Chapter 14

Insert 14🌸


After we arrived home i went straight to bed since i felt sleepy

I laid my head on the pillow and immediately dosed off to lala land


Baby1: mommy im hungry

Baby2: me too mommy

Me: come on Sandile and Andile you just ate at the mall a few minutes ago

Sandile: but mom we are not full we didn't eat all the food

Me: hai nina xem i told you to finish your food.. You'll eat when we arrive home

Them: ok

We arrived home at the house my husband bought for me

I got out of the car with my 5 years old twins Sandile and Andile

We got inside the house and the door immediately closed after us and a young lady who had two guns in each of her hand appeared from the back of the door she wore all black with a coat which covered her face i couldn't see her face but she had a familiar ring on

She pulled Sandile and Andile away from me and pointed the guns at them

Me:please leave my babies what do you want ill give you anything you want just say it.. You want money just name the price

 Her:its already too late to be asking me what i want madam

Me: please kill me instead of my children please

Her: they are the problem here not you

Me: what problem..  How can my children be a problem for God's sake they don't even know anything at their age

Her: they became a problem the minute their seeds were planted in your rotten  womb

That got me angry i felt my face getting hard i didn't understand what was happening to me but all i knew was that anger took over me

I started feeling my face getting hot but it wasn't hurting me at all 

Evaporation started coming from my face my nails grew bigger

My teeth became big like vampires

My whole skin colour turned maroon👺

The dress i was wearing torned off and i was only left in my bra and underwear

I turned and look a the mirror right at the wall and my eyes were grey in colour

I was hella scary but i didn't seem to care my babies were crying

I dont know if they are scared of me or  the gun pointed at them

Sandile: mama i can't see

He shouted and his twin also shouted the same thing and drove me crazy

I loud animal groan escaped my mouth i was no longer in control of what happens in my body my soul became weak but my was tol strong i dint know how i felt it but i did hey

My eyes felt heavy but not my body's eyes

I just dont know how to explain this

I felt like i was inside my body being a mini human so yeah

I saw something before my eyes betrayed me and closed

Something that i never saw I'll see my babies turned to something scary 

They had green veins popping all over their body their skin was black in color their bodies was like one of a hunk

Their ears grew big and sharp a tail appeared at their back their skin turned into a crocodile's skin but still black in colour.. Their eyes rolled black and turned all white

Me: Sandile... Andile

I said as the lady was now removing her hoodie for us see her face but i just blanked out

× end of dream ×

Khulani: baby Mbali wake up

He said shaking me roughly

I tried opening my eyes but my eye lids were just too heavy

Khulani: shit wake up baby

I tried again but nothing happened i couldn't wake up but everything that was happening around me


I was walking upstairs with a tray on my hand

I made food for my wife and babies.. I know she is hungry

I walked towards our room as i heard her calling out the names my father said i should name our babies

I wonder why she was calling them out loud

I quickly rushed to the room to see what was happening

I got the shock of my life

I saw Mbali kicking on the bed breathing heavily with black veins popped out on her forehead

She was so scary her skin even turned pale

I started panicking and trying to wake her up but she just said


I.couldn't understand why and where she got those names

Who was she calling by our children's names 

I shook her roughly hoping she might wake up since shooking her gently didn't work at all

She stared shaking with foam coming out of her mouth

Me: oh shit what's happening to her

I took out my phone and saw a message from maThandi so i opened it since i knew she only sends important messages

It read as follows "dont worry son she is fine"

I don't know what she meant by that coz Mbali was freaking me out here

I called my father and he was just breathing heavenly i wonder what's happening with him

Baba: oh no son

Me: whats wrong baba

Baba: your wife

Me: i called because of her

Baba: im with bab'Khumalo.. Zulu your wife had a dream abou...

Me: father my wife is dying here and you are busy telling me about dreams she had

Baba: shut the fuck up maan! YOUR WIFE SAW WHAT SHE WASN'T SUPPOSED TO SEE

Me: what do you mean

Baba: WAZIBONELA KWIMODE YAKHE YESILWANE (she saw herself in her beast mode)

me: WHAT!!

Baba: yes

Me: Baba umzimba wakhe uyazamazama futhi ukhukhumezayo uphuma emlonyeni wakhe (baba her body is shaking she even has foam coming out of her mouth.. She is pale)

Baba: she.. Wabona uSandile no-Andile emidlalweni yabo yesilwane yingakho efana nalokho (she saw Sandile and Andile in their beast mode that's why she's like that)


Bab'Khumalo: umkakho unesiphiwo esingavamile ndodana .. Angabona ukuthi kwenzekani esikhathini esizayo kodwa hhayi ngendlela eyoba ngayo (your wife has a gift a rare one son she can see what will happen in the future but not exactly the way)

Me: oh shit unesilwane nesipho (oh shit she has a beast and a gift)

I said while pacing around the room not knowing what to do to help my wife

Bab'Khumalo: yes is the phone on loudspeaker

Me: yes

Bab'Khumalo: zungu nyama kayishi isha ngabaphephezeli.dada labhula manzi njenge nonyana. geda ncwane sengwayo ngongoma zomkhonto mngozo' ngavuthwa wena ka kageja lohamashe wena ongaweli umful' ugcwele ngoba uwelelwa inkonjani

sicela kuwe ukuvikela udadewabo omthetho umama wezinyosi amehlo ethu siza phambi kwakho futhi sikucele ukuthi umvikele ngesipho sakhe esikucela kuwe okukhulu

siyazi ukuthi uhambo lwakhe luyoba lukhuni

njengoba umfazi wokuqala engamukeli

siyazi ukuthi ukuza emndenini wamanzini kwakungenzi kahle

siyacela.ukuthethelela ngokungamethuli wena omkhulu wethu

sicela umvikele kuwo wonke umuntu ophikisayo

makabe esamukela isilwane sakhe lapho esithola ngakho

umamukele njengakho

zungu nyama kayishi isha ngabaphephezeli.dada labhula manzi njenge nonyana. geda ncwane sengwayo ngongoma zomkhonto mngozo' ngavuthwa wena ka kageja lohamashe wena ongaweli umful'

