Chapter 19

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In the morning Tk woke up next to her husband and stared at him with a smile on her face

She couldn't help herself but to blush when the thoughts of what happened the previous day flashed back on her mind

She couldn't believe how Khulani made her feel like a woman how he got her screaming her lungs out.. He gave her the sex she never knew existed

She just couldn't get enough of it to the fact that she wouldn't even mind doing it at every chance they get

Then Mbali came to her mind and snatched that smile away from her gorgeous oily face.. She still couldn't believe that she is sharing her husband with another woman especially a woman whom she always looked down at

A woman she always convinced herself that she'll never let her get any close to her man

She thought of how much she felt threatened by the presence of Mbali in front of her husband

Yeah Mbali has been working at his office for long now but that didn't change the angle where she always saw her in

She saw Mbali as a beautiful young lady who had all the things she doesn't

Those curves boobs colour and booty all those things a man would want in a woman

She thought because Mbali is from a township her husband would never fall for her a young lady who goes clubbing talkative a cleaner lives in a 4 room house plus she has also heard that Mbali doesn't take shit and can fight

Thats what she thought her husband would never go for

She thought her husband wanted someone who lets him be in charge in bed

Someone with high class and  maybe someone with the kind of body she has

She never thought he would fall for her

Anyway she went to the bathroom  and did her hygiene process then wrapped a towel around her water dripping body

She went back to the room and dried herself up with her man still sleeping with a soft snore escaping from his mouth which sounded cute

She remembered all those days when he belonged to her alone

She wondered where she went wrong that made him wife Mbali

She lotion her body with the cream her husband loves

She knows how the smell of it drives him crazy

After she then wore her her yellow summer dress with her nike flip flops

She went downstairs to prepare breakfast for her husband something she only did once in while because maThandi used to do it for them whenever she was around

She prepared scrambled eggs🍳 bacon🐽 toasted bread gravy and sausages with a black strong coffee containing only 1 teaspoon of sugar

It wasn't something big but at least it was something

After she decided to take the food upstairs to their room and serve him in bed

She got in and found him still sleeping

She placed the tray on the bed side and pecked his lips  causing him flutter his brown eyes open

He smiled at the delicious smell of the food which went into his nostrils

He sat up straight on the bad and looked at his wife who was just staring at him

"Morning baby"   she said to him letting another peck on his lips which ended up in a full mind blowing hungry kiss she didn't care about the morning breathing

She just wanted to enjoy him before he goes back to his other wife

"maManzini" he said to her after pulling out of the kiss

"You are really hungry for me mama?" He asked

She didn't know whether to tell him not to go back to Mbali coz she needs him by her side to fuck her like he did

She knew he would get angry if she said anything about him not going back to Mbali

So she just decided to put on a fake smile for him

"Whats bothering you" he asked since he saw right through her that the smile wasn't real

"Nothing.. Eat up before the food gets cold" she said avoiding to speak her mind

Khulani just stood up and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth then came back and started eating while feeding her here and there

He knew that she would only tell him after the food has been eaten

They ate while stealing kisses at each other

It was Tk's first time to see this playful side of Khulani

She didn't know whether he is happy because Mbali is in his life or he is just happy because of her presence

After eating Khulani placed the plates back at the bed side so he can let his wife tell him what is bothering her

He knew it is something concerning Mbali

"Baby tell me whats eating you" he asked her 

"How did your affair start" she finally asked him what she wanted him to come over and discuss

"Is that what's bothering you" he asked

That wasn't the answer she wanted but she'll make sure he gives her the answer she wants

"Yes so how did it start?" She asked him hoping the answer wont be the same as Mbali's

"Baby im sure you don't want to get hurt" he said coz he knew that she wont be able take in the fact that he is the one who went after Mbali

She won't accept the strong feelings he has for Mbali

He didn't want to hurt her feelings by telling her that his feeling for Mbali are much more than the ones he has for her

"But i need the truth Khulani.. I want to know" she said

"Come on.. There's nothing to be changed even if i told you what happened" he said 

He knew that his statement hurt her feelings but the truth would cause more heartache for her

"Khulani I want to know why you went after her " she finally asked what she wanted to know

"Will you be able to handle the truth" he asked her

"Yes" she said not sure 

"Look babe i know I've already hurt you but i dont want to hurt you more by telling you this" he said to her

"Just tell me Khulani" she said being tired of him making excuses not to tell her the truth

"Alright if you say you'll handle it then I'll tell you" he said

"Start talking and please dont leave any detail out" she said

"I always had feelings for Mbali ever since she started working with me i just didn't make a move because i respect you" he said

"But then you made a move and even impregnated her" she said

"How should i have respect for someone who has insecurities" he said

"Do you blame me" she asked

" i wont blame you for my actions.. I didn't do this to hurt you Tk just that the more you felt insecure about me was the more my feelings for her grew until it reached a point where i couldn't control myself anymore" he truthfully said

"Stop covering up for her i know she seduced you.. I know you cannot fall for people who are not at the same class as yours" she said

"That's where you are wrong i adore people who fight for what they want people who don't depend on men for everything people who are just themselves and never pretend to be something they are not" he said

