Chapter 13

Insert 13

A week later 


Me: baba Davenger has woken up after 5 years 

Davenger is the dangerous beast in me

Baba: when did this happen

Me:it started a some days ago but...

Baba: why didnt you tell me

Me: it wasn't on a killing mode

Baba: thank goodness.. 

Me: yes but he also woke up 10 days ago baba it almost killed Thembeka

Baba: you mean your wife?

Me: yes baba

Baba: your wife should be the one who Davenger protects how can he want to kill her

I kept quiet

Baba: are you hiding something from me Khulani

Me: baba i have married another wife

Baba: when were you going to tell me huh?

Me: i was going to tell you baba

Baba: were you waiting for the babies to be first born then you'll tell me or were you waiting for Davenger to wake up mmh?

Me: how did you know baba

Baba: you know your mother still visits me in my dreams

Yeah my mother visits my father in his dreams

She tells him about wjat will happen in the future since she is not here to do it on her own but the difference is she doesn't interpret it right

She speaks in riddles so i wonder how father was able to interpret it

Me: what did she say

Baba: she was crying holding two babies.. Two boys who looked just like you..

Baba's Flashback

K's mom: baba please protect my grandchildren

Baba: grandchildren

I turned to look at the crying babies shes holding

They were crying blood i couldn't understand why.. This kings looked just like Khulani

Baba: what's wrong mamakhe... Why are the children crying blood

K's mom: please protect Sandile and Andile for me baba

She continued crying hurtfully

Baba: mamakhe...

I whispered to her

K's mom: don't let them be taken away from Khulani and their mother..

Baba: i won't

I know better than to ask a lot of questions coz if i do ill end up having more unanswered questions

K's mom: as long as they are with Khulani Davenger will protect them.. He has found his soulmate so he is now out of the cage.. He is connected to the spirit his new wife has.. Together they are strong

Baba: what spirit now

K's mom: the spirit to protect their children

Baba: protect them from what

She just disappeared asking me to protect her grandsons

End of flash back

Me: so Mbali has a spirit

Baba: yes i have consulted bab'Khumalo and he proved what your mother said but he said it in an understable way

Me: what did he say

Baba: Davenger is no longer in his cage.. Your anger is what makes him take over you.. Your wife has a female beast which is connected to your beast.. With her by your side Davenger is very strong and dangerous..

Me: Mbali has a beast?

Baba: yes but she doesn't know it.. Her beast is still locked in uts cage but if something happens to you or your children once they are born all hell will break loose

Me: this is hard to digest

Baba: i know.. You should give your sons the names Sandile and Andile as their first name then you can choose the others yourself

Me: why Sandile and Andile baba?

Baba: that's what their beasts and ancestors wants.. If you dont consider them dead coz their ancestors will not recognize them and the beasts in them will be the death of them

Me: what about Thembeka

Baba: she is your wife

Me: she always manages to get Davenger angry and want to kill her.. I am danger to her so for her safety i think its better i let go

Baba: Zulu Thembeka is your wife you married her the ancestors have accepted her

Me: but Davenger...

Baba: he will never kill her.. Yeah he might hurt her and end up making her wake up at the hospital but what I'm sure of is he will never kill her


I woke up having a lot of energy.. Morning sickness took over me so i ran towards the toilet and vomited in the toilet after that i brushed my teeth and enter the shower and did my business while hummimg a song

God is great.. He answered my prayers.. I have the man of my dreams now

A man who loves me.. I see it in his eyes that he loves me

Ever since maThandi told me that he has never smiled for 5 years now

I was very excited to know that i am the one who managed to put a smile on his handsome face

I also realized that Mrs M never put a smile on his face ever since i knew them

Anyway after bathing i went out and found Khulani sitting on the chair packing my clothes into my bag

I smiled at how his muscles were now big.. He has been going to the gym lately i see.. He turned and saw me smiling so he returned the favor by smiling back revealing his pure white teeth which were also shining

This man is an angel i see

I pinched myself just to make sure im not dreaming and indeed i wasn't

"OUCH" i said feeling the pain of pinching myself and my dear husband just chuckled coming up to me

"Why did you pinch yourself" he asked and i just became shy by hearing his voice

"Umm nothing" i said and he just chuckled

He went to close the door and lock it.. He came towards me giving me a smirk

"Let me prove to you that you are not dreaming" he said holding my waist and pulling me closer to him 

He planted a soft kiss on my lips making me moan

How much i enjoy his juicy lips i just dont believe that Im sharing them with someone else

