Chapter 11

Chapter 11


I'm sure you all remember me.. Im the woman who wanted to have Quinton as my husband i even ended up going to witch doctors

I wasn't thinking straight back then.. I regret even going there it has cost me something that would make my husband very happy

Thats why im always by his sise just to make sure he doesn't cheat or have a child from another woman.. I love Khulani a lot he is my everything.. I can't bare to lose him

Years back i slept with a sangoma.. He once called me to tell me that ill have problems getting pregnant i thought he was lying since his muti didnt last on Quinton and here i am regretting to even go to seek help from him

2 years ago me and my husband Khulani were trying to have a baby but then failed we ended up visiting a doctor to see what wrong

The doctor checked us individual.. After checking me i found out that my womb has a crack so they'll have to operate me and sew where the crack is but i did that secretly without my husband finding out.. The doctor told me that i have 21% of falling pregnant which is almost the same as being barren

I paid the doctor to say Khulani cant have children his sperm cell is very weak.. I was scared of losing him so i assured him that I'll support him through thin and thick since he believes he is the one who has the problem

There was a day where he left while i was sleeping.. He came back early in the morning smelking of woman's perfume.. I wont lie it hurts.. My husband is now cheating on me.. When i confronted him he said he was with his sister.. She had brocken heart and he was the only person she could reach.. I knew he was lying because his sister couldn't have worn a cheap perfume byt i just decided to brush it off

I was busy pacing up and down because Khulani wasn't answering any of my calls he even ended up switching off his phone.. I know my husband hates it when i look down on people.. He says we are all humans so there is no poor or rich person.. So i know i have pissed him off by what i said to him when he was about to take Mbali to the hospital.. I went home 

I started getting worried since it was getting late and he wasnt home i even called the office thinking that he migjt have gone there but the was no response

The door opened and he charged towards me with a scary look.. He had veins popping on his forehead he was even pale which is not normal for a black person

I couldn't understand whats happening to him

His hands had veins popping on them his muscles were not of a human being.. His shirt was even torned by his now big body.. Just imagine a hunk being big now

I was shivering scared of the person who i call my husband he looked like a wild animal.. He grabbed my hand and pulled me causing me to trip and fall he didn't even care if i got hurt or not

Tears were threatening to come out.. He gave me a death stare.. 

What is wrong with my husband? Why has he changed to this form? This questions remained unanswered

"Why did you deceive me?" He asked in a deep voice which was scary.. A voice that came deep down from the throat

"What did i do?" I asked with a scared voice

He tightened the grip on my hand which hurt like nobody's business

"Why did you lie about my fertility" he asked

I didn't know what to say.. How did he find out that i lied 

"I.... Im.. I" 

"TALK DAMMIT!" He shouted causing me to jump

"Coz i didn't want to lose you" i said


"I thought if you knew the truth you would leave me" i said

"MXM!!" He roared changing colour to red

I was very scared.. He started breathing heavily.. He let go of my hand and sat on the couch trying to calm himself down

He turned to his normal self after 20 minutes

"You have just lost me for good" he said causing me to cry

"Please don't leave me.. I love you Khulani i cant lose you" i cried on his leg holding onto it

"Just thank your Gods that im in a greay mood today otherwise i wouldn't have hesitated to kill you mxm and you say you love me" he said before banging the front door

He left me to cry on my own.. I have lost my man for good


"I want to do right by our children" he said

" what do you mean" i asked

"I want to pay damages" he said

"Uhmmm okay"

We talked some more.. Few days later he came and paid the damages i was surprised when i was dressed up and called out by the elders.. 

At the end of the day i was told that i am now Mbali Manzini by tradition

I was happy no lies but then Mrs M crossed my mind.. How does she takes this i mean allowing her husband to marry another wife is a big deal

Anyway after the lobola negotiations i was told that i have to go live with my husband.. My mother was happy no lies xem i think its because she doesn't know that im a second wife.. The uncles drove me to my new house im sure you all remember it.. We arrived and i got inside and went straight to bed to rest.. I woke up later just to find Mr M sitting at thw couch just by thw corner staring at me

"Starring is rude" i said avoiding eye contact 

"Not if only good thought flood in your mind while starring" he said getting up and walking towards the bed

He pecked my lips

"I love you Mrs Manzini" he took me by surprise.. I wasnt expecting to hear him say this 3 magic words so soon

"What about your wife?" I asked him

"Aint you my wife?" He asked trying to confuse me

"I am but then i mean your first wife" i said

"What about her" he asked

"How does she feel about this?" I asked

"What's this" he asked

"I mean me and you our children" i said

"You call me you and our children 'this'" he asked

"No" i said making myself feel bad

And he just chuckled

"No she doesn't" he said

"So you did this behind her back" i said

"You want her to know?" He asked and i just nodded my head

"She deserves to know after all she is the first wife you were supposed to ask for her permission first" i said

"Permission my foot" he mumbled walking out to God knows where..

