Chapter 3

Insert 3

I turned to look at Mr M who looked so thirsty but doesn't want to make the first move

Maybe i should just do my fantasies with him right now coz i dont believe I'll get another chance to do it other than this one

I held both his cheeks and moved my lips closer to his and kissed the life out of him.. He didn't waste any time coz he replied to my kiss the moment i parted his lips and sucked on his upper one

We kissed hungrily i just dont wish that he leaves me hanging phela I'm very wet because of him so  he better satisfy my hunger the hunger he brought upon me

The kiss led to him grabbing my ass.

 Eix  y'all know how kissing and ass grabbing goes together well.. I felt like i was in heaven.. His touch just makes my body shiver with butterflies all around my stomach having their way with my intestines..

I started massaging him making him groan

He left my ass and wrapped my waist with his hard hands which drove me insane to the core

I know I've always wanted this i didn't mind being his side chick or booty call just as long as i could have just a piece of his yummy self..

Yeah Mr m has been bitchy with me but having her man would just be me proving her right

Yeah i know shes right i want her man and i could just have him now but her treating me like a bitch that has already had her man's dick down at the back of her throat is something i do not like at all

Let me be the good girl and prove her wrong even though i want this with all my pussy

I know there's a small chance of her finding out about this but eventually she will find out

This yummy man right in front of me is making things hard for me right now

I really want him so bad that i cannot hold myself anymore but on the other side i do not want to prove mrs m that all the shit she thinks about me are all true

His phone rang with my wet pussy on his now wet trousers from my pussy

"Ma manzini" thats how he calls her

So just imagine me wanting to be called mrs side ma manzini

I'd be degrading myself even in my kasi people know that i don't do other people's man

I am trying so much here to not have him but y'all know that its impossible to ignore nice food right in front of you with hunger not doing you any justice

So you gotta eat what you have in front of you than to starve yourself

"Give me 5 and ill be right there" he saod to her after listening to whatsoever she was telling him.. I just feel like have him for my own satisfaction and just to get her off thay high horse she is riding coz its now annoying

Let's just hope he'll be the one to leave me hanging even though i do want to be the one leaving him but my situation doesn't allow me

Me leaving him means me going back home to my man so he feed this hunger off me

"Family matters?" I asked since his wife was the one calling him so i don't think its work related

He just looked deep into my eyes like he reading for an exam he'll be writing in a few minutes

He got up and went to the bathroom

I hearf water running and i guess it's the shower

I even heard him groaning so i guess he is satisfying himself rather than having me all to himself

I wonder what his wife fed him but it ia slowly fading coz if it wasn't he wouldn't have took things as far as taking me to a hotel and touched me all over making my already wet pussy from seeing him more wet

He came out after 15 minutes and went to one of the room in here while i also went to take a quick shower

After i was done i lotion what i found in the bathroom and just wore my uniform without my underwear on

I dont wanna a wear a wet underware from being sexually teased😣 mxm

I took my underwear and threw it inside my not so big handbag

He came out smelling all fresh with a new suit on phela he can't go home or back to the office with a suite that got ruined by a wet pussy

He didn't even say too much to me.. 

"Lets go" those were the only words he has muttered after making me all wet and ready for him mxm😞

I went after him until we got into the car.. We drove in total silence until we arrived at the building

He got off and i followed but he decided to stop to turn amd look back at me

"You can have the rest of the day off you can't be working around with no panties on" 

That kust sounded like he was scared to have me around him with no undies on coz who knows what might just happen

He might just eat me up on his desk and his wife could just come to witness all that

I just nodded 

We both went inside while i went to change into my clothes since my work for today was said to be done

I walked out of the changing room when i bumped into mr m coming from the reception while her husband was just waiting a few inches from us i guess waiting for her

"Is it time for you to knock" she asked

"No" i replied not wanting to make eye contact with her

"So why are you not in your uniform?" She asked again annoyed this time.. I dont know what ive done to wrong this woman here. She hates me like im some kind of shit💩

"The boss said i should take the rest of tne day off" i didn't even wait for her response i just left her hanging after my response she could just go ask her husband if she wants to kmow more about whu he have me the rest of the day off coz if i stayed any longer i would just blubb the truth 'because your man got my undies too wet and im now in no undies'

What don't blame me it would've been what she wanted to know *The truth*

I got a taxi and went by the mall since is have sha sha💸 in my account phela it was my pay day so long ago i just didnt have time to go shopping

I arrived at the mall and went to truworths and bought myself some new sexy undies

I went to pay and went to pick n pay and bought some groceries which would last us until i get paid again

