Chapter 5

Insert 5

It was now my knock off time.. I slipped into my yellow fluffy dress which revealed my thighs.. It was perfect for me to get a man at the mall

I received a message from Inno saying she is waiting outside with Lebo

So i grabbed my bag and went out to them

"Lets go i want us to make this fast i still have somewhere else to go" Inno said

"I see the dick must be too nice and worth losing time to spend with us" Lebo said

"Look who is talking😆 girl some of us did not get it all night like you only God knows that i still feel sleepy.. I could've guessed that you were screaming right in my room if i didnt know better that you were only a minute away from my room.. You made me horny all night but still talk rubbish now" Inno said

"Ha mnghani.. Sorry" she said holding a laugh in

"Guys stop talking about thus you know some of us haven't got some in like weeks for now" i said

"Tell me you are joking" Lebo said

"Thats the reason we are going shopping" Inno said

We called a cab which drove us to the mall

We paid up and went in.. We first went to this lingerie shop and both my friends were busy picking what they like and i thought why not pick something for when i finally get intimate with Mr M

So yeah we all bought the ones we like.. I went for the beautiful garment which covers from breast to waist with a push up bra cups and sits above the hip bone and have a fixed strap for attaching the g-string that is in a tiny lace rope had a delicate zipper as a closer (all black with a taste of red here and there)

After our lingerie shopping my friends took to the store I've always avoided the store which sells stuff women can use to satisfy themselves with

I've always passed this shop.. I've never wanted to buy anything from it 

I mean why buy something i could just get for free from any men? Huh?

But anyway as we were about to enter the shop i saw mrs M and her husband coming our way.. Yoh sana the way i got shy xem.. My crush seeing me going into a shop like this what impression am i giving him

That I'm really desperate to be fucked

Lebo pulled me in

"Come on girl we are doing this for you" lebo said

Trust her to say that.. I know she did it deliberately she saw Mr M and took the advantage just let him know that im sexual frustrated

Anyway i got my now shy self inside.. Went around looking for the right dildo to satisfy my pussy.. I ended up choosing the medium black rubber size one which went along with a vibrator... Gosh just the imagination of me doing this by myself makes me feel somehow.. We went to the till to pay up and guess what it was a hunk of a men

"Mmmh i see you guys prefer thee DIY" he said giving me the smirk that says 'i could help you know'

My forward friends were the ones to respond

"Just wanna try out how these lesbians feel when they use these things" Inno said

Aaai im sure you now all know how this one is

"Eix yeah we are tired of always having to wonder how it feels like so we thought why not try it out" Lebo added

"Mmmm i see.. You are tired of the real thing" he said

This man xem.. He is here making me wet then ask all this stuff

"We could never get enough of that we just wanna try this one out" Inno said

Im just glad they never mentioned that the thing is mine

At least they are protecting me from this hunk from knowing the real truth

There was this lady who also worked at the till who was giving me nasty stares

What have i done now.. Maybe its because this man is giving me thee eye so she feels threatened

"Are you always quiet like this" the man asked me

I was all quiet like a quiet shy girl

You would even swear i get this shy when we in bed kanti haaai im just a bitch nje

"This one? Shes not this quiet.. Its only hunger gettung the bettet of her" Lebo said

Inno just laughed out

"You know i could take you out for a dinner if you are that hungry" he said

If only he knew what kind of hunger im feeling

Anyway we paid up and went out with lady still giving me nasty stares

I didnt even entertain the guy but she's acting like a bitch i also know how to act like a bitch but im just controling myself not to

After that i went home.. I got home to the delicious smell that was mouthwatering MY MOMS FOOD

How much i love her cooking.. She was making mushroom and lamb curry😋😋😋 YUMMY!!

Seasoned with salt pepper and sugar and sprinkled with coriander

Served with steamed rice and yoghurt

My Gosh this food will be the death of me.. I greeted my mom while boiling the water pepper and sugar and sprinkled with coriander

Served with steamed rice and yoghurt

My Gosh this food will be the death of me.. I greeted my mom while boiling the water i just couldn't wait to start eating thank God i didn't eat anything at the mall i need all the room for this kinda food.. I'll eat until my stomach complains 😂😂hahaha only if it could complain

I went to take my bath then wore my new lingerie

NO I'm not expecting anyone so i was thinking since i wont have to wear it anytime soon i might as well wear for fun

If only you could see me in it.. Just imagine my body in a lacy thingy doint its thing with this huge ass.. I could even get any girl horny

I wore it with my silky red gown.. I tied it up so my mom couldn't see what's inside phela my mom knows me as a good girl kanti doh her daughter loves dick njena

I went to the dinner table and it was already set up i sat there then my mom dished up for me

We started eating having a conversation here and there

Mom: how was your day my child

Me: can you believe my boss's wife made me change uniform coz she feel threatened by me

Mom: haw my child was it that short

Me: ma I've been wearing that uniform for long now and you know i havent gained any wait

Mom: i wouldn't blame her phela my child i gave you what they say "shake what your momma gave you" and know you my child are rocking it well

We both busted out lauging.. My mom xem

Yeah she's right i got this ass from her.. You should see her you would swear she is my sister.. Her body is still fresh as mine not to talk about her face.. Men my age fall for her thinking shes still young as me

Even when we at the mall together.. Some woukd even whistle up to her thinking she is with her friend or sister not knowing she is with her daughter

Me: but mama she even said im trying to seduce her husband the boss

Mom: how huge is her ass?

