Chapter 6

My stepbrother : Mine

Insert 6


I'm not sure if Troy meant me by crush. Vic must be mistaken.

I had insomnia I couldn't sleep and it was now 01:00 in the morning

I went to my wardrobe and pull out some tight and a golf shirt then put them on with some flip flops 

After I was done I headed to Tau's room and tried opening and lucky it wasn't locked so I budged inside and to my surprise he was not sleeping

I thought I would find him in a middle of a dream or something other than being awake. He was smoking those nice smelling cigarettes of his which tempts me to want to try them 

He turned to look at me I was just frozen on his door not knowing what to do

'Come on Mpumi do what you came here to do'

I say to myself

I went about searching his drawers opening each one of them not leaving any stone unturned in them 

I went about looking for my panties until I came across a pack of condoms in one of his drawers

My heart started beating fast. What is he doing with condoms oh yeah busy fucking all kinds of Alisha's he comes across in the streets

I wonder where he even got this ones coz they do not live this side of the town but that's non of my business 

A part of me was just glad that at least he is protecting himself. I don't even want to begin explaining how jealous I would feel if he had fucked them without the rubber

Tau started laughing not even moving an inch from the bed. He wasn't even trying to stop me from going through his things 

"Come one don't act like you don't know what those are" 

I'm not in the mood to answer him because if I do I would end up bringing up the Alisha's situation up again and I don't want that to happen 

I threw the condoms back into the drawer and went about searching for my panties. I even made a mess out of his clothes throwing them on the floor

Yeah that serves him right for stealing my panties

"Come on just stop already" 

"No Tau where are they? Where are my panties"

"They are not here" 


Yeah I can see that but I want you to tell me exactly where you have put them 

"Its no longer funny Tau. I want my underwears" 

"You know you've got a really nice taste in underwears. I mean you only wear such sexy lace that reve.. Never mind"

What does it reveal? No he can't do this to me he can't leave me hanging to hear what he was gonna say. He has to tell me

"Reveals what Tau?" 

"I said never mind and please get out of my room" 

"Not until you give me back what belongs to me" 

He just got under the covers and closed his eyes. He was ignoring me There's no way he is going to sleep with me standing right across his room

Mxm I got out of his room and went back to my room

I can't believe he has hidden my panties somewhere other than his room. I just hope he didn't burn them coz if he did then he will deal with an angry me

Finally I managed to get some sleep. 

I woke up around 05:00 and got ready for school and as usual Tau was still sleeping so I didn't want to disturb the underwear stealer


At school

It was now break time and I was sitting with Vic and amazes me today why she hasn't brought Tau up. She seems to be lost in her own world but at least it's a good thing for me that she ain't talking about that thief

"Look who is coming our way" 

I raided my head up high just to be met with a smiling Troy coming towards us. The guy is so handsome but he doesn't even compete with Tau

Tau is the most handsome man or boy on earth yeah don't blame me I beg.

"Hey ladies" 

I was looking down. I don't even want to see him I can't help but to think that he has made a bet on me I mean why come now? Didn't he see me all this years long? 

When I remember correctly he wouldn't even look my way. Troy is the kind that's interested in famous girls in girls like Alisha yes Tau's first Alisha but hey...


Its so obvious who responded. Sometimes I just wish I could strangle Vic to death. Can't she see what Troy's intentions are? I mean she knows very well that Troy is friends with that ex of my mine

That ex whom left me all because I couldn't give myself to him

"Ummm" Troy said scratching his head

Troy is not that kind of a person who is shy of girls but now he is shy all because of the guilt of what he is about to do eating him up

"Look skat I have to go to the rest room. I'll bee back now now"

She couldn't even wait to hear my response. What if I want to go with her? But anyways she has already left me with this handsome Mr two goody shoes

"Umm hey Mpumi"

I've once told you all that people here at school call me Mpumi


I gave him a faint smile. A smile that I'm sure he can also see that it is a forced smile 

"Can I sit"

Mxm that's just guilt all over his face. When does thee Troy ask especially for something that doesn't belong to anyone haaai xem

