Chapter 1

My stepbrother : Mine

Insert 1


A car door slammed causing me to jump up from where I've been sitting and fix my clothes. I have to look presentable 

"Calm yourself Mpumi" I say to myself

The key made a turning social and and in came David alone leaving the door open. 

Where is thee brother? Isn't he supposed to be coming in with him? Did he change his mind about coming to stay here and went to a hotel instead?

The freezing air steeped into the room through the door. After  a few minutes I heard feet steps coming towards the door making more nervous than I was before they arrived

The feet steps sound went quiet meaning Tau might have stopped walking probably making himself to look presentable to us. David stuck his head out the door

"Get your ass here young man"

Tau is a 22 years old man who decided that finishing grade 12 is everything to him . David told us that he refused to further his studies saying that people who have furthered their studies always turned out to be the useless ones so he is a stay at home which takes out the bad in him

A lump formed in my throat when he appeared in the doorway. I swallowed hard and took him in for a few seconds my heart pounding harder and harder as the realization hit that he has changed a lot from the picture we were shown

Tau is a little taller than David. He is a buff guy it looks like he works out

He smelled of cigarettes. He would look st me so I used that chance to examine him as he dumped his bag on the floor

"Kudu" (sound)

Was that my heart or the sound of the bag falling hard on the floor I don't know 

He looked hard at David and his voice was deep as he asked his father where his room is.

He such a rude child I mean doesn't he see me and my mom yeah my mom is still in her room but she'll be out any minute now. Couldn't he at least greet us before asking that 

"Down the passage first door on the right but yoh are not going anywhere before you greet your sister and mother" David says reminding me that his room was just opposite mine and the main bedroom was just down the passage

Every muscle in my body cringed as the thoughts I heard of him being nice to me disappearing

I knew right there that the was no way I wanted to be his sister. One The look he gave me was like he wanted to kill me

Two when I first got a look at his face it bacame abundantly clear that my body was now deceiving my mind. While my mind was wary of him my body was doing things I don't understand like it was out under a spell. A spell I would pay every cent of my savings to come out of

His eyes looked deep into mine with daggers he didn't say anything than to look at me and I just remained quiet. I then saw that he wasn't going to take the first step so I stepped forward and swallowed my pride I reached out my hand to him

"Hi I'm Nompumelelo nice to finally meet you"

My heart was pounding as he just looked at my hand for some time without saying anything making me regret taking the first step

It is very clear that he hate me and he will never get along with me. Just as I was about to pull my hand back he reluctantly took my hand and shake. Talking dololo 

His grip in my hard was very hard making me uncomfortable. I caughed and said "you look different from the picture I saw of you"

He squanted at me and said " you look pretty plain" my heart just shattered but why? I don't know . my throat just dried up the same second. At first I thought he was complimenting me before the word that followed 'pretty'. 

His eyes were looking me up and down with an ice-cold stare. I know I was expecting this kind of behavior from him but I gave myself the benefit of doubt but hey him doing it physically just sickens me

His lips were perfect too perfect that you would even doubt that they are the same ones that said those filth .

Before I met him he was my dream beautiful dream not knowing that he would became my nightmare.

I told myself that I would not allow him to see that his words has gotten into me.

"Would you like me to show you to your room" I asked him with my fingers crossed that he wouldn't be rude to me

He ignored me and took his bags headed to the direction of his room

"Great just great" I said to myself

My mom came running and pulled him to her hug

"Its so nice to finally meet you Tau" she said to him

His body stiffened before he pulled himself  away from her

"Wish I could say the same"

What does he mean yeah I know he isn't as happy we are or we were coz he just made our mood drop

David charged towards him "cut the shit Tau you say hello nicely to Glady in a decent way"

"Hello to Glady in a different way" he repeated the last part of his father's sentence while continuing walking to his room

"Its okay he must just be tired I mean jetlegged and this cross country visit can't be easy on him he doesn't know me yet " my mother said while she put her hand on David's shoulder

"A little disrespectful brat is what he is" David said

He looked angry. His son just makes him angry and it's all his mother's fault . she failed to raise him to be a respectful man

I knew right there that Tau really needed a mother like mine in his life to discipline him. His behavior is just so unacceptable. The look my mother had was one of that David was right about Tau's mother

My stepfather has never used such word with me although I had never been disrespectful but was being a brat. That night Tau stayed behind closed doors

David went in there once and we heard them arguing me and mom just decided to stay out of whatever they are clashing about 

On my way to the bathroom I couldn't help but stop at my door and stare at Tau's closed door. Is this bow we are going to live for the whole 30 days a month.

