Author: Mikateko

My Boss My Everything

Chapter 6

Insert 6

"Wanna take this somewhere private" he said

I didnt even know what to say i just stared into his charming eyes which always gets the better of me

"Ill take that as a yes" he pecked my lips and pulled me out of the car

I thought he said we are taking this somewhere private but he is now taking me out of his car

I hope he doesnt mean my house coz my mom will definitely deal with him that im sure of

He slipped his hand onto my waist and grabbed my but and squeezed it

He pulled me to walk with him and we walked to the other side of the car the passenger's side

He pinned me onto the door and smashe his lips on mine

Sucked on my bottom lip as i was about to respond he pulled out and leaned his hard body on me making me have goosebumps

I will never get used to having him this close to me

He pulled me to him and opened the door

His hand indicated that i should come inside

What a gentle man xem😊😊 if  only he were mine

But he is mine for nowπŸ˜‰ right?

I wonder what will Mrs M say when she wakes up to  find her husband not in bed coz im planning on keeping him up all night.. He wanted to satisfy me so he will have to stay up all night plus tomorrow is saturday meaning no work for me😁😁😁😁😁😁 yeay

He drove with his hand running up my thigh sometimes rubbing on my pussy.. I couldn't handle this hunger 

Seems like he read my mind coz he pulled me with his one hand while the other was controlling the steering wheel..

He pulled me to sit on top of hin while he was driving to God knows where

"Are you trying to kill us" i said worried

I mean how will he be able concentrate on the road with me on top of him and especially this late

"Follow my lead and we will be just fine" he said rubbing my one butt

Gosh how good it feels

I started leaving wet kisses on his neck making him groan but still acted strong and concentrated on the road

We arrived at this hotel mind you im in my gown  and lingerie

He got  out carrying me my legs wrapped around his waist

He closed the door and pinned me on the car without putting me down

He smashed his lips on mine we were still in the parking lot

After the mind blowing kiss he put me down and fixed me up tying my gown so nothing can be revealed

We walked inside and he booked a room for us.. He signed the forms and took the keys we went to the room we were give

I got inside and took off my gown.. Its time to have fun

He came in and closed the door locking it behind him

He walked towards me and grabbed me roughly but romantic 

I clawed my nails on his back.. The rage he experienced subconsciously forced him to reciprocate my rough moves with his own

I ran my hand through his  newly cut haircut

He moved his one hand to squeeze my butt

He really loves my butt Jealous down.. I moved my hand to his neck clawing my nails on his neck  im surely leaving a mark for today.. I leaned forward Nd whispered into his ear "im all yours tonight!" Then bit his neck

He picked me up and walked with me towards the bed then put me down on it

Flipped me over and started tapping my ass

He then pulled me up and walked with me so he can push  me agaisnt the wall and pressed his borner against me then grind with his bulge rubbing against my clit.. He grabbed my wrists and pinned them over my head he just reminded me of how big and strong he is.. He kissed me hungrily thrusting his tongue inside my mouth and moaned like he just tasted the best thing in his GOD damn life.. His wife must be starving him xem but no worries im here now

He pushed my head to the side and sucked and nibbled on my neck working his way down to my sholder and started biting I'm sure he'll leave a mark that lasts which made me gasp

He unzipped my sexy number making sure he is in charge

He threw me on to the bed.. I see this is gonna be rough sex.. You know one can play the game plus the bitch inside wants to come  out

He climbed on top of me flippibg me for doggy style and rubbed his member on my little flower😊

"Aint you gonna protect" i asked.. He has a wife so he shouldn't leave his seeds inside me coz ill definitely keep themπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ joking

Within seconds i felt his huge member breaking its way through my fuckin vagina

He grabbed a handful of my hair pulling it from the scalm just so he doesnt hurt me.. I loved it shame

He started thrusting my poor flower slowly letting the pleasure consume me😏 he grabbed my waist as the pace was now getting faster Hitting the g-spot

"Oooh mr Mmmmmmmmm!"

He held me tightly making sure to leave marks on my waist too i see

He lightly chocked me as thrust was faster than before

"Ohhhhhm Mr Mmm! Yes! Fuck me!!"

" ohhhh! Shit.. You like it"

I nodded like a preschool kid.. He spanked my ass but lightly this time.. Gosh he seriously has issues with my ass

"Harder baby!!! Harder" yoh its like i asked him to spank me harder with him going harder in me.. The pleasure i was feeling with some little pain something i can handle

The thrusts were now hard and fast letting out his animalistic side out..

"You are so dammmn warm baby"

"I could do you all night! Shit" 

I felt scratch marks down my back damn the dude is doing me good xem

He went deep and deeper until we both came

He fell on my back breathing heavily same as me

"That was good" he said

"Wanna go for another round?" I asked and this time ill be in control.. I'll be a freak for him.. Remember his mine all night

I kissed him hard and messy and passionately.. He sucks my tongue into his mouth and i bit his lower lip lightly

I dig my nails into his back

I grab his hand and place it on my clit. He begins to move his fingers in slow circles "do you feel that?"  I asked him

"Do you feel how bad i want you again?" I asked again and he groans

He grabs my boobs big handfuls squeezes them tight.. I rub his member on my clit and it felt so damn good.. I kissed his chest making him groan some more.. I slowly used my hand to guide junior to my palace.. I moved up and down until i have teased the head of his dick through the entrance of my flower.. He groaned meaning this felt good on him 

I moved down accompaning him so he can stretch my walls once he was in i started to move up and down the length of his shaft slowly and purposefully titling my hips slightly when i push down so they rotate and i can feel him rubbing all the right places inside me

I kept the penetration steady varied my movements so he doesn't get too excited too quickly.. I rotated my hios in circles and felt the pleasure kicking in both of us.. I started bouncing up and down but not  too hard so it doesnt slip out.. He lifted me up and down with his hands underneath my butt.. I took the pressure off my legs by using his chest to lean on.. I started twerking on him

With screams moans and groans taking over the room

Im sure the person on the next room will complain about this noise

I rode him like a wave xem with my nails nails now digging onto his chest bathong

He would spank my ass here and there while i would lean over and bit his ear playfully with him leaving love bites on my neck

I went in deep and shallow mixing all the woman on top techniques 

I leaned forward and kissed him while breathing heavily.. I turned around without letting junior out.. I was now doing the reverse cowgirl style

He said all the dirty talk making me work hard on him

We had sex all night different positions

Missionary cowgirl doggy style reverse cowgirl girl on top.. Name them

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