Chapter 4

Insert 4

5 days later it was Monday and I was now at school attending the second period which is life sciences 

Tau has been avoiding me the whole 4 days plus this morning and I don't know why. I guess he still feel guilty for what he said about my father so he is embarrassed to even look me in the eye.

It was now break time and I was sitting under a tree with Vic eating our bunny chows known as a kota.

It contained chips polony Russian achar cheese and some sauces. It is a very big kota which cost R20 I think the price is because we are just school leaners coz at the supermarket outside the school the price is much higher than this one.

"So mpumi tell me why haven't you yet invited me to come and see your dearest hot stepbrother"

Just by saying that ruined my day. I don't like it when she talks about him because she makes me feel jealous and the fact that she wouldn't mind making a move on him makes me more jealous

I shouldn't be feeling this way I didn't plan to feel this way about Tau actually I thought the only feelings I would have for him is the one of a brother not the other way around

It hurts more when he shows me how much he wouldn't fall for me and now that he isn't even looking my way even though I can sometimes feel his eyes on me when I'm not looking but when I look up at him I just get disappointed

"Its not a must for you to come see him you know" 

I say I really mean it . she doesn't have to meet him at least that's what I think

"Come on Mpumi who knows maybe he is the only right man God has put aside for me. My future husband" 

That alone has made me want to change the subject coz I know that the more we continue with this conversation will make me end up telling her about what happened at the bathroom the day he arrived and I don't want her knowing about that coz it would embarrass me that I caught feelings from that small period

"Are you ready for the trials" 

"Come one Mpumi you can't just change the topic just like that but anyway I'm much ready"

The bell rang and we went back to class and continued with the periods. 4 hours later it was after school so I went home only to find that my mother has went to church and David was still at work meaning its only me and Tau in the house

How I wish he would come out look me in the eye and tease me. That's funny right? But that's the least I can expect from him because I know he would never by never I mean never be nice to me.

I opened the fridge looking for something to snack on but the was nothing so I decided to make an ice cream for myself

I threw my bag on the couch in the lounge then went back to the kitchen and prepared my strawberry ice cream with a vanilla one.

After I was done I dished up in a bowl and grabbed a spoon from the cupboard drawer then went to the lounge

I threw myself  on the couch and switched on the TV with the remote while feeding on nicely cold ice cream. When coming to prepare ice cream you could say I'm the best

I know how to measure the right amount of milk and all the other ingredients and even make chocolate syrup. That's how much I enjoy homemade snacks

The way in like it I even go as far as downloading the Indian videos of them preparing sweets I tell you guys those people really know how to make sweets and they even know the right amount of ingredients needed so yeah you can also say I'm a good leaner because I even make some delicious sweet more than them haha just joking but I'm still the best

I had already had 3 spoons of ice cream when Tau came out of his room with a girl haha just joking but I'm still the best

I had already had 3 spoons of ice cream when Tau came out of his room with a girl they were laughing. Gosh his laugh just so does wonders to my body. I wish he would laugh like that with me

I turned to look at the and he was with the hottest girl from school Alisha the popular girl the one with huge boobs. I guess that's why he doesn't notice me I don't have huge boobs but coming to booty father God blessed me I tell you but Tau is not into that

He wants something to hold on to when doing the doggy style.

"Hey Mpumi"

Yeah she knows me. I know that you all think that hot and popular girls at school are actually mean but not Alisha

She one hella of a kind girl with no attitude I used to like her until today and you all know why

"Hey Lisha"

I say trying so hard not show her that I an bored with her presence not that it bores me but the fact that she was with Tau in his room makes it even more disgusting and jealous for me

Tau just chuckled and accompanied her out then came back after 10 minutes j guess they called a cab or something. So I just dug my sixth spoon in my delicious ice cream 

Tau came and sat next to me. He looked me in the eyes like I've always wanted him from the day he started to avoid me but the problem is a I was now shy to look at him

"Can I have some" he says and I just hand him the bowl with my spoon

To my surprise he ate with the same spoon I was using. I thought he would be disgusted to use my spoon with my saliva on it

"Mmm this is very good" 

He said even humming with his eyes closed. It thought only girls do this when they eat something very tasty when they enjoy it

For the first time since he arrived her he complimented something made by me. Does he really mean it or he is saying it out of guilt or trying to buy me not to tell the rents that he brought a girl under their roof without their permission

"You know I don't need your compliments to keep my mouth shut"

I truly say. He should know that I'm not easily bought by anything especially compliments that are not coming from the heart

He just looked at me with a confused look the after a minute or so he seemed like he understood what I meant

"Oh no I'm not scared of the fuckers who own this house especially my so called dad" 

What does he mean he is not scared of them . mxm I grabbed the bowl and spoon from his hands and started eating my ice cream

He chuckled then a smirk lighten up his face which proved to me that he was about to tease me or he has done something stupid

He got up and went to his room without saying a word to him.

I received a call from Vic and I just ignored it coz I know why she is calling its just so obvious and I'm not in the mood for being jealous anymore 

I have already been made to be jealous for today and its enough. I went to my room and changed into my home clothes then begin doing my homework then study life sciences

That subject isn't for anyone it is for people who are serious about education and by that I don't mean other subjects are for people sho are not serious . what I'm trying to say is that the subject needs people who will read and not rely on being only taught in class

You should become your own teacher at home and even if it means talking to yourself while reading will make you understand more then do it.

After 2 hours of studying I went out to get started with dinner. I prepared beef stew pap and smashed mayo potato.

After 2 hours I was done and its all thanks the the 4 plates stove or else I would still be cooking. 

I went to the bathroom to take a shower before dinner when I was done I wore my gown that's what my mom said I can do when coming out of the bathroom because we have a man in the house and I should respect his presence and the man who is obviously her husband David

I went to my room and lotion. I enjoy lotioning in my room and I don't know why after I was done I went to the drawer of my wardrobe to take out an underwear and to my surprise the drawer was just empty

"What the fuck is this where are my panties"


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