Not that I'll be the one buying since next month it's my mom's turn

Yeah we have a roster at home.. When i buy the grocery this month which means my mom will spend her own salary on whatever she wants and then the next month it would be the other way around so yeah we survive

After doing all the shopping i requested an ubber since i had a lot that using a taxi would be a job

An ubber came after 15 minutes.. We took all the shopping into the car boot and some with me into the car

I was now home unpacking everything into its rightful place. I started cooking pap fried chicked breasts and chakalaka i was  not in the mood of standing in the kitchen for a long time.. After i was done i decided to take a 30 minutes nap since Inno and Lebo said they would be here in an hour to just chill and gossip

They will wake me up when they arrive if i would still be sleeping

After what felt like 2 minutes to me i heard the door banging loud with them calling out my name fried chicked breasts and chakalaka i was  not in the mood of standing in the kitchen for a long time.. After i was done i decided to take a 30 minutes nap since Inno and Lebo said they would be here in an hour to just chill and gossip

They will wake me up when they arrive if i would still be sleeping

After what felt like 2 minutes to me i heard the door banging loud with them calling out my name i went to open for them.. They came in amd sat on the sofas making themselves comfortable

Me and my mom are now used to the doing that

I went to join them 

Lebo: so girl care to tell us why you are back so early are fucking you boss

That's how too forward she is

Me: no im not..

Inno: we y'all know how much you always strip his clothes off with just your eyes

Me: and y'all know how much he got his eyes for him wife only so stop talking nonsense

Them: mxm

Me: so how did the interview go miss do you think you'll get the job?

Inno: you should've seen the other people who were also there girl i don't see myself getting that job..

Lebo: why don't you believe in yourself

Inno: mo'girl the people who also came for the interview are people who you can just see by your naked eyes that this people are more than qualified to get that job probably have more degrees than what i have none didn't need a microscope to see it

Me: wasn't she bitchy to you i mean the boss lady

Inno: mxm do you think she'll stop being bitchy especially to us kasi girls.. She just loves our attention a lot.. I should just get malume Bob to fuck the bitchiness outta her

* we all busted out laughing.. You know malume Bob is her uncle who is nyobically🍆 gifted and knows how to fuck💦 a bitch out of her senses.. Yeah he's handsome young and can wet your pussy my his touches*

Me: just like he fucked your friend right next to you

*we all turned to look at Lebo*

Lebo: please don't remind me phela that day he took me to hell and back

 You know Bob is Inno's uncle who is dating my bitch over here Lebo

I remember Lebo once cheated on him with some guy who was new to this town

The guy had a car and money but according to Lebo he was only gifted with wealth but not down there😂

So Bob found out about his chick being fucked by a small pipi and called her to his room 

 Lebo: chomma i remember him calling me to visit him and i went there since i was nyobically🍆 hungry because that good for nothing side nigga wasnt satisfying me but tingling me

Us: 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Lebo: i went there in hopes to get some but only to find him sitting on his sofa far at the corner with him staring at me and he was like "Babe how could you disappoint me like this huh.. Moving from a Russian to a Vienne.. You enjoy being tingled neh" i knew what he was talking about but i just played dumb

But he fucked me saying "I'll teach you to play far from tingling feather dusters" mo'girls i couldn't even remember the name of the tingling feather dust after i was done.. I was even scared to go home coz i couldn't walk properly

We laughed our asses off.. Since that day my friend never cheated again

Me: yeah you are right she needs Bob in her life to set her straight i mean look at my friend she now knows how to close her legs

Us: 😂😂😂😂

Lebo: futsek Mbali..

We laughed some more

Inno: when last did Kgaki give you some?

Come to think of it when last did i even see him nor hear his voice i even forgot i have boyfriend in my life

Me: guys c'mon y'all know that mo guy can satisfy this slut in bed even Kgaki himself cannot.. I just need a Bob to do me good

Lebo: say that one more time my friend

Inno: i forgot you become a slut in bed

Me: friend y'all know if you dont become naughty for your man someone else will become naughty for him but Kgaki mxm that one can't handle me he needs bo miss goody goody

Lebo: phela wena you need someone to rock your waist on not bo Kgaki who you'll just break a bone with just one round with you sucking the life out him

We continued being our crazy selves till it was time for them to go

Mom came back all tired and lucky for her i had thee energy so i boiled water for her then poured it for her in her bathing basin and cooled it to a cool temperature for her to take a bath

She took a bath while i warmed the food for us

After she was done we ate with her telling me about her day

How tiring working with kids is 

that's why i dont want to have a baby any time soon

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