Chapter 4

Insert 4

I woke up to my alarm as usual.. Did my morning hygiene and i was ready to go

I went to the kitchen to get something to eat.. 

I found freshly cooked oats and i dished up for myself then added sugar and milk ate then off to work i went

I arrived changed into my cleaning uniform and started cleaning

I cleaned and went to the boss's office to clean

I was done after 30 minutes.. He wasnt early today so i was done before he could come in

I went to the cleaner's lounge 

Yes us cleaners have lounge.. We relax there until it is time for us to clean again.. We even have a television connected to a DSTV you would swear we are not cleaners xem.. Thats what i love about thus company they dont treat us just as cleaners they also respect us

We sat there until MR M's pa came to ask for me apparently Mr m wants to see me in his office now so i marched to his office only to find him with his bitch.. I wonder what she has in store for me  today

Me: morning sir morning maam

How much i hate calling her maam she doesn't deserve being called that.. Mxm

Mr m: take a sit

He said with a straight face i wonder how he joke around with his wife.. I mean this man never even smile not even when he is touching you all over he still manages to keep a straight face which is a total turn on to me

But i wonder how he is with mrs bossy

I took a sit 

Mrs m: so we've decided that me and you are going to get you a new uniform

Like really? They called me here for this and MR here allows hus wife to just run over me like this.. I've been working here for almost 2 years now and have been wearing this uniform and no one had a problem with it

Me: whats wrong with this one coz I don't see anything wrong with it

Mrs m: are you back chatting me? Your boss's wife

Oh so she'll pull that stunt with me now.. She'll threaten my job in front of her man and he is just sitting there giving me a cold stare with his face which makes my clit twitch even in situations like this

I should've had her man the moment he touched me.. This bitch needs to be taught how to live with people like us who do not tolerate shit.. She feels threatened by me while im here holding myself not to eat her man up mxm i should just make her fantasies true so when she could feel threatened with something that has happened

Me: im not back chatting you I'm just asking since i do not see any faults with my uniform

Mrs  m: baby you'll just let her disrespect me like this in front of you i  your own company

Mr m: i am not going to interfere in ladies matters

No wonder he is not saying anything.. I like him for that

Mrs m looked disappointed by his response im sure he'll get one hell of a shouting after i leave here..

Mrs m: ok then there's nothing more to discuss.. Go take your bag.. We are going to get you a proper uniform.. I wont let you walk around here eith that thing like you want ti seduce our husbands.. This is not your township where you seduce married men without their wives noticing it

I stood up and walked out not forgetting to close the door behind me and lean on it

Guys how much i missed being fucked i dont even know where my so called boyfriend is mxm I've tryung to call him but no response.. How can he just disappear on me like this how does he think i will get sexually fed and mr m is not giving me any chance

I still had my back  on the door when i heard shoutings from the inside.. Just like i told yoy Mr m is getting it for letting me "disrespect" his wife in front of him on his company's premises

"What do you want from me Thembeka mmmh? First you think im a cheater"

"Then why are you allowing her  to walk around here half naked baby you have a wife"

"Mxm you consider yourself a wife when you cant even trust the person you call your husband"

I walked away since i decided I've had enough.. I went to take my bag and went back to the office.. Guys u don't know mr  m's name.. Mxm how foolish of me I've been more focused in him making me wet forgetting to know my boss's name

I knocked on the door and only found Mrs m sitting there ready to scratch her fake nails on me

Mxm I'm not the one who said she should have trust issues with her husband

Her man was nowhere in sight i guess the argument got heated

"I'm ready to go" she didn't even respond she just took her handbag and walked out so i followed her to her car

She inside her side while i got in the back

Thw drive to the 10 minutes nearby mall felt like forever with this woman here and silent taking over us which is something good we are both doing keeping our mouth shut

We arrived and went inside bought the new uniform which was almost beneath my knees but tight because of the ass my momma gave me

We drove back mind you I was still in my old uniform.. We arrived and i was instructed to go change into my new uniform and i did as i was told

It was now time for us to clean again i went to Mr m's office and found him sitting there like he was waiting for me

"Close the door and lock it" i did as told

He stood up and came towards me.. "I thought you went to buy something that wont turn me on when you are wearing it" he said

Gosh this man likes flirting with me and then leave me hanging

"Your wife thinks this is much better than the old one"

"Fuck! She killed me i mean how am i supposed to concentrate on my work with that ass" LORD HAVE MERCY

He is here talking all this things making me wet i mean how am i supposed to concentrate on my work with that ass" LORD HAVE MERCY

He is here talking all this things making me wet he wasnt even smiling.. He had a serious face on but still managed to make me want him

"Si...sir please you wife is the building she could come in any moment" i said with a weak voice

"Wanna take this somewhere else" how much i would like to but i know that the minute i have him i wont want to let him go or even share him with his wife so nah I'll keep my starvation to myself

"You know mr i dont wanna ruin your marriage coz once i give you some you will always come back running" i said with my finger☝ running down his red mouthwatering delicious lips

"Is having you worth ruining my marriage?"

