Chapter 12

Insert 12


I was very scared when the love of my life screamed my name.. I just lost my mind when she didn't want to touch her.. I saw in her eyes that she was scared of me

I was busy pacing uo and down at the hospital waiting for the doctor to come and tell us what's wrong with my wife and children.. I swear if something wrong happens to them Thembeka will pay i told her to keep her distance from Mbali but she thought she is the man and just ignored me

My Aunt was just sitting there not knowing what to do 

She has been begging me to sit down and not think the worst but i just couldn't listen to her so she ended up giving up

The doctor came shouting "Mbali Manzini"

I ran towards him

"How is my wife doctor" i asked not waiting for him to say anything

"She is fine" he said

"My babies" i asked hoping not to hear the worst

"You brought her in time otherwise she would've lost the babies" he said

I just thanked God for their lives

"She was in shock and  thats not good for the babies next time they won't survive.. Im admitting her for a few days just for observations other than that theres nothing else" he said before letting us to see her

We went inside and she was just sleeping on the bed so peaceful with her lips pouted

I won't surving losing this three souls here.. 

I kissed her forehead

"Im sorry you had to witness that maManzini" i said rubbing her soft cheek

"She'll be fine my son" ma said

She woke up a few more minutes later and looked scared to see me and that cut deep in my hurt that my own wife is now scared of me

"Baby please its me don't be scared"

I said

"Zungu" she said in a husky voice

"Yes baby its me i wont hurt you" i said looking deep into her shining eyes which just drive me crazy

She turned to look at ma and ma just nodded and she just cried

"Why Zungu? What happened to you" she asked crying

"Shhhh baby please dont cry its not good for our babies" i said

She tried calming down but still scarex of me

"Baby i wont hurt you i promise" i said but she didnt look like she believes it

I could see how uncomfortable she was around me so i turned to look at ma and she just nodded showing that i should give them space.. I sighed then kissed her forehead

"I will never hurt you my love please believe me" i said before walking out and livinf the twon of them together

I've realized that Mbali is comfortable around MaThandi

She is open to her so that's why i never argued with Ma about going out

I went to the car and took my phone and called my father 

Father: son

I sighed heavily.. I was just stressed about Mbali being scared around me

Father: what's eating you son


I said in a weak voice

Father: you know you can tell me anything son

Me: after so many years father.. After 5 fucken years baba.. I thought it has stopped forever baba

Father: what are you saying mfana


Father: calm down Ncwane and tell me whats going on 

I sighed heavily trying to calm myself 

Me: it is back baba

Father: whats back

Then there was a knock on the door it Ma knocking

Me: look father I'll call you later i gotta go now

I hang up before he could say anything

I got out of the car

"She wants to see you" ma said 

I had worry on my face

I can't go in there and see my wife being scared of me

Nah i can't 

"Don't worry son everything will be fine.. Just go in there" she said 

"But ma what if she wants to..." 

"Shhh just go in there you dont want to make a pregnant woman angry especially when she is carrying those kicking monsters" she said and that got me worried

"Monsters?" I asked

"Ain't their father a monster.. Leave me alone and go to your wife" she said

I just chuckled and left.. I dont know what to say 

Ma is seer/prophetess.. I don't know.. But she can see things not everything but something small that's about to happen so yeah thats why I'm not taking what she just said lightly

That's whyi didn't even bother arguing with her because i know that she knows if i go there late Mbali might do something to me so i wont take any chances

I went inside and got in her war and found her deep in her thoughts

I went to sit on the chair near the bed

"Baby" i said trying to hold her hand but she just moved it away so i do not touch her

"What happened to you Zungu" she asked with a worried look

"Baby i was just angry" i said trying to make her not ask so many questions that im not ready to answer

"I saw that you were angry but you changed into something scary Ncwane something out of this world why" she asked with a straight look on her face

Just how much it makes me happy when she calls me by my clan names it makes my heart skip

"Thats because i was angry bubu" i said

"So when you are angry you always change to that thing.. Ncwane should i be worried about my safety around you?" She asked hurting me.. How can she thinks that i might hurt her

"No baby.. I will never hurt you not in this life time and not on any other life" i said trying to make her see that i would never hurt her not even when im furious

"So tell me the truth coz i know there is something you are hiding" she said 

"No baby ther..." She cut me

"Don't you even dare Zungu" she said and i could see she was getting angry by a minute

"Calm down baby dont forget our angels don't need to be stressed" i said

"Just tell me the truth" she said defeated

"I'll tell you when the time is ready lets first have our bundle of joys and ill tell you everything there is to know" i said and she just nodded

We talked some more until time for visitors was over

"Bye baby I'll see you tomorrow early.. Make sure you keep yourself healthy and don't stress so you can come home early than expected" i said