"Wow.. So you'll actually defend her by saying all lies about your likes and dislikes.. Im your wife for God's sake Khulani" she said

"And she's also my wife.. I expect you to respect her as much as she respects you" he spoke his mind

"I can see it through you she seduced you to the point that you got weak and then trapped you with a child so that you can marry her" she said not wanting to believe everything he just told her

"The very same woman whom you are insulting was the one who pushed me away because she respected that im a married man so please stop this nonsense and blame me here.. She is not the one on the wrong side" he said getting up and went to the shower

While Tk was just laying there on the  bed with tears comig out freely as they want

After some time Khulani came out with a towel around his waist

He dried himself up then lotion with his body lotions with Tk just staring at what she has to share now

He then went in the walk in closet and picked a maroon suit with a white shirt

He wore them

He looked ready for work

So he went out of the walk in closet back to the room

"What is it that she has and i dont" that's the question he was welcomed back with

This talk was just messing up his mood

"You are both two different people with different lifestyle and personality and that's what i like about the both of you" he said before going out without saying any goodbye

He drove to work

He made Mbali resign from work but she refused and told him that she wants to make money of her own through her own sweat

So she only agreed to come to work after giving birth when she'll be satisfied that the babies are old enough to attend creche

He arrived at the office and the was a new cleaner who replaced Mbali for the time being until she's back

Her name is Rito Ngobeni.. A young medium hight thick girl who probably wears around size 36 with  a 34D boobs

The girl fell for Khulani the moment she saw him for the first time since it was her first day at work

The hugging maroon suit he wore just drove her crazy

She wished to have him as her husband

The seductive looks she gave him just turned Khulani off

Only Mbali and  Tk occupied his mind but Mbali was the priority one

He doesn't see himself with another woman

Rito saw Khulani as a man  who loves pussy but  his emidating look meant something else

So since she told herself that facial expressions don't really mean what they seem to be

They might look angry while deep  down they know how much they want you but just doesn't want to show it

So she did all the cleaning seductively so he can notice her

She was wearing a short uniform.. Shorter than the one Tk felt threatened by

She would bend here and there so her ass can be revealed to him with that string between her but cheeks

But hey Khulani was just focused on his work.. He didnt even steal looks at her coz he has everything he needs in both his women..

So she saw that she wasn't getting any of Khulani's attention she thought why not stop playing around and get the game started but what she did not know is that Tk was coming over to apologize for insulting Mbali and to tell Khulani that she has accepted their marriage

Rito went and closed Khulani's laptop and licked her lips seductively.. Khulani just started at her with a straight look.. A look that says "what the fuck are you doning" but she did not give a fuck about any of his looks her intentions were to get him to fuck her and that's what she was gonna do

She turned his chair around to face her.. You all know those office chairs with wheels and can turn around.. Khulani still didn't do anything his beast was just holding him back from doing anything it wanted to see what this loose girl in front of it was trying to do before it rips her off

It made him forget about his wives for a second.. Rito took his stares as the stares of one adoring another's body..

She sat on his laps while facing him but still Khulani was just fozen 

She took his hand and placed it on her ass so he can grab it and that's when Tk just got in the office without knocking

What she saw was something she wasn't expecting to see.. She thought her husband was cheating on her again..

Rito turned to see who the fuck just budged in the office without knocking and disturbed what's happening between her and the boss

"Who the hell are you why didnt you knock" Rito asked Tk

Thats when Khulani realized what was happening right before him

"Ummm sorry for disturbing" Tk said while running out of the office with tears streaming down her cheeks

She couldn't believe Khulani was cheating on her again she thought maybe he'll take Rito as his third wife and that would be just him disrespecting her

She got in her car and just held on to the steering wheel with tears just doing as they please

'Why does he do this to me?'

'Doesn't he have enough wives to be satisfying him?'

'Does he love pussy that much?'

'Am i worth the pain he is causing me?'

That's all the questions that ran through her mind.. She just wanted someone to talk to and her mother was the last person who would want to hear of her marriage problems

Friends? No she thought of what her mother told her to never share your marriage problems with someone and then Mbali crossed her mind

She thought of how she would share things with Mbali since she is now part of her family and at least Mbali needs to know of what their husband is up to while they are not around him.. She doesn't want to ruin their marriage but just want someone to lift the weight off her shoulders



She drove to Mbali's house while on the other hand Khulani was fuming with anger.. Rito was now on the floor

Khulani's face turned green with veins all over it

Rito got scared and forgot about the pain on her butts from being pushed down

Khulani was just ready to kill Rito but then some force was stopping him to do so

So he just let her run out of the office scared

What he didn't understand is why the beast didn't do anything other than freezing while everything was happening

Why it let Tk saw them

His face turned back to normal and he quickly took his car keys and drove to Tk's house

He wanted to explain that what she saw is not what she thinks

Tk arrived at Mbali's house and went to knock at the door

Her eyes were red and puffy as an indication that she was crying all the way

Mbali opened the door since maThandi was just resting in her room

"Oh hey" Mbali said 

Tk quickly indulged Mbali with a hug and Mbali just hugged her back seeing that Tk looked hurt

