 5 more minutes before he could respond back to my message

"Then why are you texting me in the middle of your date. Is it that boring" received

I don't why Tau is like this. Always stating out the facts.

Mxm I shoved my phone back into my purse then walked to Troy

He was busy smiling on the phone busy talking to his friends about how is bet is coming along. I just hope he doesn't tell them about the panty sagacoz if he does I'll become a laughing stock at school

"Umm can we please have to go. I promised my mom to come back early" 

I say since we are done eating and there's nothing more to talk about 


He say and signalled for the waiter to come. He asked for the bill and settled it then sent to the car. As always he opened the door for me and I got in

The drive home was so quiet . I don't even know what more to say to him 

We arrived home and before he cod get out I felt the need to ask him something

"Are you always like this when you go out on dates?" 

I ask coz I really have to know

"No why are you asking"

"You are acting weird. You are the same Troy who is not afraid to talk to girls.The Troy that always has something to say especially to girl but now you have become awkward"

I saw his face changing and he put his palm on his face and sighed

"You saw that"

"Everyone saw that"

"Damn. You see Mpumi you are a very special girl you have been crush for like 3 years now so I don't know how to act around you. Girl you got me all shy and its not like me to be like that but I guess you know my weakness"

Mxm he shod try some other fools to fool and not me. Troy has been having a crush on me for like 3 years.

Mxm pure lies. This boy used to look at me with disgust and now he says this nonsense

I didn't show any emotions I just looked d at him without saying anything

"Let me make it up to you tomorrow and take you out to the movies and I promise I will not become awkward again"

Another date with him . nah that was not part of the plan 

"Let me think about it"

I say before he came out to open the door for me then lead me inside the house

Everyone was already getting ready to go to bed. My mom was just happy that I came back early so I also went to room and took of the dress then went to take a shower.

After that I went back to my room and lotion.

My phone rang from my bag and I went around the bed and took it out only to see the name written Tau on the caller ID 


"I see you came back early"

"Did you really call to tell me that"

"No I called to tell you how disrespectful you are. How can you fuck your boyfriend inside a car outside your mother's house while she's around. He could've at least drove you to a hotel and fucked you there"

I had my jaws dropped. I didn't have anything to say to him so I just hung up the phone and sent a text to Vic telling her to visit me tomorrow.

Tau is really getting on my nerves. He thinks I'm like him that I'll disrespect my only parent like that.

He doesn't even know that I would not disappoint my mother by having sex before marriage

A text came through from Tau. Can't he just leave me alone

It read as follows

"Why did you hang up on me"

"Because you were just talking rubbish"

"You know I know all this is all my fault. If I hadn't taken your vibrator along with your panties you would have been going out on dates with stupid boys just to get laid you would've fucked yourself with it"


I had forgotten that I had hidden the vibrator with the panties. My white brand new vibrator which I bought online

I hadn't used it so I don't know how it feels like using it. I had totally forgotten that I have it

Fuck Tau. How would I even be able to face him everyday when he has my private things. It would have been much better if he had only taken the panties and not the vibrator 

I switched off my phone because I wasn't in the mood to continue talking with him anymore

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