Is he going to act this way with us until he goes back

Planning to brush my teeth I opened the bathroom door and jumped to the sight of Tau wrapped with a towel on his lower body

Steam and the smell of men's body wash filled my nostrils

For some God forsaken reason I froze instead of running out. My eyes were glued on his body his perfect shaped body. He turned and looked at me but instead of fastening the towel to not fall as it was getting loose he let it fall to the floor 

My mouth dropped. My eyes were now glued to his .. you know . a few seconds before my gaze traveled up to his two shamrocks inked on his ripped torso and the to the tattoo on his arm. His chest was drilling wet with water . his left nipple was pierced. By the time my eyes met with his face I was met with an evil smirk

I tried to speak but the words were deceiving me. I finally managed to look away and just then the words came in running

"Uh... Ummm. Oh my god.. I'm so.. I better leave" as I turned to leave the room his voice stopped me

"You act like you've never seen a guy naked before" he said with this smirk on his face

"Actually.. I haven't "  and that's the truth 

"How disappointing for you. Its gonna be really hard for the next guy to measure up"

"Cocky much?" I ask

"You tell me don't I deserve to be?"

"God you are acting like ...-" he but me

"A giant dick?"

It was a bad car accident to turn away from. I was looking down at him again. What is wrong with me. He was stark naked in front of me and I couldn't move 

He broke my stare and said "there's really nowhere to go from here so unless your planning on doing something you should probably leave and let me finish getting dressed" I could feel my panties getting wetter by the second

I shook my head in disbelief and slammed the door shut. How can he say that what can I possibly plan to do with his naked legs were shaking as I fled to my room

"What just happened"

I waited until I heard his bedroom door shut. I stood up with difficulty and went to the bathroom. I was planning in brushing my teeth only because I had taken the bath before Tau arrived but then Tau decided to mess me up

I ran a bath for myself and filled it with foam bath. I stripped naked and could see my panties down on the floor wet like it has been poured water. Why am I letting Tau get to me like this mara

I entered the bathtub and relaxed myself with my eyes closed. I was enjoying the salt doing it's magic but I couldn't ignore the ticklish feeling down at my pussy

Look at what Tau has done to me now

The door flung open and slammed shut causing me to open my eyes just to see tau staring at me. Luckily the bubbles were covering me

His eyes landed on my wet lace thing and that just brought and evil smirk on his face which I now hate

I felt so embarrassed that I just wanted to get out from the bathtub and run back to my room but I can't because if I do he will see me naked. He was only wearing his boxers

I could see his member growing inside causing me swallow hard. Did I tell you that its a gaint member he has down there

He came closer to the bathtub taking off his boxers and joined me in the bath. I couldn't help but stare at his huge cock

"Got a phone with you" 

"Umm.. Uh... Shit.. No" 

"Bad for you coz only a picture lasts" he says and that's when I realized that I was now staring at bubbles covering his member

I just can't help myself but to stare at it. It sometimes scare me at how huge it is

My friend Victoria has once forced me to watch porn and what I saw is in the porn videos is nothing compared to what Tau has here

"You won't stop staring even if it has disappeared" he says causing me to hit my forehead playfully to bring myself back to mother earth

One minute he is now up and pulling me

I could feel myself getting wet again and not by the water but wet from my juices and that when I realized that I had just cum without any action taken but only by his touch

He wrapped his hands around my waist

"What was your name again Nompumelolo" he says with a Canadian accent causing me to laugh

"Nompumelelo" I say correcting him. I wasn't even minding that our bodies were against each other naked


"Lelo  that's what I'll call you" he says and my heart was just dancing in excitement for what reason? I don't know 

He left wet kisses on my already wet neck. A minute later I was now burnt exposing my ass to his hard member which was now rubbing against my wet itchy pussy causing me moan. My moans were getting louder and at such a small house we live in he had to cover my mouth just so the rents couldn't hear us

He rubbed my flower until I gathered the courage to touch his member from behind. I wanted him to enter me he made me feel like it. I know that what we are doing is wrong but I can not bring myself to stop it since I'm enjoying it

I held his huge member and my eyes grew high as the thought that he would never fit into my small hole

He pulled away his member and got out of the bathtub. Just as I thought he was leaving he got closer to the bath without getting in and pulled me in for a kiss a long ass kiss before he wore his boxers and left me all sorts of wet

He is such bad person. How can he turn me on like this then leave me. He is cruel. I was ready to give my virginity to my so called brother

I sat down and cried at how stupid and easy I was to him. He is my brother for God's sake it doesn't matter whether he is my stepbrother matter of fact is there is a brother so he is my brother

I should try avoiding this kind of things to happen again. I don't want to disappoint my mother. She has taught me about sex before marriage and I was about to break the promise I made to her

And the worst part it would've been with my brother. Damn Mpumi!!

I washed myself and fingered myself since I was so horny and I couldn't go to bed like this

I was touching myself all over but it wasn't enough I need a man's touch like how hard Tau held me but anyways I continued and entered one finger. It is my first time doing this I saw it o the video so I'm now trying it out since I'm really in need of it

I entered my finger and moan excaped my mouth. It was a loud moan I had to bite my lower lip just so I don't make any noise


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