Chapter 11

My Stepbrother : Mine

Insert 11

I so hate Vic right now. How can she do this to me. Arg this is all Tau's fault i will never talk to him from  now on

Vic had left an 4 hours ago and i was now getting ready to get to bed. The parents will be coming back today or tomorrow at dawn so yeah

As i was about to close my eyes and drift to dreamland a knock came through the door and its obviously Tau since its only us in the house

I wonder what he wants now after what he has done to me. He has embarrassed me in front of my friend who will forever laugh at me for the rest of her life and reminding me about it

I decided to go and open the door and let him in. He sat on the bed looking me straight in the eyes

"Ummm" i say trying to make him get to the point to why he came to my room

He turned his head and looked at me. I could see in his eyes that what he was about to tell me is something that will hurt me

"There is something i have to tell you Lelo"

He says and my heart starts poynding hard. The facual expression he has is not even helping me calm down

He layed his head on his palms covering  his face. I could see that he was also hurting

"What's wrong Tau"

I finally ask him

"I think its about time i come clean to you"

I dont get what he is trying to say 

"What do you mean Tau"

I ask him

"I like you Lelo no in fact i love you"

He says and my eyes open wide. I cant believe what he has just said to me

Does he really mean that he love me or its just one of his silly jokes

"Stop joking like this Tau"

I tell him as i do not want to get too excited over a joke

"I really mean it. I fell for you tge minute i came into this house"

He says and i look him and the eyes just to find his eyes telling me that he is telling mw the truth

"But why were you mean to me when you love me"

I ask him. He has to explain why he has been mean to me all this while when he knew that he loves me. 

"I wanted to accept you as my sister. I didnt want to get on the wrong side of David as you can see we aint friends"

He says. I eonder why he is calling his dad by his name i feel like asking him why he hates David so much but i can't. My crush has finally confessed his feeligs for me so ill just forget about this David issue for a while

"What made you confess your feeling now aint you scared of David anymore"

I ask him

"No its just that the more i try ignoring my feelings for you its the more they get stronger"

My heart melts to his words. I can't believe Tau feels this way about me. I never thought he would even feel this way

He is such a good pretender. Pretending to hate me all this while when knowing very well that behind that hatred its just love


"Yes but we cant be together"

He says breaking my heart into pieces. I knew he just exerting his stupid jokes on me getting my hopes high for nothing

I look at him with tears fotming in my eyes yeah i can feel them. Dear God why are my feeling for this boy too strong 

Why cant i just ignore them and live my life like he doesnt exist

Why did you bring him here to tempt me when knowing very well that he will never be mine

"No dont cry"

He say caressing my face

"I love you too much Lelo and its better if we dont become a couple because im going back home tomorrow"

He says and i dont even know what to say. I look at him and just let the tears flow freely

So he leaving. He is leaving me. But this wasnt what David told us but what matters now coz i knew very well that he will be leaving soon just not this soon

"I want to open up to you Lelo"

I just look at him puzzled. Is he about to twll me why him and David dont get along coz its not the right time to

"My mom was never out of the country for work. She only went out of the country to get special help because she is sick"

He says

"Im sorry.."

"Shhh don't. She is now back because she feels she is now better but she needs me. I have to be there for her so thats why i never wanted you to get too attached to me and then break you"

I look at him and understand what he is saying but its too bad coz im already attached to him. I can't go a day without seeing him and he is now going forever 

Love is just not on my side i tell you guys

"I understand"

I say looking down

He pulls my head up with his index finger and pulls me close to him so we can breath the same air

He looks straight into my eyes snd lick his lips the leaves me snd curse


He says not looking at me

"What's wrong Tau"

"Do you remember the day i hot into a fight with that Troy of yours"

"Yeah and you have been ignoring my questions about that night"

"Well your so called boyfriend said something about you while you were in the bathroom"

He says

"What did he say"

"He said he is only with you because he has placed a bet to break your virginity"

My eyes open wide. I knew Troy was only with me because of some stupid bet but i never knew that the bet was becsuse of my virginity

"WHAT!" I say 

"Yeah. He even said it might happen that  you are no longer a virgin seeing that you bring boys to you parent's house right under your parent's nose"

I hear him sigh. Looks like this conversation is making him angry

"Yeah he even went as far as asking me how you are in bed thats why i lost it and threw a punch right into his face but nigga just laughed and said 'yeah thats how good she is. Damn i can't wait to just bang her its a pitty its going to be a hit and run'  and i lost it again then that's when the fight started"

I dont know why im not even hurt by what Troy said about me. Im just happy that Tau cared so much about me to even fight for me

"I blame myself because he got that idea from the thong i gave him on your first date"

He say and im not even listening. My eyes are just glued to those delicious lips of his. I cabt seem to control myself as i carres his face and lay my lips on his

I kiss him and he doesn't even waste time in responding. The kiss grows deep with him lifting me up to sit on top of him facing him while i run my hands through his hair

My body gets all kind of feelings as ny clit twitch. I can feel him growing right under my pussy which makes me more wet

It doesnt even help that i know his huge dick because jusy by thinking about it the river down there grows like its raining heavily

Our breath is on another level as i take off his shirt and run my hand througj those abs I've been meaning to touch

He also takes off my nightdress and im just left with my thong

He grabs my breast with his one hand as the other runs down to my pussy

He stands up and lays me on the bed without breaking the kiss and only broke it when he went down to take off my thong

Just when i was sure he woukd come back to kissing me i feel something warm on my pussy and Damn Tau is muffing me

He plays with his tongue doing his magic while fucking me with it. My moans get louder 

Thank god the parents aint back yet. It gets heated as he eat me up like a lolipop. I keep on pudhing his head deeper into my pussy

I salute Tau xem he is eating me like he knows every corner of my pussy. I feel my body vibrating and i know what that means. I try pushing Tau off me as i dont want him to eat this nasty cum but nigga pushes my hands off him until i was powerless and screamed his name as i cum

"Ahhhhhhh Tauuuuu!!"

He licks me clean then pecked my lips and turns it into a kiss making me feel my juices

I dont know how his trouser and boxer were took off his body coz he was now rubbing mr dick on my entres

I was feeling his warm precum doing things to me be fore he stopped and wore his boxers then sit on the bed leaving me like this wet

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