Chapter 2

My stepbrother : Mine 

Insert 2


"How is stepbrother dearest today?" Victoria asked. The bed squecked as i flopped on my stomach 

"Being an asshole as always" I say as I sigh

I hadn't told my best friend Victoria about what happened at the bathroom Friday night such embarrassment. It embarrassed me to no end. How will I look at Tau now so I decided to keep it a secret from Victoria.

It was now Sunday and I'll be going back to school tomorrow while Tau will stay home doing nothing at all.

I was now on the phone with Vic (short for Victoria )

"He's still not talking to you" 

"No he came out to the kitchen to get himself some cereal then back to his room"

"What do you think is making him behave this way like he has some stick up his ass"

She should see his other stick so huge that I could just feel my pussy walls hugging it in my imagination anyways I wouldn't want her to see it I don't know why but I just don't want Vic closer to Tau

I can just feel it that I would get hurt if they were to get close in that way

"Something is going on between him and David and it seems hard"

They really don't seem to get along very well loke theres bad blood between them and that just hurt my heart. How can David not get along with his father but managed to get along with me I know we don't get along that much but let me just say that we understand and respect each other and k expected him to be more to his son than he is to me. For god's sake I'm not even his blood 

"Do you think I will like him" she says trying to avoid what I just said. I guess she could hear from my voice that it doesn't sit well with me

"What? What do you mean? I told you.. He is a he devil" I snap at her. I don't like it when she asks me this kind of questions and I don't want her to meet Tau either let alone know about him but knowing her very well that's just a bad idea

"I know. But do you think I would like him ?"

To tell you the truth Tau is Vic's type that's why I don't want her to meet him. She like them guys with the kinda body even when they are not good looking but as long as their body fits what she likes then they are her type 

The way she is so deep in knowing if she will like Tau is just more reason to keep the bathroom encounter to myself. Just by thinking about it puts a smile on my face

All she needs to know is his body shape and I'll never be able to get her out of my house since visitng ne will be just her excuse to see Tau and k don't want that I DONT WANT HER NEAR TAU

But if I don't tell her she'll come to my house by force and eventually see him and all my secret of his body will just be a waste I might as well tell her

"He is really hot ... Okay? Really .. Fucking hot. Infact his looks are just the only thing he has going for him" I say

Don't look at me like that. It is what it is and i wont sugarcoat it No ways. If he's hot he's hot finish and klaar

"Okay I'm coming over" 

You see what I was telling you about. I now regret telling her. I repeat I don't want her near Tau I can just feel it that if something was to go on between them my friendship with her would never be the same and I don't know why I'm feeling this way

I should be feeling this way especially because Tau is my stepbrother which is just the same as brother and nothing would ever go on between me and him so I should feel this way but I can't help it

"No you are not" I say laughing but deep down the idea of Vic throwing herself at Tau stings my heart uncomfortable even though I think he will not return the attention back at Vic but it still hurt just a little

"What are your plans for today then"

"Before I knew that he would be such an asshole I would be preparing my Sunday dinner for all of us. You know my special recipe. I was thinking we would all be getting along sitting around the table table eating and laughing"

Actually its the only recipe I'm able to cook very well. I can cook it in such a way that you will even lick your plate spotless and clean 

"Maybe you can even add some softening desert for stepbrother dearest just so he can stop being an asshole" 

"I'm not engaging him I'm going to kill him with kindness until it eats him up. I don't care how much if a dick he is kindness is what will sort him out"


We were now around the table with my special meal on top of the table. Tau was not yet at the table so we were just waiting for him I really wasn't looking forward to be sitting opposite him on the table because I don't want sit face to face with his asshole self. I don't even think he will come to join us 

I mean we all saw that he already hates my mom which I think is because he somehow blame her for his parent's separation

The way he looked at her the moment she hugged him you could see hatred written all over his face so I'm talking about something I'm sure about. I'm talking about what he himself showed us even though he didn't say it with his own mouth but action speaks louder than words so there was no need

