Chapter 5

Insert 5


"Where the fuck are my panties all my panties" 

I said holding my way waist

"You are gonna pay for taking my cigarettes causing me to say things I didn't want to say hurting you in the process"

Those were Tau's words the day I took his cigarettes. Is this his way of getting back to me 

I took my gown and put it on. I wasn't planning on going anywhere neat the room Tau fucked his girlfriend in but he has left me no choice

When he said he will get back at me I never thought he would get back at me by taking my panties I mean my stepbrother taking my panties

I wonder how he even took them. Did he wear plastic gloves when taking them because he seems to hate me and even think that I'm lame

I'm sure he smelled them before even taking them that's how much he hates me. Why am I even thinking that way when he ate from the very same spoon I was using earlier on but that's different from what he has done

I was now on the front of his door asking myself if I should knock or just budge in his room and that's only if he has not locked his door

What is he planning on doing with my panties. Another thought told me to leave him and see what he will achieve from what he has done

I went back to my room and slept naked and of course I locked my room

Following day I woke up and did my hygiene process I thought Tau would have came and left my panties on my doorstep or even left a note for me telling me where he has stashed them but the was nothing

He was still sleeping and mom was already up so it would be awkward for to go to his room and wake him up coz that won't definitely make my mom happy and I can't even tell her the reason why I want to go into Tau's room

Mxm he has left me no choice than to wear that thong Vic forced me to buy a month back. She forced me to buy a pack which was just 3 of them a grey black and navy blue one. I had them stashed somewhere in a box under my bed and I wonder how Tau didn't search my bed but that's a good thing coz they came to a good use now.

I got ready for school and went to  have breakfast which my mom prepared for me because she woke up early and didn't know what to do.

I ate before going to catch a cab to school. I arrived at school and waited at the gate for Vic who will be here any minute from now.

She arrived and we walked to class while talking and at least she hasn't brought up Tau today and that's a good thing for me

"So have you heard the rumors" 

"What rumors Vic? Why are you always the first to hear about rumors? I sometime even ask myself if you are not the one spreading them" 

I say and laughed she joined me coz she knows exactly what I am talking about

"Come on I just have a big ear" 

She say and we laugh once more

"So tell me what rumors are you taking about"

"That Troy wants to ask you out on a date"

"You lie"

"The whole school know about it and some girls are even starting to talk bad about you just because Troy has fallen for you not them"

"Come on Troy can't possibly fall for me you know I'm not his type"

"Okay okay I might have heard it from people but I don't think they would lie about this"

"Troy won't ask me out and you'll see"

"Wanna bet?"


I walked away. Troy can't ask me out on a date. Troy is the famous handsome boy at school and lots of girls throw themselves at him.

He has recently made friends with Fraud my ex boyfriend so I'm sure they have made a bet or something coz I know that there's definitely no way Troy could fall for me.

School went on and it was awkward for me because girls were giving me nasty stares some were just laughing at me and I know they were laughing at the fact that Troy and Fraud decided to turn me into a betting thing

It was now after school 

Vic and I were standing under a tree waiting for our cab to arrive

"So skat tell me here. If Troy comes and ask you out will you say yes?"

There's no way I would allow Troy to play me like that never even if he has not placed on any bet but I would never go for my ex's friend and beside I don't want any boyfriend now

"You know I do not need a boyfriend in my life Vic. I thought you knew me by now"

"You know it doesn't kill to have a boyfriend"

"So he can do me like Fraud did"

"Come on skat not all men are the same and besides you can't blame Fraud for what happened"

"So you justify what he did to me. What kind of a friend are you Vic? That man cheated on me and you are standing up for him" 

"Mpumi you denied the poor guy cookie. Where was he supposed to get fed he was hungry and you became stingy with your cookie" 

The cab arrived and I just thank God it did coz I wasn't in any mood to continue this conversation especially with a person who is standing up for the wrong person.

I arrived home and went to my room to change but some noise caught my attention as I was about to open my door

"Oh... Tau.. Oh shit.. Fuck!"

"Aaah Taaaau"

I quickly got in my room and threw myself on top of the bed. Jealousy was building up in me. Why am I feeling like this? Why am I feeling like I should be the one cursing like that?

I changed my clothes and wore a tight fitting red dress then went to the kitchen to have some ice cream to cool me down

I'm sure you now know me very well that I like my ice cream home made so I prepared it the way I like it

I got done and took a spoon and sat on top of the cupboard with anger brewing inside me

"Who is Tau busy with"

I asked myself as I ate my delicious ice cream like always I had my eyes closed taking in the delicious taste into my taste buds

"Fuck this shit is so delicious" 

"I'm sure it does"

I raised my head and saw Tau standing right in front of me but 5 centimeters away with Alisha

Yes you heard me correctly he was with Alisha

A different Alisha from school the sweet one. The Alisha I never even thought would bitch around with my brother

I used to admire this girl for being humbled but she has proved me wrong today. She is a different person at school a person who doesn't even say the vulgar words but today she was busy screaming them 

"Hhm hey Alisha" 

I say with my head dropped down. I don't even want to look at her. I so hate her right out

"Hi Mpumi"

Yeah people call me Mpumi and I'm now kinda famous at school all because Troy wants to ask me out

I heard the door close and Tau was just behind it indoor. I guess Alisha will go on her own that serves her right

"Can I also have some of that delicious ice cream"

I wanted to say no but I don't know why I just could get myself to say it

"Sure go get a spo..."

He couldn't even let me finish my word coz he had already snapped my spoon from hand 

He grabbed a spoonful of ice cream and stashed it inside his mouth even humming a hhmm

"This is fucken delicious Lelo where do you even get it coz I searched the whole house for it today"

Really he searched the whole house all because of my home made ice cream I'm so proud of myself I tell you. I cannot even begin to describe how happy I am to hear him compliment my ice creak this way

"Really Tau are you for real" 

He just stared at me in a look that tells me to go on spitting whatever venom I'm spitting

"First it was an Alisha Chawane and it's now an Alisha Nqobo who will be the next Alisha now?"

"I think I get what you are saying and I know the answer to that"

He said enjoying my ice cream even feeding me with the same spoon and my stupid self just felt it like it was even sweeter now that I'm fed by Tau that's how stupid I am

"Really? Tell me"

"I think you wish your name was Alisha"

He stood up and left dumbstruck like that

He has caught me know red handed even though the thought of being an Alisha is not what I had in mind but I just wished I could also have him.

I just felt more jealous that my name is not Alisha now that he has mentioned it

I went to my room and called Vic even though I know all she will want to talk about will be Tau and I don't even know if he is eavesdropping or what

I'm even thinking of opening the door so I can see what he is going to do


"You can't believe what I've just heard"

"Hawu Vic wena you always hear things that I only get to hear from you"

She just laughed and told me anyway

"It is now proven that Troy is going to ask you out today he even posted it on FB even though he didn't say any name but we all know that he means you"

We talked some more and I was just in a hurry to hang up and go search Troy on Facebook I want to see what he actually posted  because Vic said she won't tell me exactly because she wants me to see it with my own eyes

I logged onto my FB account and immediately searched for Troy Mbiza and he appeared with his handsome picture on his profile picture

Troy Mbiza

2 hours ago

"I am finally going to ask my crush out tomorrow. Wish me all the luck guys"

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