Chapter 17

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NB: Tk= Thembeka

Tk: dont worry i came in peace

I was relieved but eager to know why she is here

I know she hates me

My mouth was stuffed with food so i just pointed at the sofa for her to sit

She sat down and asked "our husband" to give us privacy

Tk: could you please excuse us Khulani.. I would like to have a word with my sister wife

Khulani turned to look at me in a look that asked whether I'll be fine 

Me: its fine you can leave us

I reassured him

Khulani: I'll be in the study.. Please dont be harsh on her 

He said in daring look that sent shivers down our spines

Tk: don't worry i know better than to do something I'll regret later

He then left

Tk: umm i know i have been bitchy with you but we have to try to get along 

Me: mmmh but I'm not the one who is being hard

Tk: i know but please think of it on my side.. How hard it is for me 

Me: i know and i am sorry that i cheated with your husband even though i knew very well that he has a wife

Tk: why did you do it then.. Do you know what i went through sleeping alone during night thinking he went to work or something only to find out in the morning that he was with a woman.. Why did ypu do it Mbali? Was it your way to make me regret changing your uniform?

Me: No.. You know Khulani is tempting.. I had a crush on him but i tried so hatd not to fall to this temptation of comimg between married couples

Tk: how did your affair begin where and when?

I saw tears threatening to comeout of her naked eyes

Me: it all started the day you said i wanted to seduce married men with my uniform

Tk: how

Me: after i left the office i went to steers and few mimute later i saw yoi coming in with him

Tk: yeah i remember seeing you there

Me: so yeah after eating i went out to catch a taxi back to work but he came and offered me a lift

Tk: yeah so you took it as your chance to seduce him?

Me: No not at all.. 

Tk: then what happened

Me: i got in thinking he was taking me back to work but he just took me to a hotel instead

The tears were now streaming down her cheeks

I know it hurts to know your husband had an affair

But it still surprises me that i dont even get worked after knowing that Kgaki left me just to come back with a girl wanting to wife her

It doesnt even get through me.. It does nothing at all

Me: he then received a call from you which i don't know what it was about then that was it

Tk: so he fucked you then came back to me

Me: No we only kissed nothing more

Tk: so when did you fall pregnant

Me: i don't know which day but he once came to my house late and took me to a hotel where we made out yhe whole night but then i went to the pharmacy the following day and bought morning after pills and that's where i saw you crying and telling your friend about how your man smelt of a woman's perfume

Tk: but that still didn't make you leave him

Me: i tried staying away from him

Tk: are trying to tell me that the morning aftet pills didn't work

Me: i dont know coz later that day i went to a club with my friends and Khulani was also there.. We made out again at some office

Tk: are trying to tell me thay he fucked you at his club.. On his desk

Me: ummm yeah

I was not sure on what say coz i saw how worked up she was

Tk: and to think he never wanted to make up with me on his desks 

Me: im sorry but the temptation was just too much for me.. I tried avoiding him until the day i fainted at work and he took me to the hospital only to find out i was pregnant

Tk: mxm Khulani doesn't respect me.. He never used protection with you whenever he made out with you

Me: ummm

Tk: its fine i have to go

She didn't even wait for my response she just bugged out with tears streaming down her cheeks

I went up the stairs to the study but before i could get in something caught my attention

Khulani: baba i love Mbali a lot and i still love Tk as well

Voice: they are both your wives

Khulani: but will they get along

Voice: yes but then Tk should be careful coz if she hurts Mbali the breast might land her in the hospital

Khulank: but why does it hurt her coz she is also my wife

Voice: she is but she doesn't share the same bond as you do with Mbali

Khulani: how

Voice: 1. your heart doesn't trust her as it does with Mbali.. 2- Mbali is stronger than Tk.. 3- Tk can leave when days are dark and Mbali will do anything in her power to fight for her family and More

I wanted to leave after hearing all that.. Who is Khulani talking to how does this person know a lot about me

Yes he is right i would do anything in my power to fight for my family especially a family with Khulani

Just wjen i thought I've had enough

Voice: son you should go back to your wife since she just heard everything we were talking about

How did he know that i heard them.. This must be witch craft

I went to our room and just sat on the bed and switched on the tv

Khulani came in looking all sexy

I can't seem to have enough of him.. He always manages to melt my heart like an ice cream exposed to heat

Khulani: MaZungu

Me: so you talk to sangomas Zungu

Khulani: No

Me: then who was it you were with on the phone

Khulani: mmmh so mrs Zungu here eavesdrops on my calls

He said laying a kiss on my neck which sent butterflies down to my stomach and the ninjas just decided to react in ehat their father is doing to me by kicking very hard

"Ouch" i said holdimg onto my tummy

"What's wrong babe" he said

I just took his hand and placed it on my tummy so he could feel his boys kicking

The smile on his face was just priceless i tell you



I thought if i asked her about how this whole affair started i would feel better

I only wanted her to tell me that she is the one who seduced him

I would've fallen much better than knowimg he was the one who was after her

It hurts to know that he does things he doesn't want to do with me but with her its a different story

I see in his eyes how they sparkle when he sees her

He would even go to any length just protect her which i wonder if he would do the same with me

I have to accept Mbali as my sister wife since i dont want to lose Khulani but then i wonder what it is that im not giving him that he even ran to her 

Is my sex life that poor? Or is this my way of paying for what i did in the past 

Im just heartbroken

If only i could give him children  maybe i would have more of his attention like Mbali does

I have to be the wife he wants me to be.. I have to support him

Maybe my doubts are what drove him into having an affair

I doubted him and he just wanted to hurt me for that.. He couldn't even tell me that he want to wife Mbali.. Anyway its life I'll just have to live with it

On the other hand i cant share my problems with my mother.. I even lost a friend in Akhila and Letty is off limits

I cant go near her coz  Q might just rip  me off

I went to bed with a heavy heart but then decided to call Khulani.. I wonder if he still loves me or what

Mbali answered the phone and to think that i would be the only one to do that answering my husband's phone.. I just have to suck it up since we now both share him

"Hello" she said in a low tone.. She sounded tired or maybe they have just did the deed

I dint even remember when last i felt him inside me.. He is forever with Mbali

"Umm hey where is Khulani" i asked in a calm voice

"He'll be up in a minute.. Wait hold on.. Ncwane your phone!"  She said

I waited for like 5 minutes before he was on hold of his phone

"MaManzini" he said

I thought he would never call me that since he has another maManzini

"I miss you" i said hoping he felt the same

"Wait hold on" he said and i heard shifting 

"Umm yeah i miss you too maManzini" he said

"When will you come home?" I asked

"Maybe tomorrow" he said

"Please be sure baby i miss you too maManzini" he said

"When will you come home?" I asked

"Maybe tomorrow" he said

"Please be sure baby we need to talk" i said

Yeah he really has to explain how we got to this

I just wish he gives me a different story from what Mbali told me

I just cant accept myself to believe what she said

"Alright I'll be there tomorrow around 12 am" he said

"You'll spend the night here?" I asked

"I cant leave Mbali all alone maManzini remember she is pregnant" he said

"Baby you should be treating ud equally we are both your wives we both need your attention 50/50 she can't aleays be the one to have all your attention" i said

He went quiet for a minute

"Alright then see you tomorrow" he said

"I love you baby" i said

"Love you too" he said before hanging up

You could've seen how the sound of that made me happy


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