Mbali started shaking very badly but her veins were now fading away

The foam stopped coming out

She opened her eyes and she looked so weak.. Her eyes were red

Her skin colour turned back to normal

Mbali: Sandile and Andile

Me: she's awake baba

Bab'Khumalo: Siyabonga wena omkhulu wethu

siyabonga okuningi

Siyabonga ngokuhlala unakekela abathandekayo bakho

He hang up the call after telling me to look after my wife and said i should back later whe  she is fine

Mbali: our babies Ncwane our Sandile and Andile

Me: where did you hear those namea baby

Mbali: its our bundle of joy's names

Me: how did you come up with them

Mbali: from my dream

Me: what actually happened coz you freaked the shit out of me babe

Mbali: Ncwane i heard everything you were saying over the phone but i just hearf from afar i didnt hear exactly what you said since i couldn't open my eyes i dont know why

Me: tell me everything about the dream

Mbali: so i was coming from the mall with our sons who looked exactly like you

She said with a smile on her face

Me: my seeds work wonders i tell you

She just giggled amd continues

Mbali: so apparently their names were Sandile and Andile coz that's what i was calling them

So she now knows our sons names thats why they she has  rare gift so this was her way of finding out which names to give our children

Mbali: so we arrived home and i unlocked the house and got in with both of them when the door was closed and locked after us

Me: mmmh

Mbali: a lady holding two guns with both her hands appeared and pulled Sandile and Andile to her and pointed the guns at them she had a familiar ring though but i just don't remember where i saw it from

Me: did you see her face

Mbali: no she had a coat and a hoodie covering her face

Me: what did she want

Mbali: to kill our princes i told her to kill me instead but she said i was not the problems but our sons were

Me: how were they a problem to her

Mbali: i dont know she just said they became a problem the day they were planted in my rotten womb that just drove me mad Ncwane hearing her saying my children are a problem and her insulting my womb frustrated me.. I turned to something i couldn't recognize i was scary Ncwane

She started sweating

Me: calm down baby dont panick you are with me

I said rubbing her small bump

Mbali: i started getting nervous that my sons are seeing me in this scary form.i looked like an animal Ncwane actually a beast.. But then Sandile and Andile started crying shouting that they cannot see.. I was hapoy that they couldn't see me in that form but then angry at how did they become blind

Me: tjo

Mbali: they started turning into something way more scarier than i was.. The lady got scared and wanted to take of her hoodie i just blanked out and you started shaking me

Me: that was one hella of a scary dream 

Mbali: yes it was but then there was something i liked from it

Me: what can you likr from a scary dream maZungu

Mbali: the names Ncwane we should name our babies Sandile and Andile

I smiled at that thought

I couldn't agree with her less

Me: we surely should do so

She started rubbing her bump smiling with tears flowing down her cheeks

 Mbali: Sandile and Andile my cute sons

She said rubbing her bump

I rubbed the bump with her 

Me: our Sandile and Andile

Mbali: ouch

The babies kicked...I was so happy shame no lies

The feeling is just out of this world.. I was waiting for a long time to feel this right

I wore a huge smile on my face

Me: did you feel that mama ka Andile no Sandile

Mbali: yebo but it is still early for them to be kicking i mean im not yet even on my third month  yeah i am approaching it but it is still too early a baby should be kicking around 4-5 months Zungu

I started panicking

Me: shoukd we go to see a doctor?

Mbali: yes

I took her handbag and my car keys then went back to the hospital

The doctor was surprised to see us back i mean we just left her around 8:00 am and i am now back at 17:00

We went to his office 

We told him about the babies kicking and he said it is too early for that and he asked her to change into the hospital gown so he can check on her and the babies

I changed 

Doc: the babies are not yet in a human form so its impossible for them to be kicking

Me: you are scaring us now doc

Doc: im just stating the facts coz im now surprised at how that happened.. Are you by any chance bleeding mam

Mbali: no

So we went to the sonogram

He applied the gel on her stomach and started moving the sonogram around her stomach

We saw what melted my heart.. Two babies fully formed into a human

Me: but doc you saud they weren't fully formed into a human

Doc: yes i am just as shocked as you are.. How is this happening its too early for them to have fully formed into a human

Mbali: is there anything wrong with them

He played the heartbeat

Doc: the heartbeats sounds fine and they also look comfortable.. They are perfectly fine and healthy

Me: thank god

I saud rubbing my wife's forehead

Doc: but unfortunately I'll have to admit you for a day or two just make sure the babies are fine since they fully formed fast

I understood i just wanted them be fine so i signed the admition forms

Me: what should i bring for you to eat

I asked as she was just sitting on the hospital bed

My wife hates hospitals xem

Mbali: doritos spur ribs perpersteak pie grilled chicken rolls peanut butter and fanta orange cold drink

I just giggled and went out to buy her her cravings

Excuse me for my Zulu guys im a tsonga so yeah😚 


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