Me: hawu mama what's that got to do with what we are talking about?

Mom: hawu phela Mbali its possible that she has an ironing board so she is jealous of what i gave you

She said winking at me

Me: hawu mama when have you become like this

Mom: hawu my child you are no longer a child and im sure also not a virgin anymore

I was shy.. I've never had this kind of conversation with my mother

Mom: dont be shy feel free around me.. I wont judge you my child.. Ive also been your age so i know what you are going through especially if you are taking my steps

Me: what steps?

Mom: let me tell you something.. When i was your age i loved dick like nobody's business until i met your father.. I changed for him but that dickhead couldnt stop fucking this bitches

Me: mama i never knew

Mom: so my child i can see how much you also love dick just use protection and dont over do it neh

She said winking at me haaai i like this side of my mom

I received a call as we were halfway our

It was from an unknown number

I didn't want to answer it but my mom gave me the look and said "answer maybe its your lucky day who knows? You might get some" she said and laughed

Haaaaai xem so anyway i answered

"Ummm hello who is this" yeah I'm like this to numbers i do not know

"Mmm this is how you answer calls" that voice i know it

I could forget all the voices in the world but not this one

"Im coming" what he is coming

"Yo..u.. You don..." He hung up on me

Mxm he doesnt even know where i stay so yeah

After 30 minutes i was sitting with my mom watching tv and talking about crazy things

I recieved a call from another number

I answered 

"Yeah whose it"

"Come out" then hung up

That voice againg.. The only voice that make my clit twitch and my pussy wet

"Ummm mom I'll be back" i said to mom who was slowly falling asleep

"Just make sure you lock uo when you back... and oh dont fuck your man in my house" she said getting up heading to her room

I went out and saw no one outside the gate.. I went outside tge gate and saw a car 2 houses away down the corner

I just cant go there.. I mean what if there are some rapists down there.. Im not even sure if its the person who called

I took my phone and called the last number i received a call from but hey it took me to voicemail

Mxm how can a person call me to come out then switch off their phone

I tried the first one he used to call me with and voicemail too

So what am i going to do now

I saw a man figure come out of the car and leaned on it then i received a call from another number


"What are you waiting for"

"Where are you" i said looking at car down there 

"You are looking right at me" then he hung up again

I started walking down to him.. I arrived 

"What are you doing here" i asked but he just pulled me by my waist and smashed his lips on mine

He started sucking on the bottom one while i sucked on the top one.. I just hope this is not a dream

We kissed hungrily.. He picked me up with my legs around his waist and sat me up on his car without breaking the kiss

He moved his hand to spank my ass which hurt but felt good.. I just wish i could take off his clothes but we are in the street

We finally broke the kiss when it was about to get out of hand

"What are you doing here Mr"

"Im here to help out.. I saw you buying that rubbish so i thought why not come give you the real thing"

Gosh how shy I was

"It wasn't for me it for my friend and no thanks im fine i have a man who will help me if i need help"

"I don't care who it was for and as for the man i hope you are talking about me" he said then picked me up and walked with me into the car he opened the door without putting me down

He layed me down on the sit and unfastened my gown only to be met with mh sexy thingy😉 then got inside the car and closed to door

Thank God for buying it and deciding to wear it

"I see you were ready for me" he said

"Nah i was waiting for my man" i said lying

"The one you bought at the mall? Mmm when i remember very well that man dont even have eyes to see this sexy thing before me let alone touch like this" he started touching me all over squeezing my thingh right near my pussy

The other squeezing my ass with him biting my ear

Gosh he was taking me to paradise

He moved the g-string thingy aside and rubbed my now wet pussy

"Mmm i like the way you get wet for me" 

He then entered one of his huge finger and started fucking me slowly..

"Ohhh Gosh... Ohhhm"

He then upped the pace making me scream more louder

He rounded his finger in circles which drove me to the east

"Oh shiiiiiiiiiit"

He entered another huge finger into my pussy and moved more faster 

Can he just already enter his member

An orgasm hit me hard my juices split all over his hand abd ruined the car sit

Without any warning i felt a warm thing moving on my pussy and felt good and guess what he went to muff town

He muffed the fuck out of me until i came in his mouth.. He licked me up clean and came to kiss me so i can taste myself

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