We talked about some few things with him asking me questions and me giving him straight forward answers. You should see how this girls are looking at me

To tell you the truth I am enjoying the attention they are giving ms  I just wish it they could give me the same attention when they see me with Tau. Damn! I know they will some will even hate me

Troy ended up asking me out on a date later today since its a Friday I really wanted to turn the invite down but I just couldn't think of any better way of making Tau jealous and besides I won't be hurting Troy in any way since he also has his own evil plans so its a win win for the both of us

I want him to see that I'm not an Alisha but I'm Nompumelelo. I gave Troy my home address and he said he will come pick me up around 18:30

I have some begging to do when I get home. I have to first ask mom if I cod go and if not then I'll just have to call Troy on the number he gave me and make up an excuse but I wish non of that happen

After such a long at school I finally went home and found Tau busy watching TV. Its a first seeing him doing that

I was so ready to come home to a house filled with sex groans and moans. I guess he didn't find an Alisha to bring home today


I say and he just turned and gave me a blank stare then went back to the TV


"Mpumi you are home baby" 

That's my mom shouting from outside through the back door. I went to her seeing that its my oy chance to ask her


I said with a huge smile on my face. I have to show her how happy I am with what I'm about to tell her. She has to be convinced or else I'll never find a way to get back at Tau

Come to think of it Tau didn't bring any girl home today because my mom is here

Damn! It even hurts to know that hr isn't doing it because he wants to or feel something for me but just for the respect for my mother

"My child"

"Mama some boy from school has asked me out on a date today" 

My mom was busy washing clothes so she stopped just to look me or to make sure shenhss heard me correctly

"Yes mama you heard me correctly and I would like to go please"

"Mpumi boys bring nothing but babies in a girl's life they ruin a girl's future"

"I know mama but I'm not going out there to sin. I know about sex before marriage and I'm not about to do that"

"My child I believe you but people make mistakes"

"Mama please I'm just going out on a date just to know this boy better nothing funny will happen. Things won't even go as far as kissing him"



I went back into the house and off to my room. Tau's door was wide open

"So you really like the guy that much"

He say as I was about to enter my room. Its a good thing he has already I started being jealous

I went to his room

"So you are eavesdropping on my conversations again. It has become a habit to you neh?"

"I'm just asking you a simple question that only requires a yes or a no. No need for you to become like a girl who wants to make her ex jealous"

Fuck him! How did he even know that I am trying to make him jealous. Mxm it doesn't matter coz I can already see the results.

I got out of his room banging the door on my way out



I was now ready for my date just waiting for Troy to come 

I wanted Tau to come out and see how much he is missing out but he just locked himself in his room so I just let him be 

The was a knock on the door my mom went to open and Troy came in holding flowers. He gave them to my mom and she was happy but not that happy 



"Evening ma'am"

"Evening my son"

Troy was just so breathtaking in such a way that I just wanted to scream Tau's name just so he can come out and see my date

"Can I use the bathroom"

"Sure it's down the passage on the third door on the left"


He went to the bathroom leaving me with my mom

"He seems like a good boy"

"He is a good boy"

"How do you kn... No don't tell me you are already dating him Mpumi or God help me"

"No my mom I'm not. I just see his behavior at school"

"If that's so then its fine"

10 minutes later Troy came back with a change of mood. He didn't look happy like he did when he came in 

"Shall we" he gave his hand out to me

What must have happened in the bathroom. Did maybe his girlfriend call him and told him she wants to see him now so he is just disappointed that he wouldn't go through with his plan? But no the look he has is not of disappointment

We got to a car and he opened the door for me then went to his

"What's wrong Troy"

He turned and looked me straight in the eye like he is trying to read me then his hand traveled down to his pocket

He gave me one of my panties

"What the fuck!"

"The boy at your house said I should give you this" 

He said before starting the car drove to a destination I don't know 

Fuck Tau. How can he do this to me. I can just imagine what thoughts are running down Troy's mind

I took my phone and sent a text to Tau

''What the fuck is wrong with you" sent

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