Chapter 8

Insert 8

I woke up with a banging headache to an unfamiliar room which had the best decor I've ever seen

Looked around the room and i was alone only wearing my underwear and a big shirt which smelled of Mr M's cologne that drives me crazy.. I went to the nearest door which i assume is the bathroom.. I got in to an amazing bathroom which you would even swear its a kitchen.. I walked towards the toilet and pulled up the shirt pulled down my thong then sat down on the toilet sit and peed

After i washed my hands and went out of the bathroom. Still there wasnt anyone in the room.. I went out of the room to try and find someone since it didnt look like a hotel room

And indeed it wasn't a hotel

I was just 5 rooms away from the steps yep i was upstairs

I walked in slow motion admiring the beauty of this house.. The owner has outdone him/her self

The house was smelling great meaning it has just been cleaned coz the floor is even shining

I went downstairs then looked around the lounge dining room 

I even saw a room written with bold italic "cinema room"

The person must be a billionaire xem

I followed the smell of delicious food.. I got to a kitchen

Jealous down the person who built this house and renovate it knows their job xem

I found an old woman busy preparing food

"Hello ma"

She turned to see who was talking to her.. She gave me a smile

"Agee nwanaka" she said giving me the most beautiful smile I've ever seen that made me feel welcome in this house

"Dula fasi nwanaka breakfast is almost ready.. I'll give you the painkillers after eating" (sit down my child breakfast is almost ready) i sat down

"Im Thandi i work here twice a week" 

"Oh hi ma Thandi im Mbali"

"Are you related to Khulani?.. Mxm stupid me you are even wearing his shirt" she said and i just blushed

"Do you know Khulani is married?" She asked now making me feel like a whore

"Yes ma.. It wasn't my intentions to fall for a married man" i said

She just smiled at me

"So you love him" she asked while dishing up for me

"Yes ma.. Ive always had a crush on him since the day i laid my eyes on him.. The fact that he is married was the only reason that kept me away from him but now mama" i said.. I don't know how but I feel free around ma Thandi maybe its because she is very friendly and welcoming

"And you have now got him?" She asked sitting down and i was now eating

"Im not sure ma.. Maybe he has family problems and he just see me as a person to make him forget about them" i said taking in the slice of the bacon into my mouth

"Why o nagana so" (why do you think that)

"Ma ever since i started working at his company he has never had any eye for me nor any other women except his wife" i said

"Do you regret the time you had with him" she asked

"No i dont ma i enjoyed every moment but then my heart pains to think that this happy moments for me are from hurting another woman" i said

"Do what you feel is right my child" she said before handing me the painkillers and a glass of water

I drank them..

"You should go and rest.. Khulani said you shouldn't go anywhere he'll be back to take you home and if by that time you'll have made a decision just let him know about how you feel" she said then walked upstairs to one of the rooms upstairs

I went to watch tv.. After watching tv i went upstairs to the room i woke up in and took a nap

I woke up a few hours later feeling much better

I then went to the bathroom and took a long relaxing bath with all the relaxing salts

After the bath i lotion and went to the closet to look for something to wear

I found some few clothes which i assume belongs to Mr M.. I took out his big white shirt

I wore it with no underwear because the ones i came with were dirty

So i took the clothes i came wearing and went to wash it in the washing machine

After it was done washing it i trumbled dry them

Then hang them up

I went back to the room and took another nap.. My body just feels tired xem.. I must've worked my body up yesterday

I was woken up by soft kisses all over my face

I opened one eye followed by the other and saw the man that always manages to make me wet down there

I smiled but he still kept a straight face

I sat up on the bed and looked at him

"Mr M"

"Mmmmh" he said staring into my eyes like he wants to read whats in my mind

"What's this that's going on between us? I mean you are married why are you cheating on your wife?"

"Dont you enjoy whats happening between us?"