He grabbed his favorite spot which is my butt as you all know

He squeezed it in a sexy way while groaning.. I so missed this xem

He turned me around and cupped my boobs which were painful by the way because I'm pregnant

He left my boobs and started rubbing the baby bump.. Yeah i was now showing

Im heading for the third month

My little twins haven't started kicking because its still early for them to do so.. I so wish to feel their first kick

He pulled up the hospital dress up and i wasn't wearing any undies because they were in my bag so i was coming to fetch it

The castle was already wet.. He started rubbing my v-jay causing me to moan

"Shhh baby" he said but was i listening to him NO

The pleasure was kicking in and i was no longer in control of what my mouth decides to speak up

He saw that i would scream the whole hospital out of pleasure he took off his shirt and shoved it inside my mouth so my screams should make a noise

He pushed me to walk forward the bed and then bend me over it 

He pulled up the dress and took it off

I felt something warm at the entrance of my castle

He started licking my wet punani

He did magic with his tongue while i was screaming my whole lungs unfortunately the sound was blocked by the shirt in my mouth

He started rubbing juior after licking my cum clean

He pushed junior slowly.. He expanded my vagina walls

"Oh shit you are so warm mama" he said before moving in and out slowly

I wanted him to give it to me harc but he wasn't

He moved slowly while his touches all over my body just got me wetter maling him move easily with the juices

My v-jay was even gripping on junior

He made love to me

After we were done we both went to the bathroom and took a quick shower then lotion and wore clothes

I was about to wear the hospital dress Khulani stopped me

"We are going home" he said making me smile.. How much i missed being home.. Yeah i know i have only been in my house for hours only 

"Are you joking" i asked 

"Do i look like im  joking mamakhe" he said biting his lower lip causing me to be shy

We packed my things and then went to the reception to sign my discharge forms before going out of the hospital


I was sitting on the couch with an ice cream tub on my hand 

I shoved the spoonful of ice cream into my mouth with tears streaming down my cheeks

I still do not believe that Khulani has a second wife

I thought i have accepted this but nah its hard

I dont thinking ill ever accept it i still believe he has been bewitched

I just felt like singing so i connected my phone to the Bluetooth speaker and played 


"Walk Away"🎵

I saw you with your new girl just yesterday

And I feel that I must confess

Even though it kills me to have to say

I'll admit that I was impressed

Physically just short of perfection

Gotta commend you on your selection

Though I know I shouldn't be concerned

In the back of my mind

I can't help but question

Does she rub your feet

When you've had a long day

Scratch your scalp

When you take out your braids

Does she know that you like too

Play PS2 till 6 in the morning

Like I do

I can't explain this feeling

I think about it everyday

And even though we've moved on

It gets so hard to walk away

(I'm gonna remember you

You're gonna remember me)

Walk Away Walk Away

(I'm gonna remember you

You're gonna remember me)

I can't forget how we used to be

Our life from day to day

Hoping maybe you'll come back

And though I tell myself not to be afraid

To move on but it seems I can't

Though a new man has given me attention

It ain't the same as your affection

Though I know I should be content

In the back of my mind

I can't help but question

Does he kiss me on the forehead

Before we play

Show up on my doorstep

(with a bouquet)

Does he call me in the middle of the day

Just to say hey baby I love you

Like you used to

I can't explain this feeling

I think about it everyday

And even though we've moved on

It gets so hard to walk away

(I'm gonna remember you

You're gonna remember me)

Walk Away Walk Away

(I'm gonna remember you

You're gonna remember me)

I'm Gonna Remember You

Your Gonna Remember Me

The things we did

The way we shared our fantasies

Just you and me

My friend my love my family

How did we loose a love that seemed meant to be

Sometimes I kiss her and wish that it was you I'm kissing

Sometimes I miss him and wish that it was you I'm missing

Sometimes I hug her and wish that it was you I was hugging

And I realize how much I'm bugging

I miss you

Walk Away Walk Away

(I'm Gonna Remember You

Your Gonna Remember Me)

So hard to express this feeling

Cause nobody compares to you

And you know she'll never love you like I do

I can't explain this feeling

I think about it everyday

And even though we've moved on

It gets so hard to walk away

This song related to what I'm going through now.. I know i have seen Khulani smile but what i know is that I'm able to make him happy.. He might not smile or laugh with me but i know for sure he is happy with me there is no need for him to marry another wife

What is it that i don't give him

A child? Im not barren just that it will take time for me to get pregnant

Im even taking medication to make get pregnant faster  but he still went on and impregnated a poor girl

Maybe he is paying her to carry the baby for him but why did he marry her

I know she doesnt love him she only wants his money


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