I didn't kniw what to say.. But according to me I'm worth having their marriage to break.. I mean he would gain something than lose something.. Its a new thing everyday of being with me

"Thats your decision to make.. Do you want this? Or you want your wife? Or both?" I asked

"You know i can have both" he said

"Ever since i was concieved I've never shared anything i mean even in my mother's womb.. I did not share it si what makes you think I'll agree to you having both of us" i said

He didnt say anything but leaned against me making me sit on the table

He let his one hand into my dress "uniform" and squeezed my thigh with his one hand roaming around my face touching everyth it could get hold of smoothly then his juicy lips landed on mine.. I could never get used to this lips they taste differently every time i kiss them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ yeah i know its my second time having his lips splashed on mine but i could taste the  difference

He backed out of the kiss coz Mrs m came to my mind.. What will she says when she comes here and find her husband's office locked with us both inside.. What will i say i was  doing with her husband kocked inside

"You can't have both of us.. You already have a wife please respect her" as much as i want him but i cant bring myself to sharing him especially knowing very well that he is married it would've been much better if i didnt know anything and think his mine only while only himself knows that he has both of us

"Playing hard to get i see"  he was still between my legs

He moved his one hand to touch pussy which was wet

"Mmmh i like it.. You are already wet for me but still resist me.. You are going to be mine soon your starvation will end" then he gave me a smile something I've been longing to see ever since i started working here

I  just stared at him admiring how the smile suites him with his white Colgate teeth

Gosh it changes his face from handsome to extremely handsome something i wont mind naming

I was brought back to live when i heard Mrs M shouting down the passage meaning she is heading this way.. I was very weak because of how horny i was and Mr m could see it thats why he decided ti chuckle being proud of making me weak i see

I shifted him to the side and went to unlock the door before Mrs m arrived

"You look very weak" he said with a smirk on his face

"You know i could help with that" he said again but now with a straight face

"You are in no state to clean now especially with me around who knows what i might do when i see that ass shaking while you are busy you can go plus the office is not that dirty"

Yeah he  is right his office never gets dirty he is a clean man

I walked out with ny working materials

Passed Mrs m one office away from her husband's 

She just gave me a stare i couldnt care less

I walked to the bathroom yes we have bathrooms just so we don't go home dirty y'all know  how our work is so yeah

I went in there and clean my wet pussy then went to the cafeteria when i was done

I  spotted Inno sitting there with this hunk of a man who works here but doesn't have anything on Mr m

I decided to go greet her since I'd pass by her when going to order

Me: hey chomma

Her: oh hey babe

Me: afternoon sir

Him: afternoon.. I'll see you later right

He said while standing up.. This must bd the man who fucked her yesterday

This girls are busy here getting laid while i their friend is dying to get laid

Me: so you came here to get fucked i see thats why you didn't even bother letting me know you are around

Her: just like the way you are fucking your boss and keeping quiet about it

Me: who said im fucking my   boss

Her: then what were you doing at Hotel M with him

Me: are you following me?

Her: no babe

Me: then how did you know

Her: let's just say mr Hunk here took me there during his lunch break and fucked the brains outta me some more the same way i think your boss did to you

Me: the way i wish to get fucked my friend.. Im dying of hunger

Her: you mean you didnt get some at the hotel

I nodded my head

Me: O the man turned me on i was ready to be his freak.. I was even wetter than an ocean that i messed up his trouser but that bitch of his called him

Her: girl  you'll die of hunger of you are still waiting for him to make the first move.. Phela he has a wife whom he'll everything for

Me: what are you trying to say

Her: mnghani all im saying is be a freak for him that his attention will all be in you and even forget he has a wifeπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ you get what im saying.. Feed your hunger maan!

Me: mghe this man always gets me weak every chance he gets

Her: how

Me: whenever it is just the two of us he would just take me to heaven

Her: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ha choma is this you talking or hunger is doing the talking for you

Me: mxm

Her: hai im taking you shopping when you've knock off

Me: shopping for what

Her: for something to satisfy that hungry pussy plus i need some new lingerie for tonight

Me: things are getting serious between you and mr hunk neh

Her: nah its just sex i enjoy how he fucks me and he enjoys how i become a freak for him so no strings attached we are just enjoying each other

Me: mmmh i see

I went to get something to eat and ate over a light conversation with my friend

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