"I do but then it hurts to know im the reason that makes your wife cry"


"Mr M.. This has to stop plus i dont wanna be any man's side chick.. I already feel bad about what I've done .. Yeah I've enjoyed what we did but then your wife is out there in a killer mode" i said getting up to fetch my clothes

As i was passing by Mr M he just decided to hit my butt in  a naughty way

And i just chuckled and walked out

I went and took off the clothes from the hanger and went back to the room and took off the shirt in front of Mr M

He had his eyes on me

He stood up and took off his tie and rub it against my skin then used it to cover my eyes. I was not able to anticipate where or when his next kiss or touch is coming so every touch felt more intense.The way the silk felt against my skin so every touch felt more intense.The way the silk felt against my skin the way it smelled after being tied around my neck  Mmm. He ran his hands through my hair like a comb.i was enjoying the comfort that the simple gesture brought to me.. It’s an immensely pleasurable experience and just put me in the mood. It made me feel pampered and cared for.

He rubbed his hand on my pelvis gently making me want him to touch me down there.. He started caressing my inner thighs.. Damn this man is teasing me

He kissed licked and nibbled on my earlobe.. I just wish i could take off this tie so i can see his handsome face

He then massaged the back of my neck making my knees get weak.. I went down on my knees.. Mind you i was still naked.. He picked me up bridal style and placed me on the bed i guess..

He came to my lips and started kissing me with his hands cupping my now firm breasts.. He used his mouth and lips to start to kiss my tits and stomach slowly working his way down..he nibbled his way up to the right edge of my pussy lips then skip across the clitoral hood and head to the other side. He did this a few times until i started begging for more.

"Just give it to me already Zungu!!!"

"Say that again"

"Please give it to me Zungu Ncwane.. Shiiit!!"

He just chuckled and started his first lick which was super slow  and made me moan he did about a dozen of “St. Bernard licks” before he continued.

"Owwww ohmmmm fuck!?" I screamed as my cum splitted all over his face with my hands on his head

He continued to suck on my clit and lick my pussy until i cum again.. I pulled my hands away from his head and took a heavy breath

He then licked me clean with me moaning enjoying the way his tongue eas working magic all over my clit...

"And she says this has to stop while she's busy calling out my clan names" he said taking off the tie off me and gave me smirk.. He did this on purpose

"Mara why are you doing this.. Why are you making me want you then leave me hanging bathong?" I asked

"Like you said we should just stop this... You'll find me in the car" he said taking his car keys and walked out

Mxm how can he.. One can also play the game

I wore my clothes and walked out of the room and said my goodbyes to ma Thandi before leaving the house.. I found him leaning on the car 

He opened the passenger's door for me and i got in.. He went to his side and got in

He started driving out..

Mxm i cant go home being this wet.. If i go home like this then he'll have to go home with a boner

I started by reaching over to  him running my hand up and down his thigh. Moved my hand closer to his crotch which should stimulate some activity!

As he grows aroused i rubbed his cock through his pants. When felt it straining the material i undid the button and zipper and remove his penis.. I stroked him as i leaned over his lap. I explored his penis with my tongue and lips before wrapping my mouth around it and moving my head to suck his entire shaft.

As i could tell that he was about to come i left his shaft and look him in the eye

They were so small and red.. He was trying so hard not to lose control of the car

I pushed his hard shaft back to his trouser.. I was happy with my job shame.. We will both go home horny now

"You know i could jyst stop the car by the side of the road and fuck this naughtiness out of you" he said making me laugh

He drove and dropped me two houses before my house.. I walked inside the house and found mom preparing food i guess she just got back from wherever she was

"Hello ma"

"Hey Mbali"

As i was about to go to my room

"Where were you?"

"I went out with Inno and Lebo" 

"How funny it is that they were here looking for you since you weren't even answering any calls" 

Gosh i even forgot my hand bag back at the house.. Mxm

"You are a big girl now you can do whatever you want but then you have to let me know that you are safe.. Your friends are worried about you" she said

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