Chapter 15

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Next day the doctor came and checked up on me and the babies were healthy and kicking shame

Something the doctor has never seen ever since he started working

He had no choice but to discharge me coz there's nothing wrong with the babies they are just stringer than before and that made md happy xem i even forgot about that terrible dream ive had and only concentrated on the kicks of my lil ninjas 

I went to the shower and took a long ass shower then went out and lotion amd wore the hospital gown again 

Called Khulani and informed him to keep pick me up since I'm discharged

I haven't told my mom about being admitted here 

I'll visit her today since its a sunday and she's not working.. I'll just surprise her

Khulani: maZungu

Me: baba

Khulani: eix babe you really know how to make my knees weak a strong man like me getting weak

I just chuckled i know how he loves being respected.. He is that kind of a guy whom you earn his respect by respecting him

So its a win win

Khulani: how are you maZungu

Me: im good Ncwane you?

Khulani: im horny maZungu and it's all your fault

Me: hau baba how is it my fault

Khulani: that voice you calling me by my clan names and the respect mfazi its doing wonders on me

I just chuckled my man can get crazy if he wants

I've also realized that he is forever happy this days

Me: hau baba.. Anyway i called to tell you that I've been discharged.. Can you come and fetch

Khulani: under one condition

Me: hau so i need to follow conditions just come home Ncwane

Khulani: yes

Me: ok tell me

Khulani: you let junior visit our little ninjas

Me: sex sex and sex

Khulani: hai maZungu don't make it sound bad

Me: i give up xem

Khulani: so you agree?

Me: yes come pick me up phela i want to go see my mom

Khulani: im still lotioning junior.. He is even angry

Me: hahahaha๐Ÿ˜†

Khulani: im telling you the truth.. He is going to rip you apart since you are the one who makes him angry

Me: Zungu you know junior doesn't scare me at all.. I know how to put him on his rightful place

Khulani: hai you are naughty xem

Me: you know me very well Mr Manzini

Khulani: alright let me wear my clithes and I'll be right there soon

Me: ok please bring me something to wear

I hang up the call and called Lebo

Lebo: maManzini 

Me: mosadi wa Bob (Bob's wife)

Lebo: o tsogile mara mme Manzini (how are you)

Me: ke phela hantle kea leboha.. Wena o tsogile? (Im fine thanks how are you)

Lebo: ke  hantle mosadi (im fine) masea a ka a joang (how are my babies)

Me: they are fine hey they have even started kicking

Lebo: i thought you said the doctor told you that babies only start kicking around 4-5 months

Me: yeah he was also surprised

Lebo: but are they fine

Me: healthy chom

Lebo: i miss you kodwa

Me: Bob o ile a etsa hore u phathahane le eena eaba u lebala ka 'na (bob got you busy with him then forget about me)

Lebo: hau its not like that

Me:  ok fine where is Inno

Lebo: heee that one is.still shagging that hunk from you husband's company

Me: their getting serious neh

Lebo: ho bolela hore moshemane o mo fa eona mahlakoreng 'ohle (it means the guy is giving it to her in all sides)

Me: ya neh

Lebo: rumors has it that Kgakiso is back with a girl who he claims to want to marry

Me: which Kgakiso

Lebo: your one and only kgakiso

Me: mashano (lies)

Lebo: im telling you

Me: so he left me to go find a bitch

Lebo: huh from what I've had the girl has nothing on you.. They even say she looks like she has HIVE

Me: hahahaha๐Ÿ˜† come one Kgaki can do better than that

Lebo: girl you should be angry at that guy.. He is disrespecting you how can he leave you for a cow an infected cow for that matter

Me: ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜† come on girl she must be better than that

Lebo: you've lost your respect mo kasi phela everyone will lool down on you

Me: Kgaki knows that i dont play with bitches but since you say she is already finished i should just let her enjoy him

Lebo: and let her infect him

Me: mosadi wa Bob hle keng ka wena (what's wrong with you Bob's wife)

Lebo: ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜† hai wena xem if it was Inno she would've beaten the shit out of him.. You know she doesn't take bullshit

Me: yeah that one xem.. She is still busy enjoying Thabo's dick.. He got her addicted xem

I then heard someone clearing their throat

I turned just to see my one and only Khulani

Me: umm I'll call you later chom

Lebo: alright

Khulani closed the door and walked towards me with a bag in his hand and the other had a Spur paper bag which smells like it has ribs inside

I could smell the BBQ sauce

Khulani: maZungu so you are gossiping about your friend

Me: so you were eavesdropping

Khulani: i had to my love.. I had to listen to my wife talking about enjoying a dick

Me: thats rude

Khulani: do you enjoy mine

He said placing the bag and paper bag on the table beside the bed

And place a kiss on my forehead

Me: what did you buy for me

I said trying to ignore what he has just said

I attempted to take the spur paper bag only to have my hand grabbed and being pulled to stand between his legs

