Chapter 3

My stepbrother : Mine

Insert 3


Tau picked on his food as I was sticker to his  lip ring. David was looking at him with a look of disdain . My mother fixed herself another glass of wine 

I don't know what's wrong with her why is she drinking this much today. If it were some other days she would only have 2 glasses but today she has already sipped on 3 glasses and I very sure she'll get drunk any minute from now since she is just halfway the bottle

I pretended to be enjoying the dinner thinking about Tau eavesdropping on my conversation how he overhead me praising his looks. Come to think of it I think I'm attracted to him

"Tau what do you think of this place so far" my mom asked 

"Seeing as though I've only ventured this house it sucks" Tau said without even raising her head . how disrespectful it is to talk to your elders without eyeing them it doesn't matter if they ain't related to you with blood but still you still have to give respect

David slammed his fork down on the table

"Can you show some respect to your stepmother for five seconds?" 

"That depends. Can she stop boozing it up for the same amount of time five seconds? I knew you married a home wrecker but a drunkard too?" 

"You worthless piece of shit" David was brewing with anger

I was not expecting this from him insulting his own son like this

Yeah Tau is an asshole but I.wasn't expecting his father to treat him like this such language coming out of my stepfather's mouth .

Tau's chair moved back as he stood up and threw the napkin on top of the table 

"I'm done" Tau also seemed angry

"The food was wonderful sis"

The word "sis" had rolled out of his tongue with sarcasm. After he left the table

My mother put her hand on top of David's hand and I was busy asking myself what could have bought such drift between father and son. He come their relationship is like this

I got up and cleared the table then went to my room but before I could open the door to my room I decided to knock on Tau's room

I knocked on his door with my heart pounding so fast. He didn't answer so I turned the door knob and found him sitting at the edge of his bed smoking that cigarette that smells really nice . he had headphones on so he didn't hear nor see me coming in since his back was on the door

I just stood on the doorway and observed him. Why did God give me such a handsome brother who is jerk forwards us. He was bouncing his legs nervously looking frustrated and defeated 

He put his cigarette down and reached for his drawer and took out another pack 

"Tau!" I shouted

He jumped and took off his headphones turning his head to look at me

"The fuck? You scared the shit out of me"


He lit his cigarette and started putting it out . he gestured towards the door


"No" I wasn't about to leave and I mean it 

He rolled his eyes and shook his head slowly returning the headphones back on and taking a long drag 

I sat down next to him 

"Those are gonna kill you" I say

He puffed the smoke on to my face again



I'm sure he doesn't mean that 

"You don't mean that" I say 

"Please leave me alone " 

"Fine" I stood up and left his room 

I went back to the dining room. Seeing him looking down defeated made me realize that I have to get through him

I need to know if the thing happening between him and his father are the one causing him be an asshole 

The meaner he was to me is the more I come to like him. One way or the other he will talk to me

I asked David to give me his number he gave me and saved it.

I texted him

"You don't want to talk then I'll text" sent 

"Where the fuck did you get my number" received

"Your father" sent

"I should've known. Fuck him"  received

Knowing Tau very well he would've said that straight to his father's face so I decided to change the subject from his father David

"Did you enjoy the meal" sent 

"Scramble the letters meal you'll get lame. Your meal = lame" received

"Why are you so mean" sent 

"Why are you so lame" received

What a jackass he is. This was going nowhere I threw the phone on the bed and marched to his room. He is now forcing me to do something I didn't want to do something that would piss him off.

He was still on the bed smocking when I just budged in his room without knocking . I headed straight to the drawer grabbed his box of cigarettes and ran out to my room. He will talk to me nicely by fire by force

I was laughing my ass all the way to me room until the door busted open. He looked very angry. His expression won't make me stop what I've started. I stuffed the box of cigarettes into my bra. Tau looked ready to murder me

Why can't he for once be nice to me I'll make him be nice to even if its for a minute. The glare in his sexy eyes were pretty sexy making me fall for him even more

"Give them to me" he say through his gritted teeth

"I'm not giving them back to you" I say and I mean it

I'm not going to give back him this cigarettes just because he says I should he has to ask for them nicely and besides they are not good for his health 

"Yes you are or I'm ripping your shirt and take them back . you choose its your choice"

A part of me wanted him to rip it off me I just wanted to feel his hands on my body but I know it won't have any effect on him 

"Why are you doing this? They ate not good for your health" I truly say out of concern 

"You can't just still my shit. Oh I'm not even surprised like mother like daughter" 

"What are you talking about"

He lost me. My mother has never stole anything from anyone at least that's what I know. What is he talking about 

"Go and ask your mother" he say breathing heavily giving his muscular tattooed arm

"Give me my cigarettes" 

"Not until you explain to me why you said what you've just said. My mother did not steal David your parents were already divorced before my mom even came to the picture "

"That's what David wants you to believe. She probably had been fucking around on your father right? Poor bastard never knew who he was married to"

I just felt like slapping him. How can he say such things about my mother. My mother loved my father with her all she would have never cheat on him. He was her all  her first true love. Tau is just talking bullshit just to get me to get pissed off and give him the cigarettes which I'm planning on throwing them out now

"Don't call my father a basard"

"Well where was he when Glady was fucking my father behind my mother's back" 

My blood started boiling. How can he talk about my mother like this he doesn't even know my father but yet here he is calling him a bastard when he is the bastard himself. Well I'm going to make him regret asking me about my father 

"Six feet under .He died when I was ten"

I took out the cigarettes and them at him. I want him out of my room

He didn't answer he just rubbed both his hands on his forehead roughly with regret on his eyes

"Fuck sorry I didn't know" 

"Get out" I say

I really mean it. I want him out of my sight right now. He has pissed me off enough for a day. His plan of getting his cigarettes back succeeded so he should leave me alone now 

Tau looked like he was about to apologize but I don't want to hear anything coming out of that dirty mouth of his. I want him out right now or at least I should go out. I just don't want to be anywhere near him

"Get out Tau"

He shook his head with regret on his face.

So he doesn't want to go out then I'll go out. I got up and went out the room to the sitting room and watched TV 

He came after 5 minutes and stood right in front of the TV blocking my way

"I'm sorry I didn't know okay?" He say

"Just leave me alone Tau. You know a lot of things I don't know so its fine" 

He walked out of my way and came to sit right next to me. I could feel my anger for him disappearing slowly. The effect he has on me is so strong 

He breath smelled nice like the cigarettes he smoke

"That was the last package of that brand . they're imported from Indonesia. I don't even know where to buy them yet here. If you think I know too much then you are wrong. You wouldn't like to see what I am capable of when I don't have those cigars which you already have a clue. And once again I'm sorry"

"They are bad for you" 

"Ask me if I give a shit" he said uncomfortably right next to my mouth so close.

"Tau..m" he cut me

"Look smoking is the only thing that has brought me peace since walking into this hell hole" he say standing up

He attempts to walk away but stops and look back at me .His eyes were no longer soft he didn't look like he was sorry anymore 

"You are gonna pay for taking my cigarettes causing me to say things I didn't want to say hurting you in the process"

He then walks away. Mxm such a jackass how can he say that after hurting me like that.

I took my phone and called Vic 


"How are you skat" 

"I'm fine how is stepbrother dearest?" 

"Really friend really you only want to know about him and not me. I really feel hurt" I say and its the truth 

She laughs at what's not a joke to me. I called my friend so I can talk to her but it seems like I don't matter to her since she doesn't even want to know about how I'm doing. Tau is all that matters to her right now

"Come on skat are you jealous"

"No I'm not jealous and so you know I didn't call you to talk about him"


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