"Shhh come in" she said while hushing the now sobbing Tk

They both went to sit on the sofa and Tk just let it all out

"He is cheating on us Mbali on me again" Tk said

"WHAT!" Mbali asked shocked

"Yes i saw her on top of his laps with his hand on her ass at his office" she said sobbing

"No no no" Mbali said not wanting to believe what Tk was saying but the hurt on Tk's face is something that showed that she is not lying

"I know i didn't accept your relationship with him the past few days but now i did and i don't want another sister wife Mbali you are enough for me.. I'm not trying to ruin your marriage but I'm trying to make a friend out of you we don't have to be enemies we should get along and thats why im telling you about what i saw" Tk said truthfully

Mbali was just happy that Tk has accepted her marriage and wants them to get along so she thought why not let her show her who the woman who was busy with their husband

"Who is the bitch" she asked

"Some new girl whom i think is filling out for you" Tk said

"Wait here" Mbali went upstairs and changed into a navy blue bodysuit and black jean with her black vans

She tied her hair into a neat bunny and wore a hat on top of it

She then went back downstairs

"Lets go and pay the bitch a visit" she said

Tk drove them to the office

They arrived and hopped off the car.. They went inside the building and Tk saw Rito at the reception talking to the receptionist

"There she is" she said pointing at Rito

People were just surprised to see Tk and Mbali together

Everyone knew how Tk hated Mbali

Anyway Mbali and Tk walked up to Rito

"Umm hey can i please have a word with you in private" Mbali said

"And who are you to want to talk to me in private" Rito said to Mbali with an attitude then turned to look at Tk since she remembers her from the office

"Do you want me to drag you out of here to a private place" Mbali asked Rito with a straight face but that didnt scare Rito at all

"As if you would" Rito said

"Girl please don't try me.. I suggest you walk your ass to the cleaner's lounge before i drag you there" Mbali said

"You do not scare me at all" Rito said and turned back to the receptionist who is her friend that is exchanging working days with Lebo so today was her turn

What Rito said ticked Mbali off at the wrong side

Mbali grabbed Rito with her weave and pulled her

She walked to the cleaner's lounge with her weave in her hands

"I told you to not try me" she said while pulling her

"Bitch leave me" Rito said while kicking

Mbali walked to the lounge's door with Tk right behind her.. She then let go of Rito's weave 

"Get in" Mbali said to Rito

But Rito just decided to slap Mbali

Khulani got inside the house and searched each and every room for Tk but didn't find her

He got out and drove to steers he thought maybe he'll find her there but nah he didn't

He went back to his car and thought of where he could find her

He took his phone and was about to call his IT guy when he received a call from Thabo

"Umm hey bro" he said

"Bro come back to the office fast" Thabo said

"What's wrong bro? What's happening" he asked

"Your wives bro" Thabo said

"What ab...." He cut his sentence short since the thought of Tk being at the office clicked to him

"Im coming bro" he said before the call ended

He drove back to the building with speed

He arrived and got out of the car

He ran inside and saw people in a group surrounding something

He got to the crowd and saw Mbali on top of Rito  with some of Rito's weave on the floor and Tk beating Jade the receptionist

"Hey wena stop interfering in this matter" Tk said to Jade

Mbali was just giving Rito hot slaps and was pulled off her by Khulani while Tk was pulled off by Thabo

"Leave me let me teach this bitch to stay away from people's husbands" Mbali said while trying to get off the hold

She didn't even care who was holding her since she didn't even turn to look at who it was

She tried fighting the grip off her

"Im warning you leave me or else I'll do what i was supposed to do to her to you" she said but Khulani didn't say anything he just held on her

She fought until the grip was loose and turned to give Khulani a slap on his cheek

It then clicked to her that it was Khulani who was holding but she didn't care coz he deserved the slap for cheating on her and Tk

"Lets go Tk and wena the next time you try doing what you did today I'll do more than this" Mbali said before she walked away with Tk

They drove to Mbali's house.. They arrived and went to sit on the sofa and watched tv

"Thanks" Tk said

"For what" Mbali asked

"For believing me" she said

"He is our husband and i know you wouldn't lie about him doing such things" Mbali said

"Friends?" Tk asked

"Yes" Mbali responded and they hugged each other

Khulani got in the house and found them hugging each other

He was just happy that they now get along or is it because of what just happened

"Khulani" Tk said after seeing him standing there staring at them

"Bo maMamzini please..." He was cut off by Mbali

"Please get out of my house" she said

"MaZulu.." He was cut off again

"Get out" she said pushing him out

"You can go back to your whore" she said before shutting the door on his face

He drove back to work 

He found everyone back at their working positions

Thabo knows how to sort them out

He went to his office and called bab'Khumalo

"Son" bab'Khumalo said

"Baba" Khulani said

"We'll be there tomorrow and I'll explain why all that happened today" bab'Khumalo said 

"Ok baba" khulani said before hanging up

He didn't see Rito the rest of the day. He later went to Tk's house and she wasn't there because she sleeping over at Mbali's place


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