"Mpumi why don't you go and call your brother" my mom say

According to my mom there's no such things as stepmother stepfather stepfather stepbrother stepsister stepcousin.. wait does stepcousin even exist anyway you get my point my mom prefers it if you remove the step step step and call them brother mother father etc or rather call that person by his or her name even though she feels it disrespectful to elders but its better than calling them steps which makes them feel small

"Why me"

I asked because I don't want to face Tau after what happened at the bathroom. I'm embarrassed to have even wanted to give my innocence to him. Its a good thing he turned me down who knows might have happened 

I didn't even have condoms and I'm sure he also didn't have one with him at the moment so there was a high chance of me falling pregnant for my brother what an embarrassment it would have been to my mother

My mother opened a bottle of wine. She is the only one who was drinking she seemed like she needed the drink . she is the only one who drinks the most in this house. She is not an alcoholic and she doesn't drink to get drunk 

She poured a little of wine and took a sip then raised the glass and looked at me through it. She then placed the glass down and raised her head to look at me. The look she gave me made me regret saying what I've said. I know my mom wouldn't mind smacking me with a belt when I become like this disrespecting her.

She doesn't care about the age coz to her she'll always be older than me with the same age every year so yeah

"Look I can understand why he hates me he probably sees me as an enemy and blames me for the separation of his parents but he has no reason to hate you"  she said I guess she understood how I felt causing me to say what I said

If she knew that there's a possibility that he would also hate me for being her child I don't think she would ask me to do it. I mean most people hate you for your parent's sins not that my mother has wronged Tau's mother in any way because David and Mckaylor were already devorced and has their issues when my mother started seeing David

David was not saying anything it looked like he didn't even care if Tau were to join us or not. I don't understand why he would hate his son this much

I got up because I knew better than to argue with her and plus no one was going to do it seeing David wasn't also going to call his son. I went to his room and stand right in from of his door doubting if I should knock or just go back and say he has refused to come out but that will just cause trouble between him and David coz I can already sense bad blood between them 

I decided to myself that I would knock so I knocked and to my surprise he opened the door right away. A stick of cigarettes was hanging on his mouth. I don't know how he manages to smoke in his room and bad smell remains in his room only. Wait a minute the smell isn't even bad in fact it is a sweet smell I wonder what kind of cigarettes he smokes

He took a long drag and intentionally blew the smoke on my face. I don't even know how that got me wet but it did

"What" he said with a low voice

How can this man manage to get me wet the be an asshole mxm fuck him

I tried to stay unaffected until uncontrollable cough broke 

Great Mpumi just great

"Dinner is ready" I say nervously 

He was wearing a tight black ribbed tank top and my eyes drifted down to a tattoo that was a poem

The tatoo actually talks about how he wants his life to be on one of his muscular biceps which was now leaning against the door. I couldn't help but stare at it. The font makes it even more sexier on his hot body. His hair was wet and his jeans were hung low  exposing the top of  his blue boxers

He was breathtaking for an asshole. 

"Why are you looking at me like that" he say since I was zoned out lost in how perfect his body is 

"Like what" I ask

"Like you are trying to remember how I looked like naked the other night. Like you have changed your mind and want me for dinner" he said with a smirk on his 

"Why are you winking at meI guess I'm right"

Shit this always happens to me when I'm nervous. My eye would just twitch without me being aware of it when im nervous and people would think I'm winking at them in a lusty way especially boys

"Its just a twitch get over yourself"

His look got angry

"Really? Should I? My looks are all I have going for me right?"

I stood there speechless what is this asshole talking about now

"What's the matter now am I too hot for you" he said in a mocking tone 

"So fucking hot" he says reminding me of what I said to Vic earlier on. He flashes a wicked smile

Shit he has been eavesdropping on my conversation with Vic over the phone coz those were the exact words I described him on the phone earlier on with Vic

"You are winking at me again. Damn girl do you want me that bad. Look red is so good on you" 

I immediately left him

"We'll match seeing as the though I'm the he devil" he yelled at me and I just continued walking and he let out a laughter

I really hate him for eavesdropping on my conversations. Couldn't he mind his own business I know ears don't have lids but that doesn't mean you should stand at people's doors and eavesdrop that's just rude

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