"I will" she said with a smile that makes my heart jumps

I dropped Ma at her house since her husband is back.. She only sleeps over when her husband is not around 

I went home.. My new home where I'll live with my bundles of joy and wife

I got inside the house and found Thembeka watching tv

The nerve of this woman.. Couldn't she have gone home coz seeing here in front of me just gets me mad

"What are you still doing here" i asked trying not to get angry

"We need to talk Khulani" she said

"Can't we talk some other time coz this is definitely not the right time i might end up killing you" i said

"How can you do this to me Khulani" she said

"Like i said it's not the right time to talk so go home I'll come tomorrow so we can talk and that's only if i won't still be on this danger mode" i said sitting on the couch and taking the remote to change the channel

"A cleaner Khulani a fucken cleaner" she said

"THEMBEKA" i said fuming with anger a fucken cleaner" she said

"THEMBEKA" i said fuming with anger how can she talk about her sister wife like that

"WHAT KHULANI HUH" she shouted

"Don't push me please coz you wont liks the outcome if it" i said trying to calm and control myself before i hurt her

"Mxm" she said before running towards the door

Mxm she is getting on my nerves.. I dont want to hurt her but she is pushing me

I went to our room and laid on my back on the king size bed

Memories of when my mother was still alive came flolding on my mind


Mom: you will find the love the love of your life

She said knowing very well that i have a wife

Me: but ma i have already found her

Mom: stop rejecting what your heart is telling you my boy

Me: im not mama

Mom: the love of your life is the only person who is able to make you angry when they are hurt

Me: but mama you know i only change when you someone hurt you

Mom: that's just small water my son 

She said before closing her eyes until today

 *end of flashback*

I can now see what my mother meant.. I now understand everything she said back then

My mother was able to read the future i guess that runs in their blood but with MaThandi she doesn't see everything while my mother could see everything

My father aunt maThandi are the only people whom i share what happens in my life with.. They are the only ones who knows what happens to me when my loved ones gets hurt


I now see whose cheap perfume it was that smelt on my man's shirt that other day

She has the nerve to marry my husband without my approval

Im sure she has fed him something that's what we woman do when we are desperate to be loved by someone who doesn't love us.. Khulani loves me a lot he wouldn't do this to me 

She has done something to him and if she has i will see it coz no muti works forever

Ask me and I'll tell you i know all about sangomas and muti

They only ruin your life just like they have ruined mine

Look at me now not giving my man children an heir

He even ended up impregnating a cleaner all because i couldn't give him any child any time soon

I lost my husband to another woman because of my past deeds

I regret ever doing what i did in the past

If i knew that i would find a husband like Khulani i wouldn't have been obsessed with Quinton

Mxm Thembeka Thembeka.. Just look at how things are turning out for me

I should have let go of what I've done the day Akhila changed on me

Just look at her living the life witb no worried in this world

She has a man who loves her she has a son something im having trouble in getting

Life is just so unfair why am i suffering alone when Akhila has helped me do those evil things

Why is she not being punished just like i am 

Mxm if Mbali thinks she has won my man by muti she'll end up being like me if me and Khulani are meant to be

I was now in my house in our room where i was busy crying

I can't lose Khulani he is the love of my life

He has changed lately ever since he found out about me lying about his fertility

He has changed to a monster.. I mean a real monster like in the predator movie

He turned to something scary.. He scared the shot out of me

What i saw him change into is something i don't ever want to see him to again

He has changed on me twice now

The first time it wasn't that bad but this time around i felt like i was in hell

I took my phone and called my mother

Mom: Thembeka

Me: mama

I said crying and sniffing

Mom: whats wrong Thembeka why are you crying

Me: Its Khulani mama he has cheated on me

Mom: didn't i tell you not to share the problems you are face with your husband to anyone

Me: mom i need someone to talk to 

Mom: you are a woman now Thembeka you have to be strong.. Marriage is not a child's play be strong and fight for your marriage alone and stop sharing your problems with people.. You don't want to lose your husband because of sharing your problems

 I just hang up without saying anything.. How can my mother be like this.. She is the only person i thought i could talk to

I called my friend Lindo who works at Clicks.. I just need someone to talk to

Lindo actually owns the shop so she enjoys selling thats why she sometimes work at the till

Lindo: ntombazan

Me: eish friend my life is messed up

Lindo: whats wrong 

Me: i now know who my husband was cheating on me with

Lindo: who is the bitch

Me: a cleaner who works for his company just imagine

Lindo: you are joking my friend

Me: im not.. He even married her behind my back

Lindo: lies

Me: truth

Lindo: how could he mara i thought he loves you

Me: he does i think that butch has bewitched him.. There's no way Khulani could have done this.. He loves me so much

Lindo: what are you going to do

Me: no muti lasts forever it will eventually wear off

Lindo: just like that

Me: if we are meant to be yes it will


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