Khulani: i asked you a question Mrs Me

Me: im hungry Ncwane

Khulani: for this

He said placing my hand in his already hard dick and that got me wet instantly

I so wanted to nod my head but on the other side i want those ribs

The smelling xem has my mouth dropping saliva out 

Me: ummm ye.. Umm no Zungu please

Khulani: first answer me

Me: no

Khulani: no food for you

Me: are you really going to starve your kids

Khulani: you are not fair 

I just smirked i know he will give me the ribs

Me: please let me eat and we'll talk about that when we get home home

Khulani: you know i could just feed my babies my juices

Me: eeew Zungu

He just smirke and placed a wet kiss on my hands

Me: lets go before we both do something we'll regret later

Khulani: what could we possible do that we'll regret coz we'll never regret fucking each other

Me: come on Zungu you know i could just kill you here and regret it later so im avoiding that

He just chuckled at my craziness

Khulani: you the car is just down at the basement

Me: so

Khulani: you know the windows are blackout tint

Me: where is this going Zungu

I knew exactly what he is trying to say but i just wanted him to say it phela its not every day a serious man can do the naughty talk

Khulani: no one will see us

Me: see what

He just smirked

Khulani: i like it when you pretend to be dumb

He said handing me the bag to go and change

I changed right in front of him 

I took of the gown from my shoulders slowly and letting it fall down on its own

I bit my lower lip 

I was wearing nothing inside

He stared straight at my flower licking his lower lip

I took my finger and rubbed my clit with his eyes popped out

I entered one finger and moaned at the pleasure of my finger entering me

Khulani: shit

His pants was now getting wet from him pre-cum i smirked 

Junior was just popping straight on his pants trying to tear his way out

He saw what im trying to and he stood up and u came up to 

Held my face to look at me

Khulani: you know i don't mind having you right here

Me: really

I said pulling out my finger and lick it 

Khulani: this is not over

He said before going out i guess the temptation was just too much for him

I smiled at myself being impressed with what i just did

I wore my clothes and took the parcels out with me

I found him sitting at the waiting area with a lady next to him smiling at him

She had lusty look on her face

This man already has two wives she is playing with fire xem

I walked to him 

I dropped the bags and pretended as if the babies are kicking

Me: ouch

I said placing his hand on the bump

Me: can you feel that baby

I said with a smirk

I saw the lady giving me a nasty look

Hai man so she now hates me coz of my own husband

Me: hello madam

I said giving her the huge smile ever

Her: hi

She saud and turned to look at my husband to see what he'll say

Khulani: they are not kicking anymore babe

Me: they stopped baby

I said licking my lips seductively

Me: you know what they are craving

I said playing with my eyebrows

He looked at the lady sitting next him and she just gave a huge smile making me jealous

She was even blushing.. This got me angry

Me: baby

I said 

Khulani: oh hello madam

Her: hello I've been sitting right next to you the whole time and you just greet me now

Khulani: oh i didn't see you i was just worried about my wife

He said with a straight face on and she just blushed

Damn woman he just told you he has a wife

My anger just rose up i could feel my veins popping on my forehead

Her: how are you im palesa

She said placing her hand on his hand and using her other hand to pull her dress up so her thighs can be revealed

Mxm this bitch is getting on my nerves.. I could feel my eyes getting heavy just like in the dream i had

I was now weak.. My skin was now turning pale

I couldn't understand what was happening to me 

My eyes were slowly closing

Palesa: madam are you fine you are pale

๐Ÿ‘ข  Narrator ๐Ÿ‘ข

Khulani turned and saw Mbali's skin being pale.. She had veins popping on her forehead

Palesa: madam you are pale and veins are popping on your forehead.. Should i call the doctor for you

She said moving closer to Khulani since this was getting too scary for her

Mbali's eyes turned white.. Pure white with black in it

Khulani knew what was exactly happening to her so he quickly got up not caring if palesa fall down since she was just leaning on him

He picked the bags and picked her bridal style and ran with her down to the packing lot

He couldn't risk people seeing what was happening

He ran to his car and she was back to normal but her skin was still pale


The man i was sitting next to guys has stolen my heart xem the very same moment i set my two naked eyes on him

I was lost in my own world 

The wife had to come and make md jealous

Mxm she doesn't know me xem

Im a go getter if i want something I'll make sure in all my power that i get it

I never lose

And right now her husbamd is what i want and i wont let anything stop me in making him mine

The fact that she his wife and pregnant doesn't mean anything to me

Mxm even if i have to fight and kill I'll do just that

I was very scared when she started becoming pale and having veins on her forehead

Thank God he took her away just when her eyes were about to become white

I wonder why he want out of the hospital coz he should've just called the doctor to check on her...mxm i just lost the opportunity to even get his number

Anyway I'm Lerato Vutomi Mnisi

Im a tsonga girl

Im from Limpopo Giyani

Im a yellow bone with em big curves unfortunately god didn't want me to have em ass so yeah

Im a size 36 C boobs๐Ÿ‘™ medium shirt๐Ÿ‘š 34 jean/skirt/dress

Size 6 shoes๐Ÿ‘ก

If only i had an ass just like his wife maybe he would have fallen for me in instant

I now have a mission to complete


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