I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower then lotion and wore my undies with my sky blue midi dress

I then went downstairs and found ma Thandi preparing dinner

"Hello ma" i said

"Hello my baby.. I see you've made your choice" she said smiling

"Yes ma.. But i first made a wrong choice a choice that didn't make me happy but Khulani's wife happy" i said

Not being happy with what I've done

"I sacrified my happiness for hers mama i hurt myself" i said

"How?" She asked

"I let him go mama

i chose not to be a sid chick even though it pained me to see him with his wife i even ended up starving myself and stressing" i said

"Thats not good for the baby" she said

"How did you know?" She asked

"The  day Khulani found out about it he came and told me.. He was very happy.. My son lost his mother a few years back and made his happiness fade away children were the things that could bring back the happiness in him but then he was made to believe that he is infertile for years until you came into his life.. You are the only woman who has managed to make him smile" she said

"Who are you to him?" I asked

"Im his aunt his mother's sister.. I am the one who raised him since his father was working overseas he would come back here and there to see his son so they a strong father and son bond" she said

"Why are you working here as his maid" i asked

"I just love taking care of my son.. I couldn't have children of my own so he is the only child i have" she said

"Why does he have many houses i mea  the one i first met yoy at the one him and his wife live in and this one?" I asked

"The one you met me at is his parent's house.. Only people who means a lot to him are allowed there" she said

So he took me there befor i even got pregnant i meant a lot to him but didn't want to show it

"What about his wife has she been there?" I asked curiosity was getting the best of me

"No she hasn't.. His gut doesn't trust her and his gut never lies to him i guess he has now found out why" she said

"What do you mean" i asked

"I have said a lot.. Should i make you a sandwich since the food will take more time than i expected" she said

I just nodded my hand and she made a sandwich for me which i would have said look yummy 2 months ago but now its a different story

I added mayonnaise jam and peanut buuter on the bread which had cheese beefers tomatoes cucumber and lettuce

I saw how Ma Thandi was looking at my sandwich she even chuckled

I took my first bite with my eyes closed enjoying the taste of my sandwich.. I chewed and hummed "mmmmh"

I swallowed my delicious sandwich

"Want some?" I asked ma Thandi

She just chuckled and said "no thanks those are just your cravings talking"

The door opened and in came Mr M holding his wife her hand..my heart just sank that minute.. I don't think my I'll ever accept sharing a man

"Khulani what is the cleaner doing here and whose house is this" Mrs M asked

"You wanted her to know so here she is tell her yourslef" Mr M said

"Let me give you all space" she said walking away to ine of the rooms downstairs

"Ncwane please" i said

" hey wena why are you calling my husband like that.. What is going on here what is she suppose to tell me Khulani?" She asked

"maManzini tell her" Mr M said

"Tell her what?" Mrs M asked

"I'm not talking to you Thembeka" he said

"Is there any other maManzini here other than me Khulani" she asked

"Yes only a respecting woman deserves to be called maManzini" he said

"What are you trying to say Khulani do i disrespect you?" Mr M asked

"Stop with this Thembeka.. I have decided to make Mbali my second wife" he finally said what i wanted him to say


"Dont shout at me woman" he said

"So i was right all along you bitch you were trying to seduce my man" she said charging towards me

"Thembeka stay away from Mbali dont make me mad maan" he said

"So you are happy that your muti is now working huh?" She said before a slap landed on my face

I couldn't believe that she slapped me.. Just before i knew it Mr M was holding her roughly with his skin colour now red veins popping on his forehead.. The look he had was tol scary

His arms ripped his shirt apart his veins turned red on his arm

His eyes turning black by the minute.. He was something scary


He said tightening his grip on his hand.. You could just see that he was hurting her from the part where he was holding  her it turned pale

"Khulani babe you are hurting me" she said crying

I was just frozen.. His sudden change freaked me out.. It squeezed the life out of me.. I felt like my body was just frozen there while my soul is on the other side watching this whole event



Ma Thandi came out running 

"Baby please leave her she is not worth it" she said

He didnt leave her he just tightened his grip

"DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR WOMAN?" He roared and Mrs m just nodded

"Zungu stop it you are scaring your wife and it's not good for the babies" she said and Thembeka's eyes just popped out

She couldn't believe her ears but she couldn't say anything coz Mr M might just squeeze the life out of her

Mr M turned to look at Mbali and he saw how scared she was

He then got scared that something might have happen to his babies

His body turned back to normal piece by piece

His shirt looked like it was wrapped apart

Mbali screamed holding onto her abdomen

"NCWANEEEE!" She said with tears running down her cheeks

Khulani quickly ran and attempted to touch her but she just moved to the said coz she was scared he might hurt her

She didn't even realize he was back to normal self

Ma Thandi saw how scared she was she just rushed to Mbali and carried her at her back

"Get the car ready Khulani" Ma Thandi said

Khulani looked scared at what the outcome could be

He even worried because Mbali was niw scared of him so to not waste any time i quickly went out and got the car ready

MaThandi came with her and laid her at backseat

She also got in laying Mbali's head on her lap

I drove to the hospital like a maniac praying that nothing happens to my children


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